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Chapter 3

"Edward, what is exactly is Emmett supposed to be?"

"A drag queen."

Geez, that made sense. I bit my lip to try and choke back the laughter, but I couldn't, it wasn't possible. With Emmett's scowling face, he moved farther down the stairs so he was basically on the bottom floor.

"Stop it you guys!" he roared, followed by a long string of profanites.

Esme tsked tsked while Alice came to move by me, "I warned you already, Emmett."

"Aw! But come on-"

"No!" her rebuke was short and sharp.

"Emmett," I snickered quietly, "You look great."

"Hey!" he shouted and probably would have blushed if he could, "It shows off my legs though, right?" he stretched his leg out in front of him and turned it.

"Yes," Rosalie purred.

"Oh god," I heard Edward mutter, "Here we go."

Alice laughed at Edward's statememt, "Speaking for going, are we going to go or not?"

"Let's," Carlisle answered for all of us.

"Go where?" I asked, having no clue.

"Bella, my sweet, are you blind?" Edward motioned to his costume.

"The Hell I am," I sniffed and turned away from him.

His voice was sweet and melodic, "Okay then, now tell me where you think we're going."

"I don't know, that's why I'm asking you," I snipped and crossed my arms, still not looking at him.

"Bella," he growled playfully, I then noticed everyone was moving slowly out of the room.

"What?" I finally gave in and met his gaze.

His eyes were still soft, but had a hint of annoyance, "Don't be so diffucult," his voice become gruff, but still amazingly beautiful, "We're going to school."

To school? But it was Halloween for god sakes... oh holy crow! There was a Halloween dance tonight! Why didn't I know this? Or remember it? I shook my head and planted my feet firmly in place on the carpeted floor. No way was I going to a dance looking like this. It was a freaking miracle I made it down the stairs in this dress. He was crazy, actaully I was a bit surprised. Surprised that he wanted to share me with other people.

"Oh my dear," he swept me up and breathed into my face, "You don't want to go?"

"Nope," I was trying my hardest to not be dazzled, but it was difficult.

"Too bad," he whispered before taking me completely off the ground and we were outside before I could even breathe.

Dammit it, I can't believe he sunk so low! When he put me in the Volvo, I pouted as he shut the door. Every one else had taken different cars. So we were all alone. And trust me that wasn't a bad thing. The heater flared as he pulled out of the drive way and headed off to school.

"There's a shaw on the back of your seat," he pointed out.

I reached back and pulled out a fur shaw that buttoned up in the front. It was black and lined with black silk. Strangely, it was warm, which made no sense from being out in the cold car. Edward held one flap open while I slipped into it and settled myself back into the seat.

"Why are Carlisle and Esme going? Not that I don't want them to go of course," I questioned, peeking over at him.

"They are chaperones," his smile could be visable even in the darkest night.

"That's interesting," I murmured then asked a question that had been getting to me, "Edward, don't take this the wrong way, but what exactly are you supposed to be?" I rushed that last part out.

He chuckled to himself as he turned into the school parking lot, "You couldn't figure it out?"

"Not really..." I trailed off biting my lip.

In all truth I had been trying to figure it out, but my brain was only thinking of what his cold touch on my skin felt like. When I remembered this, I blushed deeply and got a strange look from him. "I wish I knew what was going on inside that head of yours!" he grunted and got out of the car before I could respond to his comment.

When he came around my side, his hand was there waiting for me to take it, "Even for a dressed up vampire, my dear, you're still quite warm."

I smiled to myself for some reason unknown to me even and then quickly got out and kissed him. He was surprised and gently pushed me back, "Let's get inside first before we have anymore action." Scowling, I walked with him, in his arms to the open doors of the gym. We went slow, because Edward must have sensed that this dress wasn't safe.

"I'm evil," he breathed into my ear, "Are at least trying to be."

My laugh sounded like bells even to my own ears as we reached the gym, everyone gasped and stopped to stare at us. Mike was ogling, he had dropped Jess and she was laying on the floor. Angela was smiling blissfully and waved at me. I winked and waved back at her. Edward whistled softly as I spotted Alice and Jasper over siting at a table covered in paper jack-o-laterns.

"Want to go sit down or dance?" he asked my quietly.

My answer was too quick, "Sit!"

His crooked smile broke across his face and I found myself quited dazed, "I thought so," he led me over to their table.

"Bella!" Alice squealed, only having seen me moments before but still joyous to see me, "Look at you!"

Rasing an eyebrow, I already knew what I looked like. Edward held a chair out for me and I sat down with a smirk. Such a gentleman. Jasper's eyes were smiling as was his mouth, "You know, I think we should dance."

"Why?" them simple question popped out of my mouth.

The three vampires snickered, "Emmett is going to crash the party."

"He's not in here, yet?" my eyes were wide.

"Nope," Alice shook her head, "But he will be, any second now..."

Oh my god, my mind was racing. They were crazy, Emmett was crazy. This was going to be good. Laughing to myself, I stood as gracefully as possible and took off my shaw. Edward's eyes were wide, was I that agile? Hell no. He pursed his lips and came over at human speed; taking me by the hand, he led me to the dance floor. The Cullen house was decorated a thousands times better than here. I felt sorry for myself and the other people that were in the school, actually.

Once on the dance floor, Edward lifted me onto his feet and twirled, the music was slow enough even though he was doing something like the waltz. Like I even minded, I gazed up into his lovely ocher eyes and sighed contently. His crooked smile made my heart leap into my throat as he bent down, "Can you be anymore perfect?" Was I supposed to answer his question? The black around his eyes drove me insane; it popped them out perfectly. Alice did an awesome job. I grinned at him and his eyes shifted behind me.

"Dammit it, why does he pick now?" Edward muttered and started going farther off.

I guessed it was Emmett's time to shine. Suddenly, I heard the music shut off and the mic being ripped from someone's hand. There was a loud "Hey kid, put that down!" but that was sharply cut off. A few coughs to clear his throat and he started talking into the mic, "Hello everybody and welcome to the Fork's High Halloween Dance of 2006," Emmett's voice sounded like a high pitched woman.

Rumbles of laughter issued through the room before he began again, "This year, in order to raise money for the new children's hosptial wing, the school is sponsering a fashion walk off. The main person to bid on: me."

Now the crowd was really chuckling. A few guys yelled "We'll pay to see you walk!" and "I want to try!" But Emmett didn't wait. He threw the mic down and Rosalie was there, waiting to catch it. Carlisle had carefully shoved the DJ out of the way and gave a white smile before blasting Panic! At the Disco's "Time to Dance". Awesome taste in music, Carlisle!

Strutting down the main floor -people parted for him- Emmett actually knew how to walk. But, his shoulders were too bulky, no one could ever mistake him for a woman. Even if they had soap in their eyes and they were squinting through it, you could still tell. Everyone was clapping and whistling, inculding all of the Cullens and I. I heard bids beng yelled out and money being waved. Over the yelling, I heard Esme taking the bids and Alice was writing them down. Shouts of prices being called reached a high amount, it really was for a good cause.

After the price reached over $245, I stopping paying attention. People must have liked his walk. When he was done, the last cost was overwelming. Now, there were calls for Rosalie. She shrugged and muttered something to Emmett, who faked his heaving breaths. He nodded and beamed. The music now had changed to Kill Hannah's "Lips like Morphine" and she gave an inspiring catwalk. Emmett was waving his hands in the air and playing along. Some of the students started dancing now while still bidding. This was surprisingly fun.

When she was done, the price had at least tripled Emmett's winning bid. Chanting Edward's name, I nudged him to the center. He hesitated, but then complied and gave me a puppy dog look that I almost gave into. Quickly, while still at human pace, he went up to Carlisle. Whatever he said made Carlisle shake his head fast and switch songs. "Dead on Arrival" from Fall Out Boy came on and my mouth dropped at Edward. He jabbed his thumbs through his belt loops and sauntered himself sexily. My god, I was gawking at my angel; this exprenice was priceless. All the girls were yelling out outrageous number in an uproar, I found myself screaming one thousand. Don't ask me why, but I couldn't stop. Edward's face brightened when he heard and saw me, when he stopped suddenly, he swept over and kissed me full on the lips. There were sighs and angry grunts from the feminine congregation; it was comical.

Whispering in my ear, "Let's leave for a while," Edward took my hand and we were heading outside.

The car was waiting for us, he held the door for me and then zoomed over to start it sooner than I could comprehend. That was normal. The glow of the dashbored lit up his face seductively, I had to physically make myself stop staring. "Hungry?" he caught me off guard.

My stomach answered for me, "Yes."

"I thought so," the smile that graced his face made me want to drool, "Mexican?"

Actually, that sounded really good, "How did you know?" my voice was incredulous.

"Hmm..." he trailed off, "I suppose you could say a little birdy told me."

"Alice had a vision?"

"Aw, you figured it out."

"I love you, but geez! Sometimes I think you think I'm totally stupid!"

Edward laughed melodically and patted my hand, "No my dear," he paused, "Your one of the smartest humans I know. As well as the most beautiful."

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