Title: Together, Always and Forever

Author's Name: Michaela aka Michi

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Rating: GS

Classification: Romance

Disclaimer: JAG and its character are the property of Bellisario Productions, CBS, and Paramount.

Summary: What belongs together will be together… always and forever…

This is a sequel to 'The Perfect Fit', a story written by Carol and me. You can find TPF at my above-mentioned website. I started to work on the idea for this story shortly after TPF was published, but for whatever reason forgot about it blush… A rainy day made me check out my HD and that's when I found it again :o)

One big thanks goes out to my beta reader Vered and another big thanks and even bigger hug goes out to my friend Kathy. She beta read this story for me and once more ended up as the talented co-author she is. I like the way you think, girl! Moreover, it's always a pleasure to work with you! Love ya, Michi

Right back at ya Michi! Thanks for the kind words. Love ya, Kathy.

Thank you too V. You certainly keep me on my toes. Kathy.


Sunday, July 27

Rabb Residence

Mc Lean, Virginia

7:30 AM

Without bothering to open his eyes, Harm let his hand quickly shoot out from beneath his pillow to shut off the annoying beeping that was reverberating around the otherwise silent room.

He slightly opened one eye to peer at the alarm clock on his nightstand and groaned the moment he clearly focused on the bright shining green display. With a long sigh he closed his eye again and slowly rolled over to wrap his ample arms around the warm body lying next to him.

Mac, whose inner clock had already told her the time, was lying on her side with her back to him and could feel him moving closer to her. She responded with a move of her own as she snuggled up against his chest.

Both of them were now almost fully awake, trying to ignore the bright sunshine that was filtering through the curtains of their spacious bedroom

Harm smiled into her hair and began to nuzzle her neck, placing soft kisses against the sensitive skin there. He then worked his way up to her ear, tenderly whispering "good morning" once he was there; he loosened his hold on her a bit so that she could turn around in his embrace.

Mac slowly turned onto her back and let her beautiful brown eyes meet his gorgeous blue-green ones. "Good morning yourself," she replied, smiling before welcoming Harm's lips on hers for his proper good morning kiss.

"Please tell me again why we have to get up this early on a Sunday morning," he asked provocatively. He immediately got her sexy grin in response. "You know, Mac, it's beyond cruel and really should be forbidden."

Mac giggled, knowing just how much he hated to get up early. Harm definitely was not an early riser and loved to sleep-in, especially over the weekend. To get him out of bed during the week was always an adventure and many times needed Mac's special powers of persuasion. And his marine could be verrrrry persuasive.

Harm loved waking up spooned to Mac or having his marine wrapped around him, their bodies touching from head to toe. It felt so wonderful and it made it even harder for him to get out of bed.

"Well, we still have a lot to prepare for the picnic today," Mac taunted Harm.

Harm smirked, placing his left hand onto her warm belly. He moved his head a bit and once again placed tiny kisses on her neck. "Why… don't… we… forget… the… damn… pasta… salad… and… sandwiches, so… we… can …stay… in… bed… longer," he murmured, punctuating each word by brushing his lips against hers. "I'm sure they wouldn't mind if we decided to get our contribution to the picnic of salad and sandwiches from the grocery store."

"Now, now, my dear flyboy," Mac replied between giggles. "If I'm not mistaken, it was you who told me yesterday that we should prepare the food this morning and not last night so it would be as fresh as possible. I can't believe you would even consider getting stuff from the grocery store now," she said teasingly against his lips. "That so doesn't sound like you, honey."

Harm laughed, taking Mac back into his embrace before easing himself down onto his back, taking her along with him. "I would do anything to be able to lay here in bed with you just a little while longer, my beautiful," he responded with a big grin, intensifying his hold on her as she moved even closer into his embrace. "The next time I come up with another stupid idea like that one, just shoot me, okay?"

Mac chuckled and kissed his unshaved cheek while moving her fingertips beneath his undershirt, letting them trace his navel. Then she let them slowly follow the narrow trail of hair northward and over his ribcage. "Nah, I like having you around too much to consider shooting you. I guess we'll have to find another option for next time."

Mac looked into Harm's eyes and could see that he was thinking about something. "What?" She asked with a raised eyebrow, not sure what he was up to now. "Uh oh, I know that look, mister. What are you up to now?"

"How 'bout a little deal?" Harm asked her and gave her one of his infamous flyboy grins she loved so much.

She was immediately taken back to the first time she saw that beautiful flyboy grin of his. They had been on their way to Red Rock Mesa in search of her uncle Matt. He flashed her that grin and she all but melted right there on the spot, but of course never let on. At the time, she didn't think there was any need to stroke his already over-inflated ego. She mused on how she told him that 'he had a nice smile and it probably always got him what he wanted, but she didn't know him so it wasn't going to work on her.'

"Earth to Mac… hey, where were you just now?"

"Sorry, Harm, I was lost in thought," she admitted, but quickly brought herself back to the present. "Do tell. I'm all ears," Mac responded eagerly.

"Good, good. We forget about the damn salad and just make the sandwiches. We don't have to get up yet to make those," Harm explained with bright shimmering eyes and a coy smirk. "That should give us time to stay in bed a bit longer."

"Hmmm, it sure sounds nice," Mac replied huskily, giving him a long loving kiss while maneuvering herself so that she was now lying on top of him. "Sometimes you do have great ideas, Mr. Rabb."

A roguish smile adorned Harm's face. "You think so, huh? Then I should tell you about an even greater idea I have, Mrs. Rabb," Harm replied and took Mac's head in his palms to pull her closer to him so that their lips were nearly touching. "I bet you'll love it."

"I don't doubt I will," she whispered lovingly, closing the distance between their lips to give Harm a kiss full of tenderness and love.

Slowly Harm let his hands wander down Mac's back to her hips, pulling her even closer to him. "Let's skip breakfast and stay in bed 'till the last minute," he proposed seductively as soon as they broke their kiss. He then gently cupped Mac's buttocks, bringing her as close to him as possible. "We'll just have to calculate the time we need for a quick shower, for making the sandwiches and for the drive to the park."

"Wow, you even included a quick shower in the schedule. Now I'm really impressed," Mac playfully joked, falling into a fit of laughter when Harm started to tickle her in response.

Harm quickly rolled over so that he was now lying on top of Mac. "That will teach you to make fun of me, Marine," Harm told her before joining Mac in laughter while continuing to tickle her. "Say 'uncle'."

Mac just shook her head and continued to laugh, unable to answer him just yet. Harm took it as permission to continue his ministrations and kept tickling her. "Say 'uncle', Marine, and that's an order."

"No… way," she barely got out between her bouts of laughter. "You … don't… outrank… me… anymore," she replied totally out of breath.

What followed was a wrestling match between the giggling pair about who had the upper hand. Their struggling stopped suddenly along with the laughter as Harm's lips descended on Mac's, totally covering them. However, the moment was short lived when a loud wail echoed through their bedroom totally shattering the mood. Their kiss was broken and they groaned simultaneously at the baby monitor, which was transmitting the loud consistent cries.

The strand of blinking lights on the monitor glowed from green to red. Their hopes of it stopping were dashed when they heard another steady cry join the first one, causing the monitor to glow brightly.

Harm rolled off of Mac, groaning as he covered his face with his hands, his hope of spending a few more hours in bed with his wife vanished into thin air. "Tell me again why they don't have mommy's timing," Harm said in frustration, peering at Mac through his fingers.

Mac laughed and got out of the bed to grab her robe. "Oh, they did. At least they were born on time. But that's history now because they thought it would be much cooler to have daddy's timing," she told him and gave him a quick kiss before making her way out of the room.

"What's so cool about it? And moreover, what are the odds they'll go back to sleep?" Harm called after her. Groaning again, he took Mac's pillow and threw it over his head.

Mac stopped dead in her tracks and turned around to stick her head through the doorway of the bedroom. "They want some breakfast and most of all clean diapers. You should know the drill by now, dear. Up and at em, sailor," she told him with a laugh and then made her way to get the kids.

"Yes, dear. There goes my great plan," Harm said with a sigh, taking the pillow off his head and throwing it to the end of their bed. Suddenly, he smiled brightly and in one quick motion he was out of the bed, pulling on his t-shirt and bathrobe. 'Life can't get any better,' he happily thought before quickly following Mac out of the room to join her, the kids, and their beloved morning rituals.

For as much as he seemed to be complaining, it was all talk. Harm knew he would not change one thing in his life right now.


The dining room

8:13 AM

"One spoon for mommy," Harm said and held a spoon full of banana mash in front of the seven month old Isabella Mackenzie, while holding a hot cup of coffee in his other hand, taking a big gulp of the fresh brewed coffee.

Harm laughed, silently thinking that if he weren't already wide-awake, the coffee he was drinking would certainly do the trick. 'Geez… Mac and her marine brew.'

The little girl looked at Harm with her wide-open blue eyes and a still toothlessly bright smile. She accepted the spoon without any reluctance before thanking him with a happy gurgle.

"Yeah, that's my good little girl," Harm sweetly told her and quickly moved the spoon to the right corner of her mouth, where some of the mash was now running down her tiny chin. He proceeded to dish out another spoon of the banana mash and held it up saying, "And here's one big spoon for daddy."

In the mean time, Mac was sitting right next to Harm at their dining table with Aidan Jasper sitting safely in her lap as she was feeding him. While his twin-sister loved to sit in her highchair while being fed, Aidan was not as fond of sitting in it.

He'd much rather sit in someone's lap where he had the freedom to move around and 'dance' as Harm and Mac liked to describe his movements. Aidan had a ton of energy that made him extremely fidgety, and he seemed to never tire.

The other big difference between the twins was their eating habits. While Aidan loved to eat and always babbled happily while being fed, Isabella could be stubborn when it came to feeding time, or she would simply lose interest way too soon.

The 'one-spoon game' was about the only thing that kept Isabella's interest at feeding time so that she would continue to eat, and Harm just happened to be her favorite playing partner. In return, her biggest and brightest smile was always given to him.

Other than their feeding habits, the twins were very much alike. If one babbled happily, so did the other. If one became cranky and irritable, it got the attention of the other who would immediately join in with the crying. They were identical and looked just like their proud daddy in all but one feature. Their beautiful and unmistakable smiles were compliments of their stunning mom.

"When do we have to be there?" Harm inquired, taking his gaze from Isabella to look at Mac who was just placing a kiss on Aidan's forehead.

"Around eleven," Mac answered, wiping Aidan's mouth with his bib before taking a big gulp of her coffee. "Hmmm… good and strong. Just they way I like it."

"Well, thanks to our little trouble makers here, we have more than enough time to get done with everything," Harm concluded with a chuckle and placed a cloth over his shoulder before taking Isabella out of her highchair to burp her.

Before Mac could reply, Aidan was babbling his own answer to the 'trouble makers' comment as his little chubby roving hands reached for his foot and attempted to stuff it in his mouth to chew on. It appeared that his feet had become his favorite chew toys.

Harm laughed and leaned over a bit so that he could kiss the top of Aidan's head. "Sorry, buddy. I didn't mean it like that. I promise you, you two are the most loveable trouble makers I've ever known." Then he turned his gaze to Mac and kissed her lips softly before accepting the piece of toast smothered in strawberry jam she held out to him. "Hmmm, that's good, thank you."

"I'll tell you what, why don't I take care of the pasta salad and sandwiches while you and the kids take Benji for a little walk?" He suggested tenderly, pointing to the living room and the Jack Russell Terrier, who was busy playing with one of Harm's running shoes. "Not for nothing, but I think he really needs some fresh air."

Turning quickly, Mac looked at the dog and groaned when she saw him playing with the shoe. "Oh great! Please tell me it's the same shoe he played with yesterday." She yelped, turning her attention back to the little boy on her lap who was now covering her cheek with the banana mash he had managed to scoop out of his bowl. Mac took his chunky little hand and licked away the rest of the mash, making loud smacking noises much to Aidan's delight. "Yum… yum… yum," Mac got out in between licks.

"Sorry, no can do," Harm replied smugly as he continued to softly rub Isabella's back. Meanwhile, she was craning her little neck to see what had her brother giggling so happily, but to no avail because she couldn't quite see what was going on with him from the position she was currently in.

"Then at least say it's one from the same pair?" Mac offered hopefully, looking desperately at Harm.

Harm shook his head while turning the squirming Isabella around so that she could finally see her brother. "No, it's definitely not from the same pair. Yesterday he had fun with one of my black running shoes and this one is white," he said dryly while keeping a watchful eye on the dog, trying to figure out what shoe he was attacking at the moment. "Very white I may add," he continued quietly.

"Let me guess. As white as your brand new running shoes would be?" Mac asked but somehow already knew the answer, just as a good lawyer always should.

"Yup, that would be correct."

Mac sighed and slowly got up from her chair, keeping Aidan safely tucked in her arm while she brought their dishes to the kitchen. "Maybe I should be glad that he prefers your shoes to mine."

Harm laughed and held Isabella above his head, bringing his mouth to the uncovered part of her belly so he could blow a loud raspberry against her soft skin. She loved it immensely and retorted with loud giggles. "Benji simply loves comfortable shoes and mine are much more comfortable than yours. Not to even mention the fact that they're a bit larger, which makes them more fun to play with."

"Come on Harm… a bit larger? Your shoes could be considered small boats." Mac chortled.

"Glad to see you're keeping your sense of humor about all this," Harm responded.

"Why wouldn't I? They are your shoes after all."

Harm grinned and stuck out his tongue at her but remained silent.

"Careful, flyboy, I saw that! Is that something you really want to be teaching the children? Besides, didn't your mother ever tell you that your face could freeze like that?" Mac quipped, trying hard not to laugh.

Meanwhile, Aidan and Isabella were happily clapping their hands, talking their gibberish, and enjoying the floor show that the 'silly grown ups' were putting on.

"Well… anyway, let's just hope Benji learns to stick to one shoe, and to stay away from the rest. In the meantime, we should get another cabinet for our shoes, since he obviously knows how to open this one." Mac pointed out with a smirk while getting Aidan ready for their walk.

"You know Harm, I might just have to have the 'Jingo talk' with our dear little Benji," Mac said with a wink. "He NEVER ended up playing with MY shoes. Must have been my marine influence."

Harm laughed and looked at the cabinet where they were keeping their shoes and saw that the right door of it was wide open. It still amazed him that the three-year-old Jack Russell Terrier was able to open the door of the cabinet by himself, seeing as how no one would have taught him that trick. "He's one smart dog, I'll give him that," Harm told her as he got Isabella into the twin stroller.

Mac placed Aidan into the stroller right next to his sister before getting Benji's leash from the coat rack. "Just wait till we get to the park and he starts chasing rabbits. He won't look so smart then," Mac told him with a chuckle before giving him a short but sweet kiss. "We'll be back soon. Do you want me to get anything from the grocery story around the corner?"

Harm shook his head before kissing Mac's forehead. "No, I think we have everything we need for the picnic." Then he kissed Isabella and Aidan's cheek before looking at the dog. "Come on, Benji, it's time for a little rabbit hunt."

The Jack Russell Terrier answered him with a happy bark and at once ran to the front door, impatiently waiting for it to open. Harm put Benji's leash on before he gave it to Mac and opened the door for them. "Have fun, guys!" Harm called after them.

Mac turned the stroller a bit so that Aidan and Isabella were able to look at Harm who was waving at them. "Bye, bye," Mac said and waved with the kids at Harm before making their way to the park, which was a few minutes away from the house. Harm meanwhile walked back into the house to prepare the food for their afternoon picnic.