Olivia Benson was walking the night street of New York when she passed a dark alley, she got an uneasy feeling like something was wrong or she was missing something, just as she was about to turn around and head away from the alley something hit her from behind, knocking her out cold.

Olivia woke with a heavy weight on her chest and the sound of moaning from right above her ear, when she opened her eyes she saw what was on her, a dirty man was raping her and she started to struggle kicking the man who in turn pinned her down and slapped her in the face. Olivia cried out in pain.

"Shut up you bitch" the man ordered.

"Get the hell off me" Olivia cried, and then in one swift motion she kneed the man in the crouch. Getting up Olivia ran away leaving the man on the ground moaning.


John Munch woke to the sound of a mystery person knocking on his door.

"I'm coming, I'm coming" John yelled and the knocking subsided. Opening the door he was surprised to see that the mystery person was indeed a good friend of John's… someone John loved.

"Olivia? What are you doing here… what the hell happened to you?" John said taking in the gruelling appearance of Olivia.

"I…I… was attacked and beaten… and raped" Olivia cried and threw herself into John's arm. John in turn wrapped his arms around Olivia trying to comfort her. John was fuming who ever hurt her was going to pay one way or another.

"Liv… I'm so sorry" was all John could say… what else was there to say? Lifting Olivia into his arms he helped her over to the coach and the two just sat there wrapped in each other until they fell asleep in each others arms.


John woke later that night to kicking and screaming.

"Liv…Liv" John said shaking Olivia trying to wake her. Olivia opened her eyes and started swinging her arms and hitting John.

"Liv… it's me, it's me, John" he spoke gently trying to calm her and then once again took Olivia into his arms; Olivia started to weep into his chest.

"Shhh, shh" John said soothing her. Olivia looked up and without even thinking John brought his hand up to wipe away her tears.

"I'm sorry…" Olivia started but was cut off by John.

"Hey, hey it's not your fault… I'm sorry I wasn't there to protect you" tears threatened to fall from John's eyes as he told her this and again they sat on John's couch wrapped in each other.



"We have to tell Elliot and Fin and Don"

"I know… tomorrow" and then Olivia fell asleep on Johns chest.


This time when John woke up it wasn't because of someone knocking on his door or because of yelling in his ear, but it was the sun shining in his eyes, as he started to get up slowly he realized that Olivia was fast asleep on his chest. Although he didn't want to wake her he knew he had to because they had to go to the precinct and give Olivia's statement, so shaking her gently he finally woke her up.

"Morning" John said softly.

"Morning" Olivia said trying to give John a smile.

"I'll make coffee and breakfast, why don't you go get a shower?" John offered.

"Okay" and Olivia got up and headed for the bathroom.


Special Victims Unit Squad Room

"Where the hell have you two been" John and Olivia were greeted by the captain as they walked through the squad doors.

"Captain, can we talk to you a minute?" John asked then added on "in your office?"

"Sure" the captain said confused. John and Olivia followed the captain to his office when John turned around and said

"You two may want to be here" getting up Fin and Elliot did the same and went into the captain's office. John told the guys what Olivia had told him stopping every now and then when Olivia would get emotional so he could calm her down.

"Liv… I'm sorry" the captain said giving Olivia a hug.

"It's not your fault… I should have protected myself better"

"This is not your fault Olivia" Don said forcefully. Fin and Elliot each gave Olivia a hug.


Belleview Hospital

Since Olivia hadn't been to the hospital yet John took her there after they left the squad room, the captain had given the two a few weeks off. Olivia was getting her rape kit done when John started to leave the room, he felt a little uncomfortable about seeing Olivia exposed like that.

"Where are you going?" Olivia asked as he reached the door.

"I was gonna leave you… it was…I was just…" John kept stuttering over his words.

"Please stay?" Olivia asked and what John saw in her eyes made John's heart melt.

"Sure" John said walking back over to Olivia and taking her hand in his he sat there with her and helped her.