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'BEEP 'Kagome sighed and hit the top of her alarm effectively making it shut up.

She opened her pale blue eyes and looked at the time that was shown in bright red numbers for a minute before her brain finally registered the fact that it was 5:30. ' Why the hell did I set my alarm for 5 freaking 30 in the morning!' as you can tell Kagome loves sleeping and hates waking up early.

" Kagome! Hurry up! Your starting at Shikon High today remember?"

Kagome blinked ' so that's why I set my alarm for 5:30!' she slid out of her warm bed reluctantly and picking up her glasses from her cherry wood night stand slid the thin rectangular shaped glass onto her face and the once blurry room came into focus. From the band and anime posters to the many books laying all over her black desk. Walking into her small bathroom Kagome proceeded to brush her teeth which were almost strangely white and brush her unruly black hair. Strolling out of her bathroom Kagome went over to her closet and grabbed her favorite outfit which consisted of a black long sleeved shirt that had a backwards 'C' on it with three blue streaks going from her right hip to her left shoulder. Her pants were faded black jeans that were slightly baggy, just enough so that she had to were her belt, a black choker, and black lace up boots. Once satisfied with her appearance she head down stairs only to be greeted with a plate of pancakes and a stern look from her mother.

" You should have been down here ten minutes ago."

Kagome just nodded and grabbed the pancakes and started on her breakfast.

" Now this is a crucial day for you Kagome. You are starting at a new school in the middle of the

year. Now you need to stop getting into fights ok so if kids start bothering you again just tell me this time. And keep to yourself as much as possible..."

Kagome rolled her eyes ather mother's exsesivly long speech of advice and put her plate in the dishwasher and grabbing her bag headed out the door. She was lucky that she only lived ten minutes away from the school she could walk there and still have enough time to find all her classes.

Once Kagome reached the school Kagome looked around. Not seeing anyone else there yet Kagome shrugged and walked into the school and found the office with out much difficulty. Opening the glass door she approached the women that sat typing furiously behind the desk and cleared her throat softly to gain the woman's attention. The women looked up at her appearing to be annoyed ,


Kagome almost shivered at her cold tone but calmed herself as she spoke,

" I am Higuarshi Kaogme, I'm new and I would like to pick up my schedule."

Kagome gave herself a mental pat on the back for staying calm and watched as the woman shoveled through a stack of papers before she handed her one that had her name in bold letters on the top. Thanking the woman Kagome headed back out of the office to find her home room which she would be spending second period in also since she had math second. Kagome wondered the halls trying to find room 14 for ten minutes before she finally found it. Putting the sheet in her pocket she opened the door to the classroom and saw three guys sitting on the desks glaring at each other. Kagome looked around the room trying to find the teacher. Sighing dejectedly that she would have to actually talk to people other than the teacher. Kagome took a breathe and decided to just get it over with.

" um excuse me but do any of you know where Mr. Myouga is?" Kagome asked.

She watched as the three guys stared at her. And stared. And stared.

"What are you looking at !" Kagome snapped.

Kagome watched as a guy with black hair and icy blue eyes stood up.

"We were looking at you." the man stated simply.

Kagome developed a tick in her eyebrow,

" yes I got that but why!"

Kagome was taken aback by the mans response which had been a smirk.

" I personally think you have a nice rack. Don't know about the other guys though."

Kagome glared at the man and glared threateningly,

" what did you just say to me." the man gulped nervously,

" um..you have a nice rack.?"

As soon as the words left the guys mouth, Kagome punched him in the stomach.

"Never.say that to me again you pervert. "

Kagome growled, she looked up as the other guys started laughing.

"What is so funny?" Kagome asked.

One of the other guys, this one with white hair stood up and walked over to Kagome .

" sorry but we've never seen a girl get that worked up for being told that they have a nice rack. before. By the way I'm Sesshoumaru"

end of chapter one

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