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Chapter 12

Family ties

The summoning of Kara and Eve's father proved to be quick and relatively painless. He was surprised and a little befuddled at being summoned after so long, and at such an odd hour, like a person being woken suddenly from a long deep sleep. A condition known in scientific circles as 'Monday Morning Syndrome'. He was also more than a little surprised to see both of his daughters, together, alive and in an attic with the Charmed Ones.

"It's been a very long time since I saw either of you, particularly together." He said softly, not quite able to keep the tone of reproach from his voice. Kara shuffled uncomfortably on the spot and Eve studied the attic floorboards with such ferocity, anyone watching would have thought she was angry with them.

"I know Dad I was just sort of in denial, and that meant that summoning spirits was one of the things that fell n the 'no' category. I'm really sorry." Kara offered apologetically.

"And I was just evil." Eve supplied her tone blunt.

"But you aren't evil now?" Her fathers' spirit inquired his tone suitably puzzled.

"Seems not."

"Right...well..good...and the Charmed Ones are here because...?"

Piper stepped forward even as Chris edged closer, bringing himself directly behind Kara.

"We're here because she's marrying my son, and carrying our grandchildren. I thought you still got the news on the other side?"

Kara noticed the tone becoming a little adversarial and decided to get to the point.

"And that's why we summoned you Dad, we need to know if Mom ever took a potion, that you hadn't given to her while she was pregnant with Eve and I?" She asked gently, seeing an expression of old pain pass over the old mans ghostly features at being asked to recollect those memories.

"I believe so...is this to do with..." He broke off uncomfortably, apparently unable to cope with the idea that the daughter he had fought to his death to protect, might have fallen victim to the demonic prophecy that had already caused her so much distress and danger, from so early in her life.

"Yes, it is, there was a slight...magical kidnap situation and they forced me to take a potion, four times a day, while I was down there."

Kara felt Chris tense up as she relayed this information to her fathers' spirit.

"The fact that you didn't take anything by choice helps. Free will is a dig factor in these things!"

Kara had to fight a shudder of frustration, she knew he was trying to help, but it irritated her that with something as important as her and Chris' and thus his own, family, he still managed to drag it out and sound deeply pompous. She remembered then that his tendency to pomposity had always grated on her in life.

"Yes, I understand that, and I could not possibly have fought any harder, but, what I'm asking is, is there any magical way of counteracting the potion they made me take, nullifying its affect on our daughters? An antidote perhaps?" Kara demanded as calmly and evenly as she could manage.

"That I know of?" her fathers' shade answered, suitably abashed "There is one, but it's not particularly safe" he warned.

"I'll do whatever it takes!" Kara answered stubbornly. At this declaration Chis laid a hand on her shoulder and spoke softly into her ear.

"A word, please?"

Kara nodded, and spoke to the room.

"Give us a sec?" She asked the assembled family, before she and Chris left the room, dropping a suitable distance away from the attic before speaking.

"You aren't going to talk me out of this Chris!" Kara said quickly, her tone low but sharp "It's for our daughters!" She laid a protective hand over her belly as she spoke.

"I didn't want to!" Chris said in a tone equal to hers "I just wanted to know how you felt, without everyone else around, before we went ahead with this and to tell you that, as you've already made the choice to take the risk, that I'm with you, through whatever happens."

Kara let out a low sound and pulled him close. "I love you!"

"And, I love you and them!"

Kara laughed, a vibrant sound.

"Our family, huh? Just out of interest though," she asked "If I hadn't have been willing to take the risk...?"

"I'd have cried and begged like a dog, but, if you hadn't have been willing to take the risk, you wouldn't be the woman I wanted to have a family with." He withdrew gently from her embrace. "Now, lets get these potion instructions from the spirit of my soon to be father in law."