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Her feet hurt.

Of course, she had known this was going to happen; the doctor had told her of the symptoms when he announced her pregnancy. But that didn't stop the fact that her feet hurt.

She sighed softly, slowly standing up as she placed a hand on the back of the chair, and one on her bulging stomach. She steadied herself, walking quietly out of the hut, and pushing back the curtain. Her eyes narrowed, before she got used to the light, and she smiled happily.

She stepped out just as a few children came running, and they veered away from her, one falling to his knees avoiding her. "Oh! Are you alright?" She asked worriedly, walking over to him slowly and bending down a little. "You're not hurt, are you?"

"I'm fine, Lady Yuna!" The boy said, looking up at her with wide, awe-filled eyes. "Are you okay? Is your back hurting?" He asked, standing up, looking at her stomach with curiousity.

"I'm fine," Yuna said, smiling happily. "You want to feel them? They might respond." She said softly. The boy looked at her oddly, tilting his head to the side.

"They? There's more than one baby?"

"Well…No. But, I'm not exactly sure what the gender is, so I consider them 'they'." She explained softly, patting his head, and then taking his hands into hers, she gently kneeled down, and placed his hands on her large bulge.

It had been seven months since the doctor had told her she was pregnant with child. His child. She smiled bitterly at the thought, and then shook her head lightly as the child's eyes widened.

"I felt something!"

"They pressed their hands against yours; they know you're there." She explained patiently. The child blinked in awe, before a smile spread across his face slowly. "Neat, huh?"

"Yeah!" He said, and then pulled back, hands going behind his back in a shy matter. "Lady Yuna…when the baby is born, can I play with them?" He asked, looking up at her with his wide eyes. Yuna smiled and nodded quietly, pushing back some of his hair.

"Of course," she replied, then straightened, standing up slowly along with the child's help. "Now off you go; your friends are waiting for you." She said, smiling. He nodded, smiling and waving, before he ran over to the girl and boy standing there waiting for him. She sighed, rubbing the middle of her back quietly, before walking towards Wakka and Lulu's hut. The two had gotten married a few months back, so she hadn't seen them in a while.

She knocked on the wood beside the curtain, pushing it back to see Lulu sitting on a chair, sewing something while Wakka was reading a book of some sort, looking bored out of his mind. "And this is what married couples do after being married for…Three months?" She teased, smiling as they looked up in shock to see her standing there, giant belly and all.

"Yuna!" Wakka said ecstatically, jumping up and running over to her. He helped her carefully walk into the hut, and she sat down slowly in the offered chair while Lulu got up to get her something to drink. "How ya been, girl?"

"Oh, good," she said, smiling up at him kindly. "A little sore, but pregnancy tends to do that. I go to the temple every day to pray; I don't see you much there Wakka."

"I've been busy; the Blitz Ball team wants me to be captain again." He said, scratched the back of his neck. "Though apparently some guy is coming to do that and whip 'em into shape." He shrugged, and Yuna smiled at the blitz player. Lulu returned from wherever with a glass of water, passing it to Yuna.

"Thank you, Lulu," she said softly, sipping the drink. Lulu smiled kindly, sitting next to her.

"Of course, Yuna." She said gently. Another knock was heard from the door, and a familiar, whiny voice complaining to someone. "Rikku, come in." Lulu said, looking at the door as it was pushed aside and the hyper blonde bounced in with a completely new wardrobe, a quiet young woman walking in after her.

"Hey Yunie!" Rikku greeted happily, jumping over in front of her and collapsing to her knees, pressing her ear against Yuna's stomach immediately. "Hello baby!" Yuna smiled at her cousin, then looked up at the new girl curiously.

"Lady Yuna," she greeted, bowing a little in respect. "My name is Paine; I'm a…Friend, of Rikku's."

"Yeppers! The Gull Wing found her near Bevelle and took her aboard. Now she helps me find dress spheres and video spheres!" She pulled out one of said spheres. "This one's interesting; it's got this guy saying he wants to see the summoner. REALLY confusing."

Yuna's eyes widened and she grabbed it, but then it was snatched from her hands by Lulu, who handed it back to Rikku; the blonde took it and pocketed is, while Paine stood in the back, pushing back short silver hair as her black leather outfit made that sound leather makes when you're moving around.

"No, Yuna; you cannot go in search of this boy," She said, looking at the young summoner. "You're pregnant; very noticeably." Yuna sighed softly, closing her eyes. "Don't be like that."

"I know what you mean, Lulu," she said, opening her eyes and looking forward. "I'm just…I…" She sighed. "I miss him."

"Lady Yuna…?" The young girl looked up at Paine who looked at her curiously. "Who exactly is the father?"

Yuna flinched, looking to the side and Paine wondered if she said something wrong. Yuna then closed her eyes, opening her mouth.

"A dream."

Two more months passed them, and Yuna didn't move around too much. She wasn't allowed to go to the temple anymore because she was so close to birth, and whenever she went on walks, it was either with Wakka, Kimahri, Lulu, or Rikku and Paine whenever they visited. The two sphere hunters would tell Yuna how their quest was going, and Yuna would always listen to their exciting stories with a bright smile, wishing she was with them.

But she had a child inside of her, and she wasn't going to put them in danger.

One day, on one of these walks with Rikku and Paine, Rikku was talking about this big conspiracy about Bevelle, Yuna laughing; it was amusing because Rikku was telling it and not Paine, who would've made everything serious and mind provoking. Of course, Rikku concluded near the end, they solved everything.

It was then she felt a sharp slap of pain.

She stopped, eyes widened as Rikku froze, and Paine stopped beside her. She placed a hand on her bulging stomach, her breathing become short and sharp intakes of breath.

Suddenly, she felt something drip down her leg, and then a wet sound on the ground, and she winced. "…My water broke," she whispered. Rikku's eyes widened, and Paine paled, before the blonde screamed.


Labour had to be one of the most painful things Yuna had ever been through; even more painful than the emotional heartbreak of Tidus leaving her forever.

But it was all worth it, to see the crying face of her little baby boy. His blonde hair was the first thing she noticed, and when he calmed down and opened those wide eyes of his, they were blue and green just like his momma's. She cried tears of joy that day on his glorious birthday.

A month after she had had her baby—who remained nameless even now—she was walking on the beach with him in her arms. She walked up to where the water reached her ankles, the water flowing over her feet soothingly, and she smiled softly. "This is where your daddy first came to the island." She said gently to the little boy, who cooed in response. She sighed softly, eyes closed. "I wish you could meet him."

Suddenly, she heard a splash of someone coming up from the water, and a few coughs. She looked up and around, though saw nothing. A familiar whistle rang through the beach though, and she seemed to stiffen. She heard someone swimming towards the beach, and walked quickly in the direction of where they were swimming to. She stopped at a certain part in the beach, going into the water knee deep, and watched as someone stood up on the shore, walking towards the beach. They looked around with a smile, looking around the beach before turning to the shore; his bright blue eyes caught Yuna's blue and green ones.

His blonde hair was shaggy as it always was, and he still wore that ridiculous outfit that blitz players wore all the time. The jagged 'J' was on one of his pant legs, which was longer than the other on, and was in the shape of an earring on his ear. His clothes shone in the light from the dripping water, and that all too familiar smile lit up his tanned face when he saw Yuna standing there.

"Tidus…" She whispered softly, eyes wide as tears filled them. He nodded, running over to her, and stopping in front of her.

"Yuna…" he whispered gently, one of his gloved hands brushing over her cheek. "You look well." He then looked down at the baby, frowning a little. "You're a mom?"

"Yes…" She whispered gently, leaning into his warm touch, smiling softly. It disappeared, though, and her eyes widened.

"Who's the father?" Tidus asked softly. "Did he stay with you?" Yuna closed her eyes as her smile dropped.

"No; he left me before he even knew it had happened." She whispered brokenly. "He didn't know he was leaving behind a baby; he didn't have a choice. He walked straight through me and jumped off of the airship, leaving me alone."

It was then that Tidus, ever the slow one, finally got it.

"…I'm…The father?" He whispered eyes wide as he looked at the bundled baby. Yuna moved the blankets, and blonde hair was seen. "What's his name…?"

"I couldn't name him…Not without you." Yuna whispered softly, smiling a little sadly. "What do you think would fit him?" She asked, looking up at him. Tidus looked at her, smiling softly.

"What do you think…Of Sora?"

"Sky?" Yuna repeated, then smiled and nodded. "I like that name."

"Sora it is then." Tidus resolved. He then looked u to see Lulu and Wakka standing there, Rikku and Paine behind them. "Hey,"

Wakka was the first one to get over the shock of seeing his friend. "Hey brother; long time no see eh?"

"Yeah, Wakka. Long time…No see."

You said you'd stay with me forever…You had so many promises you wanted to keep.

And you disappeared for a while, leaving me behind alone, but not really. I had your child growing within me. And as soon as that little blessed gift of happiness was born, and miracle came.

In the form of you.

And now…Now we can live happily ever after.