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Another Highschool Drama


Sango gave Kagome a suggestive looked that basically screamed I told you so. Kagome ignored it and leaned against Ryu's side. "Sango truth or dare?" Sango sat back down. "Dare." "I dare you to Shut Up."

End recap

It was now Monday morning and Kagome had just finished her breakfast when the shrill DING of the doorbell echoed through the relatively quite house. Standing up the teenager walked over to the door, " KAGOME!" ...and was tackled by a screaming orange blur.

Kagome started twitching and looking down saw the small form of her friend Shippo. "What. are you doing."

Shippo laughed nervously and sat up, "well...you see Miroku was groping Sango on our ay hear, but when Sango slapped him she didn't knock him unconscious like she usually does, so I said that she ..." Kagome raised her eyebrows in confusion when Shippo stopped talking and looked around to make sure no one was listening in on them, "that she loves Miroku..." Kagome stared at the small boy before bursting out in laughter.

" You said that she likes miro-?" Kagome was cut off abruptly by Shippo's hand which came to cover her mouth.

"Shhhhhhhhhhhhh! The walls have ears..." Kagome looked at the wall next to her for a minute before standing up.

"Ok. As funny as this is we're going to be late if we don't leave right now.." Shippo nodded and handed Kagome her backpack.

Just as she slid the black sack onto her back, her door opened to the sight of a very pissed Sango who stormed in chasing Shippo, screaming obscenities that were so colorful that it had Miroku and Ryu, who had followed the crazed girl in, blushing andchecking the dictionary. Dun DUN DUN. Sighing Kagome grabbed Sango's arm and through her against Ryu's chest and smiled apologetically,

" Can you drag her to school ahead of us so she can have some time to calm down?" Ryu nodded.

"On one condition."

Kagome eyed him suspiciously, "What..."

Ryu grinned mischievously, "You have to wait to find out..." Kagome gulped. I don't think I'm going to like this condition...

at school

Kagome ran a hand through her hair trying to straighten it out. When Shippo tackled her it had gotten completely screwed up. Opening her locker she grabbed her books and a pen. Shutting the metal door with a loud bang she turned around only to walk right into Ryu's very nicely sculpted chest. The smaller of the two looked up obviously irritated by her taller companion, " Ryu..can you move back a little?" Ryu only smirked and bent down to her height, placing his hands on the lockers beside her, earning some stares from the other students in the hall. "You still owe me something." Kagome nodded. Yeah the 'condition' right?" Ryu nodded.

"Ok...so what is it?" Ryu pushed his face closer to kagome Kagome's, his eyes boring into her's. "This." As soon as the word left his mouth he placed his smooth lips onto hers.

Kagome blushed fiercely and tried to push Ryu off of her but he just growled and nipped at her bottom lip, eliciting a soft sigh form the small girl. As soon as Ryu heard the sigh he pulled back leaving Kagome very dazed.

"Hm. I should do you favors more often." All through out the hall whispers broke out of how Ryu had Actually kissed someone, who from their knowledge hadn't ever even touched someone. Kagome snapped out of her dazed state as the whispers reached her ears and smacked Ryu's arm.

" I am never asking you for a favor again!" And with that Kagome stormed away into her home room, eager to get away from the embarrassing scene, while a happy Ryu trailed after her saying that she had loved the kiss.

mean while with Sango...

Sango glared at her desk and jabbed her pencil at it's once smooth wood, gleefully taking her anger out on it.

Stupid Shippo. How dare he say that I like that PERVERT! I'm going to taping him to the ceiling and then cut off his toes one by one and then force feed them to him! MWHAHAHAHHAHA! insert scary lightning MWHAHAHHAHA- "OI!"

"Huh?" Sango blinked and looked up. There standing in front of her was that perverted yet very sexy beast Miroku. Wait...SEXY! Since when do I think that he's sexy! This is all Shippo's fault!

"What do you want pervert."

Miroku grinned and grabbed Sango's hand in both of his. "Sango my darling. Will you go to the dance in two weeks time with me?" Sango blinked and turned her head to hide her very obvious blush.

"...um...I guess. Since I have nothing planned for that night..."

Miroku smiled, "Thank you!" Sango's already dark blush reddened even more as she was pulled into a hug by the pervert, who for once, didn't try to pull anything.

Miroku ran out of the room grinning, to find Shippo and thank the fox.

Sango stared after her friends retreating back and let a small smile slip across her face. Two weeks.


Kagome sat pouting in her chair drawing while Ryu kept saying that she liked the kiss and to accept it already.

"You know you liked it!...oh wait...I know! You want to hug me you want to kiss me you think I'm sexy!" KAgome twitched and turned to him glaring.

"Yeah so?" This completely through Ryu off and now it was his turn to blush and turn away uncertainly.

Kagome smiled smugly at her win and turned back to her drawing notebook to doodle when...

"hey Kagome."

She looked up to see Sesshoumaru standing in front of her smiling and not dead. Turning to look at Ryu she poked him. "What?"

Kagome eyed him closely. "Are you blind?"

Ryu raised an eyebrow. "No."

"Then how come Sesshoumaru is still alive when he's standing a foot in front of me? I mean usually you would have tried to kill him for that."

"Um...I'm rig ht here you know." Kagome looked at Sesshoumaru and smiled.

"I know,.sorry. So was there something you needed?"

Sesshoumaru grinned, "Kagome would you go to the dance with me?" Kagome blinked as Ryu suddenly pulled her out of her chair and onto his lap holding her protectively.

"She can't." Sesshouamru glared at him..

"Why not!" Ryu smirked.

"Because she's going with me." and with that Ryu lightly kissed Kagome again, making Sesshoumaru seethe.

"You bastard! Hasn't anyone told you not to lie!"

Ryu shook his head no just as Kagome gave Sesshoumaru a glare of her own.

"No Sesshoumaru, he's not lying. I'm going with him."

Sesshoumaru glared at Ryu one last time before stalking back to his seat.

Ryu turned his attention back to Kagome. "Did you really mean that?"

The raven haired girl smiled. "Every word."


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