Chapter 1: Early morning visit

Lorelai awoke with a start. There was a noise, a loud noise. Somebody was banging on her door downstairs.

Slowly she turned her head and looked at the alarm-clock on her bedside-table, then groaned, 6:05 the red numbers told her without mercy. She had only been asleep for two hours. It had still been dark then, but now it was bright and the birds were singing. 'Stupid birds! shootem all', she thought.

Her own thoughts had been keeping her up these last four weeks. They haunted her day and night. The pictures of what had been, what was, and what could have been. She kept asking herself the same questions: Was it the right decision? Should I go back to him? Will I ever get over him? Did he ever love me?

She had left him, broken up with him, given him his ring back, because she hadn´t been able to stand it anymore that he only included her in a part of his life. He had kept her away from his daughter, he didn´t say a word for two months, he never introduced her to Anna and he didn´t let her buy him luggage. He gave her a ring, he let her buy the perfect dress, and let her make reservations for the church. Then he let her cancel it all.

But now that she wasn´t a part of his life anymore, she didn´t feel better.

She was a mess, even worse than during their last break-up, but she knew how to hide it better this time. She didn´t lay in bed crying, only at night. She never broke down in front of anyone, only when she was alone.

It had been her fault, she had been lying, she had met with Christopher; she had slept with Christopher. It was impossible for her to erase that fact and she had told him; had told him that she had made his worst fear come true and slept with Christopher.

But before it had been him. Only him and it did not seem like he had had any interest in this relationship whatsoever. He hadn´t even tried to include her.

The last time they had broken up he had shown up at her door late in the evening. Maybe this time he would show up early in the morning? But she knew he wouldnt. She was with Chris now. He knew it, he had seen them. But maybe there was a tiny chance that it could be him?

This thought woke her up completely within a few seconds.

She jumped out of bed and ran down the stairs, without caring about slipping on her bathrobe. She pulled open the door, but it wasn´t Luke in front of it.

"Good morning Lorelai!" her mother greeted her. Lorelai just stared.

"Why am I not more surprised that you open the door dressed like this, or should I say undressed?" Emily asked and pointed to the T-shirt Lorelai wore as a nightgown, sans pants.

"Mother, what are you doing here at six o´clock in the morning on a Sunday?" Lorelai asked and had trouble keeping herself from yelling.

"Well, see, your father went on a business-trip two weeks ago and because I didn´t hear anything from you and you did not answer my calls and I am incredibly bored at the moment, because nearly all of my friends are on vacation or sick, I thought it would be nice if I would live with you until your father comes back. While I am here I could keep searching for a house and ..." while Emily kept talking Lorelai saw the luggage next to her mother and then she just closed the door again. This could not be true. She must still be asleep. This was a dream. She slowly walked upstairs again and plopped down on the bed.

Although she was so tired she paid attention not to touch his side of the bed. She grabbed the blanket and wrapped it around her, and closed her eyes again.

"Aaaaah!" She yelled surprised three minutes later when her bedroom door flung open.

"Lorelai Gilmore! What are you thinking closing that door in my face? My luggage is still downstairs and you didn´t even bother to ask if you could help me with it!" Emily said annoyed and stood with crossed arms in front of Lorelai´s bed, looking at her accusingly.

"God, this is a weird nightmare!" Lorelai muttered and pulled the blanket over her head.

"Lorelai would you stand up already!" Emily requested.

"Nooo! Go away! Let me sleep!" She groaned from under the blanket.

"This is incredibly rude, even for your standard!" Emily said and took a look around the room.

"You know what is rude? Breaking into people's houses at six o´clock on a Sunday, that´s rude!" came Lorelai´s muffled voice from under the blanket.

"Where is Luke?" Emily changed the subject and walked around the room inspecting every corner.

"In the diner!" Lorelai answered and pulled back the blanket, then stood up.

She hadn´t told her parents about the breakup yet. She just could not tell them that she had left another fiance, although she knew her mother would be thrilled about the fact that she was with Chris now. She couldnt stand it.

"He had to open? He should really hire more staff. If you two want to have children he should be around more often!" Emily stated and watched while Lorelai picked out her clothes, but didn´t answer. Lorelai wasn´t able to, she choked up when her mother had mentioned kids.

"Did someone die?" Emily asked then.

"No,why?" Lorelai asked confused when she found her voice again.

"Because your clothes are all black. I thought there might be a funeral."

"No funeral, mother! I just feel like wearing black today!" Lorelai told her with a pointed look and walked into the bathroom, closing the door behind her.

When she came out of the bathroom, after taking a long shower, drying her hair, and putting on make-up to cover the dark circles around her eyes; she found Emily in the living-room on the couch with a cup of coffee in her hand.

"That you are moving in here was a joke, right?" Lorelai asked and sat down beside her mother.

"No, why would I be joking about that? It´s better for me to be here for the real-estate hunt and I thought it would be nice to spend some time with you and my future son-in-law." Emily said like it was the most normal thing.

"I need coffee now!" Lorelai said and walked into the kitchen. She grabbed a cup and filled it with the hot liquid her mother had made. Her mother had made coffee? She thought about pinching herself for a moment, but then just took a sip of the coffee.

Slowly she walked back into the living room. Emily was standing in front of the fireplace, looking at the pictures.

"I thought I would find a photo of Luke here. I saw these beautiful wedding invitations last week and they had pictures of the bride and the groom in it. Maybe you could take those? But then I need a picture of Luke. Here are only pictures of you and Rory on the mantle. I thought he moved in, why are there no pictures of him. You should really make a place for him in the house. Or maybe you could get another one together? I could ask the man at the real-estate office tomorrow."

"What are you doing at the real estate office again, mom?" Lorelai asked to get away from the Luke topic.

"We are still negotiating about the house we will buy for you two." Emily replied and kept looking around the room. Lorelai only wanted to get out of this situation as fast as possible, but she didn't know how. 'Mom, I slept with Chris, broke up with Luke, and I am with Chris now, although I still love Luke', wouldn't be the right way. But then again… why not? She thought.

"Mom, could you sit down for a second?" Lorelai asked her then.

"Luke doesnt want the house! I knew it! But you have to talk with him, convince him that it is a beautiful house. You saw it and from your reaction I assumed you like it..."

"Mom, please!" Lorelai said forcefully

"Just... sit down for a second, okay?"

"Okay." Emily said slowly and sat down on the couch.

"I... I am not..." Lorelai couldn't get it out.

"You are not what?"

"I... I met Chris several times last week."

"Tell him I said hello when you see him the next time. Has he found someone now? Otherwise I could arrange another meeting with one of my friends' daughters. Libby Anderson just got divorced a week ago."

"He found someone." Lorelai said and sat down beside her mother, because she thought her legs would give in any second and focused on her hands.

"Really? Who is she? And you're telling me this now? How long have they been together? Seriously, he could have called me and told me!"

"It's me, mom." Lorelai said even quieter.

"What?" Emily's head shot up and she stared at Lorelai.

"I am with Chris now. We're dating." She confessed.

"But what about..." Emily asked stunned and was once again interrupted by Lorelai.

"We're not engaged anymore. We're not getting married. We're not even together anymore." Lorelai said and felt defeated when she saw a smile forming on Emily's face which became brighter and brighter slowly until Emily beamed at her.