Hey guys,

Anyway I wanted to tell you all that because I'm pretty sure you can't review a chapter twice I'm going to put chapter 4 in the chapter 5 slot.


As you guys have been SO patient with me about updates, you're going to get chapter 4 AND 5 in one next time I update.

Thanks for putting up with me,

I'm trying to update as often as I can and for anyone who reads my other stories don't worry because they're going to be continued too. NOTHING is on hiatus I promise.

Please enjoy the next chapter, reviewers will be Glomped!

(And don't be afraid to review or log in guys, I'm not going to bite anyone's head off. I swear)

Ps- Anyone who signed the petition, if you have a question go to Yami-Echo. It's not that I mind, it's just she's in charge of the whole thing so she knows more than I do.

From what I understand she has OVER 100 signatures and whatever happens now I'm sure she'll inform us of.

And for anyone who's wondering, the petition got posted in chapter 4 of "Egypt's Demise" for two reasons-

1 I love Echo and Wel Zen is doing some inappropriate things on the site.

2 Echo co-writes this fiction so she had every right to ask me to put it up considering all the hard work she's done.