This is a bit indifferent: The story is going to be a multi chapter oneshot. Which makes hardly any sense but it's true. Okay, takes place in October, can you tell? I hope that all of you enjoy this first chapter. It should be rather long, I'm really serious. Hopefully I can laugh while I type, because all of the things I write are never any funny. Or not as good I hope they come out to be. This one will be a lot more…thought out. Anyway, I had totally finished this chapter right before my computer crashed. Sucky timing, huh? So please, rock on!

Chapter 1- Mischief night

"Bella! Come on, you are being ridiculous!" Alice begged as she tried to con me into it, "It's just a little sleep over!"

"Tell me again why I should, for all I know you'll dress me up!" I threw my hands in the air.

We were in my room and she was still half convincing me to spend the night. Did I mention it was the day before Halloween? That had to mean something. The harder she tried the more I bit my lip and worried. Which was bad, I knew she was going to bring up Edward's name, so I would fall right into her little trap. Currently, I was hell bent on saying no and was succeeding.

Her smile grew hugely, "Easy!" it was more pronounced now, "Edward."

I told you so.

"Plus you have to have a little fun tonight," she gushed.

What did that mean?

"Uh, why?" I narrowed my eyes at her.

Her laugh was infectious, I almost found myself starting to giggle, "Oh, come on Bella! Stop being so dense!"

I gave her a look tell her I know nothing of what she was talking about.

"It's Mischief night!" she grabbed this one out of the air.

It took my a few seconds to process what she just said. Holy crow, now I really wasn't going. She was going to get me in trouble. Or Emmett will.

"NO WAY!" then an idea popped into my head, "If you want me to do it, I want us to make a deal," I folded my arms across my chest and stuck out my lower lip.

She was a mirror image of me, down to the steely eyes. "If you insist," she allowed this by with a grimace.

Ha! "No dress ups and no trouble. That's it, but I'll probably think up something else," I warned her and got up off my bed.

"Deal," there was a twinkle in her eye.

She obviously knew something I didn't. The main question was: what was she planning? Whatever it was, I wasn't going to go along with it. Or like it.

"Alice," I groaned and shook my head, "What's your plan?"

"Nothing!" she chimed.

There was a knock on my bedroom door, "Bella?" Charlie called.

"Come on in, Charlie!" Alice rang easily, like she had said it everyday of her life. Which these days, it had been.

He strolled in as ungraceful as I was, but tried to hide it. A true crinkly smile was set on his face as he looked over Alice, but disappeared as he glanced at me.

"Honey, I was just coming up to say I have to put in extra hours down at the station, it is mischief night you know. The kids are going to be wild, I can see it already," was he trying to borrow Alice's extra sense?

"Okay Ch - Dad," I gave him a bright smile.

Alice went closer to him, meet his eyes with hers. Whatever she was going to ask, he didn't have a chance. "Charlie? Since she'll be all alone here tonight, I was wondering if I could borrow her for a sleep over? To keep her out of any trouble of course," her smile lit up like a thousand suns.

"Sure," he murmured, memorized.

That little cheater. So now I had to go! Just because Charlie couldn't see past Alice doesn't mean I have to go right? She's like his drug, but not in mine and Edward retrospect. That would be just plain freaky. Has was I going to get out of it? Though, Edward would be there… Which was a major plus. Bad thing is he could get me to do just about anything, damn those dazzling powers of his!

"Bye Dad!" I went over slowly to give him a hug.

Charlie snapped out of it, "Love you Bells."

"Me too," I meant it and broke my hold.

Alice swiftly attacked him in a tiny, but fierce hug, probably bone crushing, "Stay safe tonight," she murmured into his chest.

"Ah, Alice, don't worry about me!" he loosely chided her, "Have fun with Bella! Bye kids!" Charlie waved as he headed out my door.

"Tricky," I muttered.

"Yes I am, come on! Let's go," she pulled my hand, leading me out my doorway.

Wondering if she brought the car over or ran, I confirmed that she ran. Oh great, not again. What would Charlie think, if he even could with Alice near by. That in it's self would be a miracle. I gave her an accusing look, as if she could read minds, so she shrugged her shoulders when we got to the bottom of the stairs.

"I promise you'll have a extra fun time tonight," her eyes looked sincere enough.

That didn't give me any reason to trust her though.

I briefly faked a happy smile when we were walking at the door to Charlie, "Bye!"

"Goodbye Alice," his voice was dreamy, "Bella, have fun."

The door closed and she turned to me, "Piggy back or in the arms?" Alice raised her ebony eyebrows.

"Can you carry me piggy back?" I asked, putting my hair up in a bun.

"Sure can!" she squealed, like she'd been waiting for this all her life -alive or dead. Before I knew it, she somehow got me on her back, legs on her waist and arms around her neck, "Aren't I heavy?"

"Light as a feather," the beaming grin was an evident in her voice.

Scoffing, I let her take off. My eyes snapped to a close, but just as they did -well almost anyway- Alice cleared her throat, "I think I'm faster with you on me."

"Oh," I blushed as I got down from her back to see the beautiful house in front of me.

"We have to sneak inside, don't let Edward hear us," she was very serious.

"Why?" I asked loudly, she clamped a iron hand over my lips.

Her eyes were liquid ocher, "Because he doesn't know you'll be here. Which means… basically I want to sneak up on him to see if we can do it. You especially," Alice shushed herself as well as me.

She let go and tip toed up to the door, like she needed to anyway. Her hand mentioned for me to hurry up, so without tripping I made my way slowly but surely up the porch steps and I bit my lip. The door didn't creak -I didn't think it would anyway- Alice took her sweet time going inside. So what was I supposed to do? Not follow her? Keeping my steps as light as possible, I went in with her. The door closed with a very tiny click, but I'm sure Edward could hear it. Crap, I expected him to come running down the stairs any time now. To my surprise he didn't, Alice was by the end of the stairs listening. Her hand was by her ear.

"He's taking a shower," she whispered, "I'll block him from my mind."

Nodding, I was halfway to her, "Okay."

"Want something to eat?" Alice questioned, moving her hands to my face, so was by me now.

I raised my eyebrows, "Er… do you have anything?" Usually they didn't have a lot.

"Yes, something especially for you," her smile became apparent. She picked me up and sped into the kitchen, dropping me off by the fridge. "Go on, open it up. Esme got it just for you, for Halloween."

Were they planning on filling my up with sweets or what? I opened the rarely used fridge to see a lone pack of four caramel apples. Licking my lips, I took them out. When's the last time I had one of these? Seemed like forever ago. The one on the top right hand corner was the one I chose to eat. While I held it in my hand, Alice put the rest back and stared at me while I chomped down on it. It was so juicy, I bet all around my mouth was covered in caramel.

"Well, I guess you like those, huh?" her voice was very quiet.

"Love them," I murmured while I kept biting. Almost done, the bottom was the only part left. The apple was pretty much gone though.

I cleared my throat, "Where's the garbage? I know you never use it," I asked her.

Alice grabbed the stick out of my hand and tossed it in the can, by the still new stove. Then she took my hand and rushed me into the foyer, and tried to pull me up the stairs too fast. Good thing she was holding on to me or I would have fell completely backwards onto the floor. I regained my balance without a word and we were in the hall, going to Rose's room. Emmett was just coming out of it and was about to say something I could tell, but Alice zoomed and clamped his mouth shut. She gave him some explanation and he grinned like a mad man and nodded his head. He came over and lifted me into his arms -winking- carried me into his room where Rosalie was standing pacing.

"About time," she whispered, just loud enough for me to hear.

Alice shushed and then suddenly left, so it was just Rose, Emmett, and I.

"Do you have the supplies?" Emmett asked his wife.

She smirked, and pointed to her vanity. There was a large pack of toilet paper under it, pretty much hidden by the stool. On top there were six egg cartons. What were they planning on doing with those? Oh God, my face must have been shocked because Emmett started to chuckle, but Rose cut him off with a short slap, "Right here."

Emmett's mouth was open but he closed it, and send a worried look my way, "Hide her."

"Why?" I asked, trying to be quiet.

"Cause Edward just got out of the shower," Rose muttered and was at my side quick, "In the closet," she was pushing me towards it.

I hurried to it, Emmett was standing in front of it when I closed the door, "Don't make a peep," his face was serious but his eyes were smiling.

Making sure I hardly made any noise, I sat on the floor. The light wasn't on, but I wasn't scared. It smelled very good in their closet, like lavender. Maybe they had that type of soap or something. My breath caught when I heard the door to Rose's room open. More like banged against the wall. I wondered if they was going to be a hole in the wall from the doorknob.

"Hello Edward," Rose's voice was innocent was it came from by the closet door. I smiled.

Edward was quiet for a moment, "Why are both of you blocking your thoughts?"

"We were have an intimate moment you know," Emmett growled, also by the door. They most have been blocking it from Edward, smart vampires.

"No," it sounded like he was trying to control his anger, "You were pretending."

"Sure we were," Rosalie's tone implied something sexual.

Edward snorted, "I can tell…" then for some reason he stopped.

My breath caught and it was then that I noticed something fell on me. I picked it up and squinted at in in the dark. It was a pair of lacy underwear! Yuck, I threw them aside with disgust and became still again. Now, I could literally smell Edward. He must have been right by the closet.

"Where is she?" he roared, furious.

Rosalie sighed, "What are you rambling about?"

"Bella? Where are you?" he was yelling, almost right in my ear.

"Edward, I think you've totally lost it, she's not here," Emmett grunted not so thoughtfully.

But Edward wasn't even listening to him, "Get out of my way," he hissed menacingly, "Away from the closet, I can smell her!"

"Nope. We both told you, she's not-" she was cut off and I gasped when the door flew open and my angel was standing in front of me.

"Edward," my voice was full of longing, he picked up on that and me too.

"Sweetie," he murmured close to my face, his breath spilling all over me, "Why didn't you answer when I called for you?"

Just as I was about to spill my guts, I thought better of it, so instead I gushed, "I love you Edward."

Emmett giggled, "Wonderful line."

"Edward, get out of my room. Bella, if you wish you can stay," she smiled at me, but scoffed at Edward.

"She won't be staying, I want to do a little catching up," his eyes smoldered at me and I was in a daze before he lifted my up into his cold arms.

"We won't be seeing her for a while," Emmett absently groaned before I couldn't hear him anymore. Edward stopped when he got to his room and closed the door. I'm pretty sure he locked it, but not totally positive about that. "What were you doing in their closet?"

"Uh…" I trailed off to shrug my shoulders.

"Really?" he asked as he set me down, then pushed me up against the wall.

Since I couldn't think of anything else, "Yes," came out of my mouth before he sealed his angelic lips to mine. I was spiraling down, not really, but I went brain dead while he caressed me in the softest kisses. If there was a Heaven, this was it. Remembering faintly to breathe, I did when I could. Edward seemed to get a little more physical now, I welcomed it. My back was arched against the wall, he ran is hands down the side of my neck and stopped at my hips.

"Can there ever be anyone more beautiful than you?" he whispered into my face, causing me to breathe in his magnificent smell.

I didn't answer, my hands moved to his hair, to grasped it as I felt him caress me. He didn't stop, it all felt so wonderful. Soon, I was blushing, my skin burning and Edward never ceased this exercise. At least for about a minute or two.

"Holy crow," I breathed when he finally removed his lips from mine.

Mr. Perfection sighed heavily, "I think we need to do that more often."

I nodded hard, "I second that motion," I raised on hand from his head and held it up.

"So, did you ever answer my question? No, I don't think so. Why were you in there when you could have been with me?" Edward flew us over to his couch, laying me on the bottom, he propped himself over me.

Trust me, I wasn't going anywhere, so I had to come up with something reasonable, "I can't totally remember," I played dumb.

"Sure," his eyes were so gorgeous as they peered down at me, "Do you know what day it is?"

"October 30th ," my mouth formed easily.

He smirked, "Well, I mean what day is it?"

Er… that wasn't good. He knew something was up, just like I had earlier. But I wasn't going to be the one who told him. What could I say? Be really dense and pretend Alice didn't spill before? Maybe. So that's what I tried.

"I have no clue what your talking about!" this is the time where I wished I could escape. My eyes searched the spaces that his face didn't take up.

His smirk was laughable, "Okay," he dazzlingly breathed into my face. Why did he have to be so good? One of his hands moved to my ear, to play with my earlobe absentmindedly. It didn't hurt, just cold. Usually, it got hot when I messed with it. But him, no, it was chilled. And took my mind off of my fears and his question.

"How about they want to do something with you?" he offered up with I ogled into those ocher eyes.

I blissfully nodded, "Sure."

Edward sighed in my face, bringing his lips down to mine, but hovering a centimeter or so above them. Taunting me, teasing me. My lips ached to be connected with his, I thrust my head forward so they could. He hadn't been expecting this, he froze on top of me before the hand that was rubbing my ear ran down to my cheek.

"You warm me up so much," he whispered to between a kiss, "Inside and out."

Basically, I began hyperventilating, "Oh Edward."

Off of me in a second, I was muddled and looked for him. He was standing at the door to his room, a finger on his lips. Wanting to ask him what this was all about, I heard a gentle knock on the door. "Edward? Where's Bella, we need her!" Alice's voice rang through the door.

I was about to answer when Edward opened his mouth.

"Alice, I don't want to be with you right now, we're having way too much fun," Edward mimicked my voice almost perfectly, "Sorry, come back later."

To say the least I was shell shocked, but Alice didn't buy it, "Edward, I know it's you."

Edward sighed and threw open the door, "We were having a very fun time," he sounded like he wanted to get back to that fun time with me.

"What are you going to do?" I sounded scared.

"All you have to do is get some clothes and we just put them on really and we'll go have some entertainment," Rosalie barged in the room and pushed past Edward, coming to rest on the couch by me.

She must have broke the lock. If it was at all possible, I wanted to pull her hair out as well as mine. No more Barbie doll, I told Alice that and we made a deal already. So what were they trying to do? Edward's hands were on his face, rubbing it like he was really frustrated. My lips pressed into a hard line as I rolled my eyes at her. She grunted at me.

Alice spoke before she could, "No, I won't dress you up. Don't freak out. Just for you to wear some different clothes to make it easier," she stressed it, so Edward's sake.

"Fine," I folded my arms and snapped at both of them.

Rosalie, with her golden hair, grabbed my hand and was pulling me off the couch. With all my might, I dragged my feet and shook my head. But I was over powered when Alice came to help her, taking my other hand. Hers was stronger than mine, as was Rose's, but Rose seemed hesitant about using too much force. Edward finally took his hands down from his face and coughed into his hands.

"Do you guys really think I'll let you take her away from me?" he asked them as I smiled.

Their faces brightened, "Yes," both of them stated at the same time.

"Why?" Edward questioned as they were still dragging me out, now close to being out of the door.

"Because, you'll want to see her after we get done," Alice winked at me, as if I knew what that meant, "So bye then!" I was out the door and Rose was blocking it, "Emmett!" she called.

"I knew it!" Emmett yelled, through the roars and bangs from Edward.

Esme was up stairs, standing in front of the door, blocking it with Emmett and Rose, "Go!" her grin was monumental.

"All you're wearing is black, lots of black, to match you against the night," Alice murmured in my ear, taking me to her room.

Just as I was about to ask for what, I heard Esme start to yell at Edward. A motherly yell, like he was in trouble. Apparently he was , because Alice giggled, "Ooo, he broke down the door!"

In her room, across her bed, was a black long sleeve turtle neck that was made out of chenille and long black pants. When she turned around to let me slip them on, I found they fit snuggly, hugging at my hips. Though they flared out a little around my ankles. Black socks were on me without even thinking about it, a reflex I guess. Flat leather boots were leaning against her bed, I pulled them on and flexed my toes. They were so comfortable!

"Here, put your hair up in a bun," Alice handed my a black scrunchie, "Here's a pair of ear muffs, too. It'll be cold tonight," she still wasn't looking at me.

Sweeping all my hair up, it was up in a bun and used the scrunchie, "Do I look messed up?"

"No!" she said before she even turned around, then she gasped.

My hands flew up to my face, feeling for something that was wrong, "What is it?"

"Not that I want you to turn gothic or anything, but you look lovely in black!" Alice hugged me, almost too tight.

"Thanks," I said without even really knowing what the big hype was over.

Then she slapped her head, "You don't know what you look like, duh!" Alice wheeled a mirror over, she must have just got it.

When I peered into the mirror, I didn't even realize it was me. It looked a super model, with her hair pulled up. And I didn't even have my make up done! Automatically, a smile spread across my face as a blushed covered my pale skin. Alice was behind me, jumping up and down so fast she was a blur, she was screeching with joy. At that, it took Rosalie about three seconds to zoom inside and she almost collapsed against me.

"Bella, is that you?" she asked in an incredulous voice.

"Yes, I think so," I was quite stunned.

Alice was shrilly laughing, "Edward! You can't see her yet! Ha ha!"

She was teasing him!

"Oh Alice, wow," I smoothed out the invisible wrinkles in the pants.

The door was still open, when Alice realized this she rushed over to it and closed it with a sharp bang. She breathed out in relief, "He could have saw you!" she exclaimed.

"That's a bad thing?" I raised my eyebrows.

"No," Rose shook her head, making hair fly, "Not really, just wanting to mess with him. We're betting to see how long it will take to drive him nuts."

"Oh, that's great. Trying to drive my vampire boyfriend insane. That's wonderful," I sighed dryly, letting sarcasm mar my tone.

Alice shrugged, "Still," and then pranced off to hand me the earmuffs, which were also black. Then, I figured out that both Rose and Alice were also wearing black. What were they planning on doing? Geez, the sun was setting outside. That's not good. And all the black clothing…. Crap! They were planning on doing mischief night as soon as it got dark? That soon? They were the ones that are crazy.

"This soon?" I asked, shell shocked.

Rosalie clamped a hand over her mouth, through her fingers I could make out, "Yes."

Then the banging on the door began, pretty much right on cue.

"This is the last time I'm going to ask you today!" Edward roared, "Let me see my Bella!"

Alice giggled, "'My Bella,'" she quoted.

"Shut up Alice! Don't make me knock down this door, too! Believe me I will!" he sounded like he would.

Sighing as she went, Alice zipped over and opened the door. Edward looked like he was about to kill something when he glided through. At first, he didn't even see me. But when he saw me, he rushed over to me and I was locked in a tight embrace in his arms. If he could have cried, I think he would've been.

"I like you in black," he commented with a superb smile that made me want to wilt and die.

I shrugged it off, "But I like you better in black," I motioned to his tight fitting thin knit black turtle neck. He looked about a thousand million times better than me, I was ashamed to think I looked good before. To see him as well as Alice and Rosalie, I might as well be a piece of dust floating around someplace else.

"No one can ever look as delicious as you, Bella," Edward placed both of his hands on my neck, though I could barely feel them through the sweater.

I blushed and tried to look away from those beautiful eyes, but he wouldn't let me, "Love, love, love makes my Bella go round!" he sung without any music or beat, but still kept perfect tune as he swung me up into his arms and slowly spun around the room.

"Edward," I whispered and sank farther into his arms as he twirled.

"Yes, my lovely?" he answered quietly.

I blushed and was about to lean forward and kiss him when Jasper came racing into the room, "IT'S DARK!" he announced like a happy school girl.

Alice made a run for it, and almost made it out of the door before Jasper caught her and slammed her against the wall. They stared at each other, each beaming with joy and/or love. It was cute. Instead of putting me down, Edward carried me down the stairs. Waiting by the door was Esme, she had a giddy smile on her face. I caught a glimpse of Rose's silky hair headed outside with Emmett. Stopping by Esme, Edward gave me a crooked grin.

"I'll go get your coat," he set me down and was gone.

Esme turned to me, "Have fun, dear," she said sincerely, "And don't let Emmett persuade you into anything. That's all he's been talking about for the past month now."

Glaring outside the door, I know he couldn't see me but I still made the effort. A milli-second later, Edward appeared with a long coat. Of course black, it was tiny, made to look like it would fit a size 1, which I was most defiantly not. On the lapel of it, was a silver lamb embroidered with a ocher-golden lion near by. My eyes widened when I actually touched the fabric. It was like nothing I had ever felt before. The softness of clouds without the wetness. Plus, it was super dark black.

"My goodness," I murmured as he slipped it on me.

A smile traced over his lips, causing them to curve and make my heart sputter. I blushed, because Esme was right there and could hear it.

"You like it?" Edward asked as he tied it around my waist, taking his time while doing it.

"I can't believe it's real," I marveled at the texture and how it was about to stretch to fit me just right.

His chilled hand grabbed mine and we walked out the door, but not before I said bye to Esme.

"Thanks for the advise! Bye!" I yelled back to her.

"My pleasure, remember! Have lots of fun!" she closed the door and winked at me.

The night was freezing outside, I'm glad they had dressed me in warm clothes. Edward's hair blew in the wind, making it swirl around his face like a model. I didn't deserve him at all! My head bowed as we walked, he seemed to notice immediately.

Edward's hand clasp around my other one, "Bella? Are you okay?"

"Yes," I muttered and wished I could make a curtain out of my hair. But it was pulled up, that just plain sucked.

"Bella," he sighed beautifully and then my eyes widened as his lips connected to mine, when he pulled back, he breathed into my face, "I'm sorry you're mad. I told them you wouldn't want to go."

"It's not that," I was so dazzled by him, I didn't really even care what came tumbling out of my mouth.

"Then what is it?" he asked, moving again so I would follow him. We were almost to his Volvo, I saw out of the corner of my eye.

I shrugged, then hung my shoulders because I didn't want to tell him anything.

"You do realize that I love you, right Bella? So it doesn't matter what you say to me, as long as it's what you're thinking, I just want to know."

"You're way too perfect for me, a ugly girl who doesn't deserve to have such a god," I murmured and was stopped by his chest in front of me, blocking me.

When he forced my chin up with his finger, his eyes held something I've never seen in them before. I can't wholly begin to describe it, because it seemed like there were so many emotions strung into those liquid amber eyes. But he pulled my up, off the ground and level with his eyes. So my nose was touching the tip of his marble one. I blushed and tried to look away, but I couldn't. Plus, I really wasn't going anywhere, I mean I was dangling in the air!

"How can you think that? Personally, I think you have it totally the wrong way. A lovely goddess that blushes, is warm, and have the ability to make horrible things magnificent doesn't deserve a monster like me. Isabella, if you ever think like that again, I think I'll have to show you exactly just how much you mean to me. If I haven't done everything I could already, I'll push the limits," Edward's lips formed those magical words and I slacked in his arms.

If there was an possibly more romantic thing than that, I'd love to hear it. Because no one in the world can ever express it the way Edward did. A tear slid down my cheek as I blushed, warming his cold skin. It seemed like the warmness was coming off me in heat waves or something. "Thank you, Edward," I smiled the best I could at the moment.

Another kiss was planted on my lips before he cradled me in his arms and headed away from the car, "Shush, Bella. You're welcome. Are you ready to run?"

"Not really, but go ahead," I pushed my lower lip out right as he began to run.

Faster than he had ever run with me, I thought one of my legs were going to swing back and hit a tree or something. But, just a lot of wind blew on them, they didn't snap back or anything. Thank goodness. I breathed a slight sigh of relief as he stopped in front of a house. Even though it was dark, I could barely make out that it was Jessica's house. Rosalie was standing by Emmett, who had the toilet paper rolls in his hands. Alice and Jasper were sharing the load of the egg cartons. Each having about three. As Edward put me down, Emmett came up beside me.

"Our first fun-time exercise," he was way too happy, "Is called ding-dong ditch."

Edward groaned, "No Emmett," he firmly said.

"Don't spoil it," Emmett growled at him.

"You're not going to-" Edward was cut off by Jasper's smiling face in his.

Jasper calmed Edward down, "Yes, she'll be fine. We'll be here if she trips."

Wait, they were talking about me going up and doing it? No way, I shook my head. Alice promised. This was breaking the deal. This was going too far. They're crazy. All of them, except Edward. He was they only one on my side.

"I won't do it," I stated with a tight lips.

"Bella!" Alice sighed and rubbed her forehead with one hand still holding the eggs.

"No," I gushed, "We made a deal, Alice!"

Edward kissed me quickly under my ear, "Maybe you could do just this."

What? He was going on their side? That's mean and unfair. I thought about it for a second, before giving in to those eyes.

"Fine," I trembled as I went up to their walkway.

"Woo who! Go Bella!" Emmett whispered rather loudly, "Awesome!"

"Go Bella, go!" Alice chanted and Rose joined in with her.

Jasper remained silent, but with a wistful grin on him, he sent calm sensations and then a wave of bravery. Yes, I could do this. And I would have fun. Just as I got to the Stanley's door, Edward muttered in the bushes to the side of me, "Just ring and run, Bella."

I licked my lips and cracked my knuckles. Almost like I was using Jasper's power, I could feel the anticpaiton directly behind me. When I jabbed the doorbell, I turned and ran, but someone's marble hand pulled me into a bush. It was Edward, Alice and Emmett were on the same side as us. Emmett was grinning madly, almost like he was truly crazy. Alice gave me a thumbs up as Jessica answered the door.

"Hello?" she called into the night, "Is anyone there?"

After a few second, Mike came up behind her, "Who was it? Your parents?"

"No," she whispered and shut the door.

Peals of laughter rang through the night, it surprised me that I was giggling, too. If her parents found out... boy would she be in trouble! Like I was going to tell. Edward was trying to smother the snickers from himself as well as everyone else at the same time.

"That was tremendous!" Emmett's fist pumped the air.

"Do it again, Bella!" Rosalie popped her head up from the bushes, her golden hair visible, "They won't care."

For some reason, I wanted to do it again, "Okay."

"Yes!" Alice pointed to me as I climbed out of the bush, back up to the door.

This time I waited, for no reason really, but when I pressed it, I tripped. I heard a gasp and then somebody yanked me up. Now, I was on the opposite side with Rose and Jasper. Rosalie was shaking her head back and forth but grew still as Mike came to the door this time.

"Who ever is doing this, I want you to stop!" he commanded with little force.

I was very surprised that Emmett didn't go up and laugh right into his face. That would have been something to remember. But he didn't, much to my diappointment and Rose's. So Mike stood there for a while, with the door open, watching for one of us to be blind enough to go up there. Closing the door, Jasper beat Emmett up there as he flashed the button and was back in the bushes before I could even figure it out. Instead of answering the door, they just shut off the lights. That sucked.

"Aw man!" Emmett exclaimed, "Good going!"

"Shut up! Next stop!" Jasper hissed at him.

With a blissful smirk on her face, Rose throw me over her rock hard shoulder. She didn't even really ask me if I was ready, because she must have knew. The others were mostly ahead of her, I could see Alice and Edward. Jasper and Emmett must have took the behind. When we halted, we were by a house I didn't know.

"Tyler's," Rose whispered into my ear and Alice began handing out egg cartons to everyone.

We each got one, because there was six of us. Perfect.

"Throw them anywhere you see fit," Alice told us in a high pitched voice.

My angel zoomed over to me, "Go!"

Of course they were a lot faster than I was. Because they didn't get to do this a lot, they must have wanted to savor the moment, I was in the lead. With only five eggs left, I hefted another one. We didn't want to hit any windows, just every place else. Alice seemed to like the door knob. A whole lot. By the time I was done, my arm hurt but I was smiling for some odd reason.

"Hey!" Jasper called, "We didn't even have to ask her this time!"

"Alright!" Alice came over and kissed my cheek.

Emmett was rubbing his hands greedily together, "Where to now?"

Edward gave him a sharp look, "Not there."

"Why?" Emmett looked heart broken.

Speaking too fast for me to hear, realizion hit Emmett's face.

"Oh, okay," he muttered, I tried to think what that was all about.

"My turn with you now," Edward swooped me back, so I was piggy back riding him this time.

The cartons were left strewn on their lawn when we left. The forest raced past as he put me on a the grass in Eric's yard. Before anyone could say anything, Emmett had already taken to throwing toilet paper rolls on the trees and over his house. Way over his house. They probably landed in the backyard. Alice tsked tsked and went to go find them while everyone else joined on with Emmett.

Randomly I grabbed a roll for Jasper and tried to make it over the lowest limb of the nearest tree. I missed by a long shot.

"That's nice," I grumbled and went to go find it.

"Oh no you don't," Jasper stole that one back and threw it, making the highest one.

I complained. "All of you are complete show offs."

"Yep," Edward's arms came up behind me and pulled me to him.

By now Alice was back and had already thrown the rolls that she gotten. All the rest were gone. The Cullens smiled at their work, Emmett the most and they crowded around me.

"She looks tired," Alice put a finger to her chin.

Rose nodded, "Time to go home."

Come to think of it, I was really tired. But I shrugged as Edward took me back into his arms and zoomed off into the night. After a few minutes, when we got back to the house, Esme was waiting again at the door. Her body was outlined by the light of the house. For the first time that I can really remember tonight, I shivered.

"We need to get her inside, she's so cold," Edward said quietly.

"Can I go to sleep now? I've been too busy today," I mumbled as sleep was hitting me full force.

Esme smiled at me as we passed her, "Sure dear, I'm glad you had fun."

"Punish Emmett," I moaned.

Her golden eyes narrowed at Emmett, "I didn't do anything!" he held his hands up in the air.

The god-like angel was comforting me with my lullaby as I fell into a peaceful sleep in his cold arms.

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