Night Life Is Not The Life For Me

By: Demsa

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Chapter Two: Seeing Pink

The tall redhead cocked an eyebrow as he set eyes on the new manager. His blonde hair and blue eyes sure didn't come from his old man, that's for sure. He was baffled at how young he looked, probably not even old enough to drink.

"Is he even old enough to be here?" shouted Marluxia to Axel, who was beside him, and Zexion, standing in front of himself.

The new manager, Roxas as Tseng stated, coyly walked off the stage, letting the dancing resume once more. Zexion poked his friends and motioned to the tables opposite of the bar, safely away from the music.

Axel sighed, as much as he loved the pumped feeling he got from just being in the club, he was glad to take a short breather. With their youngest buddy leading, they made their way to the tables, the people in their way parted, knowing who they were.

The three were famous in the club. Axel with his hot moves on the dance floor, Marluxia with his impeccable fashion sense (Some say it was better then most girls in the whole town.), and Zexion for his so-called mysterious demeanor. The trio were regulars and were familiar with almost everyone else that went there, it was a medium sized town.

Zexion, being Zexion, chose to sit at the table in the corner, away from the stereotypical, gossiping girls and drunken guys using cheesy pick-up lines. The tables were clear glass, not good since fights were common in clubs, but the fights usually happened in the dance floor and the tables were a nice distance away from there. Each took a silver chair and plopped down.

"So, what do you think of him?" asked Marluxia, curious to see what his friends thought.

"He looks younger then me." Zexion answered.

"Jealous?" Axel sneered, grinning as he did so.

"No. Just answering his question." Zexion said, killing Axel's fun.

"Well, what do you think, Axel?" Marluxia repeated. "I think that he might just give the job to Tseng, he doesn't look right for the job."

Nodding his spiky head, Axel said, "Yeah, for once, I think you are probably right. He's barely going to do shit around here anyways."

"Aren't you faithful?" Zexion muttered.

"Hm? You think he'd do well then, Zex?" Marluxia asked, resting his chin on his hands.

"Do not call me Zex. I just think that we should give him a chance. He might be a better fit then Pops." Pops was the nickname for the old manager; he said that he liked it better then 'Mr. Garret'. No one questioned Pops and only the club-goers (And Reno.) ever called him that. With that nickname, no one felt uncomfortable around him. Naturally, most people would start to get nervous around the head honcho of Twilight's Edge, one wrong move around him and their asses could be kicked, tossed, and bruised out of the club, but not with Pops.

"What do you mean?" Axel asked, arching an eyebrow. He leaned back in his chair; he wanted to hear this one.

"What I mean is that he might be more organized and not be so lax with the rules. I don't know if you have noticed, but a lot of the rules were being twisted and sometimes completely ignored." Zexion stated.

"How so?" Marluxia asked.

Turning is lilac head, Zexion said, "I bet you two drinks that you don't know three rules of the club."

A smirk emerged on Marluxia's face. "All right. Three rules for two drinks, that doesn't sound half bad. Okay, here are your three rules, Zex." He held out his right hand and started to count off rules. "I know one says that no sex is permitted, stripping is taboo, and you must have a designated driver"

Zexion scowled, Marluxia was correct and it didn't please him that he listed the more common rules. Biting his tongue, he regretted not bumping it up to ten. Slowly, Zexion got up from his seat, but was stopped by Axel.

"Hey, how 'bout I get the drinks? Just give me the money. They might not give you anything stronger then water by the way you look." He snickered as he stood up.

Zexion glowered at Axel, but sat back down. He didn't feel like going all the way to the bar. After pulling out a couple of bills, he slipped them into Axel's long fingers and watched the redhead leave.


Axel took the quickest route to the bar, going straight through the mass of teens. Everyone moved out of his way, giving him longing stares as he strutted by. As he proceeded to the crowd, he kept an eye out for anyone familiar. Lately, some of his other friends hadn't been coming and Axel was curious to see where they could possibly be.

One of the people he checked for was Larxene. She was one year younger then he and could also be considered a regular. She had blonde hair that was always slicked back whenever she went out, only letting to strands escape the sticky constraint. Axel met her in Twilight's Edge a few months ago when she first moved to town, her strong personality made her stick out immediately. The two became close friends and always fooled around with each, but it never got farther then that. A few days ago, she stopped coming to the club and Axel missed her sarcastic company.

Quickly Axel turned his head, thinking that he had seen another missing friend. But it wasn't. He thought he had spotted Riku, the youngest friend. Riku was only seventeen, but got into the club by his fetching good looks and quick tongue. His eyes were like an ocean, they could quickly go from calm to stormy without warning. One would think that coming from an island his skin would be more tan, but it was actually pretty light and now it was almost pale from the years confined in the town. Riku had the only ego that could compete with Axel's, which amused everyone. He too had not shown up in the club, maybe he had finally been caught.

He shook his redhead, dismissing his worries. As the bar came in sight, lo and behold Mr. Kid Manager was sitting alone there. Axel changed his direction slightly and headed toward Roxas.

"Hey there, Mr. Manager." Axel said. He sat down on the chair next to Roxas and propped his elbows behind him on the counter.

After a few seconds of silence, the teen replied back. "Hey." The only answer he gave to Axel. Roxas wasn't excited to talk to the redhead and both knew it. A thick silence coated the two at the bar. Roxas kept his cool demeanor, but Axel was getting impatient with the barkeeper. Said barkeeper was currently chatting with some girl.

Axel let out an annoyed sigh, stupid blonde. He meant more then one person with that thought. He leaned lazily on the bar as he waited for the barkeeper to get his ass over to him. As he waited he tried to recall the barkeeper's name. Axel could remember the previous barkeeper's name, Xigbar. Xigbar had quit a few months ago, giving the job to the closet thing he had to an apprentice, the current barkeeper. The one thing Axel knew for sure about the current barkeeper was that he and Xigbar had a relationship, but broke it off. The reasons behind the break up were unknown, but Axel's guess was that the sex got boring.

Axel heard a scuffling sound next to him and found that Roxas had gotten up.

"Later." Roxas whispered.

"Eh, later, kid." Axel said, still leaning on the bar. He waved to Roxas, but Roxas was already lost in the crowd.

That darn barkeeper was still chatting animatedly with the girl. With a small lift of his right wrist, he checked his watch, ten O' clock. His blue eyes widen slightly, Axel thought that only twenty minutes had passed.

"Hey," Axel called to the barkeep. He didn't care now about politeness. The barkeep turned away from the girl and rushed over to Axel.

"Oh! I'm sorry! What can I get for ya?" The barkeep asked with a huge smile.

"Just get me two drinks. Make 'em Cokes."

"'Kay." He went over to his little storage area and got Axel's two drinks. After paying him the munny, not surprised that the money was exact knowing Zexion, and made his way past the party-goers. This night was pretty tame. Only one little spat had happened. That's just no fun. Axel didn't like this and was bored.

"Hey, let's go." Axel said once he got back to his friends.

"What? But the night, she is still young!" Marluxia dramatically said.

"Fine, I'll go home. You guys can stay, if you want."

"Why do you want to leave so soon?" Zexion asked. He sipped his drink and frowned. He had wanted Sierra Mist. Axel smirked at Zexion's frown; he had done it on purpose.

"It's boring."

"How are you going to get home?" Marluxia asked.

"With my two legs, idiot. I don't live all that far." Axel answered.

"All right. Bye, Axel." Zexion said. He passed his Coke over to Marluxia, Zexion didn't want the drink.

"Yeah, bye, Axel." Said Marluxia.

"See you guys later." Axel said, walking away. The song changed to another Cascada mix as Axel left the club.

The night was humid. There were a few clouds in the sky, occasionally tickling the waxing moon. The stars looked smaller to Axel. He took a deep breath and exhaled. The walk home would be a quite one.

Axel made his way to the sidewalk and stepped on something. He looked down and with the bright lights from the club he saw that the paper was pink. For a second, Axel wondered about the paper, but let the thought go. But it wasn't good to liter. The paper wasn't Axel's litter though. He can't just leave. Yes he can. Axel stood there, debating on whether or not to pick it up.

Finally, he picked up the paper and then found that it was more then one paper. It was a bunch stapled together. Wanting to read it in a better light, Axel decided to hold on to it. The moon watched him on his way home.


His apartment was mundane. Nothing abnormal about it except for the owner himself. The carpet was brown, but a rug, side table, and the couch covered most of it. Axel's room contained a king sized bed that he had since he the seventh grade. Besides that were his drawers and then his closet, filled with scrapbooks and other memories.

Axel flopped down on his couch and turned the TV on. Flipping on the lamp on top of the side table, he began to read the papers he picked up. It didn't take long until Axel let out a laugh. He recognized it now that his foot wasn't on top of it.

It was a play that the high school was putting on. He remembered it well since he had gone to it every year when he was in high school. It was fun. It was better in his senior year when Zexion got a part in the play as the scruffy bad guy who had to do a fight with three other guys. The best part was that the fight was choreographed to a song and during the final fight, when the song crescendos, Zexion's opponent's sword broke. It was hilarious.

After flipping through the pages, he finally took the time to thoroughly read the front page that listed the parts. Since the play had a renaissance theme, there was a king, queen, and princess. Then there was an assortment of lords and ladies, followed by the squires, jesters, and peasants.

If he remembered correctly, Marluxia was offered to be a peasant who passed out flowers. Marluxia's father and mother shot that idea down so fast that it made everybody's head spin. They still haven't given up on their quest to ensure Marluxia will marry a woman. Or at least bang one. Good luck you'll need it, Axel almost had said to them once.

There were some parts circled in pen, Lord Byron, the Jester, and Lord Boswell. Axel guessed that whoever owned this script was going to try out for those parts. Axel wondered who would want those particular parts, but then he spotted a name in the top right corner.

"Now this is a nice surprise." Axel mused. The script was the new manager's. It belonged to Roxas. "I should return it when I go back tomorrow."

He let out a yawn and walked to his bed. He set the script on top of his dresser and smiled as he settled in his bed. Axel made a mental note to be sure and tell Marluxia and Zexion of his discovery. It looks like the play doesn't want to let them go just yet.


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