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Both ChibiSamiSala and I believe that true love can be found in many shapes and forms, even ones that are looked down upon. And we think that if in some parallel universe where Sam and Danny were cursed to be blood relations, they'd still find love. Because they were made for each other. :3 Now didn't that just bring a tear to your eye?

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Chapter One

18th Birthday

Why did life have to be so complicated?

Samantha 'Sam' Fenton quietly bundled herself against the December wind, her black velvet jacket huddled tight over her body as she buried her nose in her purple striped scarf, trying to stop if from getting any more pink then it already was, her cheeks rosy as the wind stung her milky white skin, raven black hair that contrasted so violently with her flesh and stunning violet eyes, flew about half wildly, obscuring her vision slightly. She tried to swat it back down, having long since lost the hair tie that had held it up into a ponytail. She sighed, wishing that she had passed her drivers test last week. Despite how run down her brother's car was, it would have been warmer then walking down to that damn book store, just to get a present for the one person she had been head over heels for since the second grade.

Not that he would realize that she had ordered it weeks ago before it even came out just for him, because honestly, she knew it wasn't supposed to be. But it was his birthday today, and she didn't want to go cheap on him, even if he wouldn't see it anymore then a obligated gift.

Love was so complicated, no matter what you did, you couldn't change where it aimed yourself. It just, happened.

Not that her brother helped any, telling her that she'd never get a boyfriend and end up an old woman with eighty hundred cats stuffed in her house as an arsenal against neighboring kids.

She didn't think he knew, but she actually cried herself to sleep the night he told her that, knowing that it was probably true.

Her eldest sister Jazz though, ragged him to death for the little comment, so Danny eventually came into her room and apologized, and promptly got a boot to the face.

It was how things went in The Fenton house hold, with Maddie and Jack Fenton and their three children, 19 year old Jazz, 17 year old Danny, and 14 year old Samantha. There was always some type of war going on, for sure, though normally it was Danny who started them.

Sam rolled her eyes, her cheeks burning a little more at the thought of her brother, and she quietly hugged the package to her chest again, hoping that he would like it, to lost in her little world to watch where she was going.

Moments after she drifted off into her own little dream world, she ran smack into something rather warm and soft to be a light fixture... like those three other times she had done so in the past week, resulting in a small red bruise on her forehead for an hour or so afterwards. "Hey, watch where you're-" The familiar voice groaned, the sound of a rattling trash bag following his annoyed tone. "Oh, Sam... when did you go out?"

The familiar voice brought her out of her reverie, well the collision helped too, and she felt her face burn as she looked up into the face of no other then Daniel Fenton, and she quickly changed her expression to that of aggravation, franticly trying to shove the package inside of her jacket. Speak of the devil... "A while ago, Danny, I...uh...wanted to take a walk... "

The raven-haired boy sighed, rolling his eyes as he put the lid on the trash can and dusting his hands off. "Did you tell mom this time? Or did you 'forget' again?" He raised an eyebrow at her, like he was about to reprimand her. Little sisters...

"I left a note." She said cheerily, trying to back away from him without him noticing the massive bulge at her middle that made her look like she was pregnant with a box. "What do you care anyway? I'm not a little kid, I can go for walks without holding my big brother's hand." She mocked him, grinning playfully as she made it half way too the door. Almost there...and he'd have no idea...

He blinked at her, watching her like she was growing a third arm with every step closer to the door. "Samantha..." He said quietly, before placing his hands on his hips, his gaze obviously fixated on the rather noticeable bulge in the girl's coat. "What are you hiding? If it's another cat, you are not hiding it in my room. I swear I still smell feces in that one corner where the last one left me a 'present'..."

"No no no, I didn't stop by the lab this time." She said innocently. "It's...not gonna tell you!" And wit that she rand through the door, the sound of her stampeding up her stairs and Jazz giving a yelp of indication as she shoved past her reaching his ears.

Danny blinked nonchalantly as he stared at the door, listening to the sounds of her frantically running up to her room. Oh well... if it's something she's not supposed to have, Dad no doubt will find it... especially after that one time she tried to smuggle an ecto-foamer from the basement to help her with her overactive environmentalist protests. "Fourteen years of living with that little enigma," He sighed and walked up the steps, opening the door to Fentonworks. "And I still don't know how that alien brain of hers works." With that, he shut the door behind him, and returned to helping his parents with some last minute chores.

The day went by slowly, Sam carefully wrapping the present so that it looked perfect, with some old wrapping paper from his eighth birthday that their mother kept hidden under her bed in an attempt to keep at least a little bit of her son's childhood with her. She thought it was a cute touch, since it was covered in childish rockets and the like. Danny was the avid NASA enthusiast, ever since Sam had cognate thought, and probably even before. The surprise party would be fun, now, all she had to do was get her brother out of the house for two hours while her parents set up everything for the party. She almost wondered if Danny himself had forgotten that it was his birthday... well, how ever it went, she had to think of a good excuse to drag him off...

There was a faint knock on her door, before a familiar female voice whispered just barely enough to hear. "Sam? You in there?"

"Just a minute!" She said quickly, setting the present aside before unlocking her door, looking up at her older sister curiously. "If you need me to pluck your eyebrows again Jazz, This isn't the time."

"No, no..." She said quickly, grinning as she slipped into her room and closed the door after her. "I thought of a way to get Danny out of the house while we make the preparations. You up to it?"

She arched an eyebrow, nodding as she flopped down on her bed. She and Jazz had very different tastes, while Jazz's room was pink and happy, Sam's was downright Vampiric. It was funny that they got along so well. "Of course. Just give me the details and I'll do my best."

"Well" Her grin grew wider, which probably should have scared her little sister more than a tad. "There's a carnival down at the pier this weekend, right?" She reached out and poked Sam on the nose, announcing her plan like she had thought of a way to end world hunger. "You're going to drag him to it."

Sam blinked, before laughing wildly. "Oh yeah, that's not going to be suspicious at all." She grinned, masking the way her heart was fluttering. Carnival, Carnival, it was almost like a date! She could have flown. "I'll do it, As long as you give me some money do to it."

"Of course, of course..." She sighed and reached into her back pocket, pulling out a pair of twenties and handing them to her sister. "Tell him you really want to see that new haunted house that has the 16 age restriction. That's you're kind of thing... and it would sound like a valid excuse to drag him along since you need supervision."

She nodded, taking the twenties and pocketing it with a little grin. "You want me to drag him out right now? What time do we have to be back?"

"Well, it's 4:00 now." She looked at her watch, then up towards the ceiling thoughtfully. "If we get everyone over here and finish the decorations by 6:00 or 7:00... Yeah, you should probably take him now. We don't want to start the party too late."

She nodded, ruffling through her closet to cover herself in layers. It was cold out, so she knew she was going to need it. A long sleeved shirt, then a sweater, then a vest and then her long jacket, complete with cat ears on the thick hood and a tail that bounced at her knees. She buttoned it up and pulled on her scarf and squirmed her feet into her boots, thick violet stockings covering her legs and a short pleated skirt more for show then for any warmth. "Call me when you're ready Jazz." She said quickly stuffing her wallet into her pocket along with her cell phone, and headed towards her brothers room, not even bothering to knock as she threw open his door.

"AHH!" Danny practically screamed, almost falling off the chair at his computer as he turned to look incredulously at his little sister, a few stray homework papers falling off the desk and onto the carpeted floor. "Damn it Sam, I told you to knock before you barge in like that!"

"Why? Its not like your reading dirty magazines right?" She grinned maliciously, before stomping over to him and grabbing his wrists, dragging him towards her. "Come on Danny, I need you."

He blushed faintly, before standing to his feet, and ripping his hand away from hers. "I was not looking at dirty magazines!"

"You were weren't you!" She crowed, laughing. "Oh you are so dead, I'm going to tell dad and he's going to tear your room apart. All your secret's be out in the open!"

"I SAID I WASN'T!" He repeated, his face turning crimson. "I was working on my senior lit project! You just startled me by barging into my room like that!"

"Uh huh." She crossed her arms, her voice almost sing song. "I'm going to tell dad...that is, if you don't help me out tonight."

"God dammit..." Danny groaned loudly, rubbing the back of his head as he glared at the floor, then slowly, towards his little sister. "Fine. What do you want?"

"You seeee" She played dumb. "There's this Haunted house down on the pier, in that carnival that came last week? It's got an age limit, unless your 16, you need supervision. Something about developing minds and all that." She rolled her eyes.

"And you think I'll take time off the precious weekend to take you to some stupid haunted house... why?" He asked blankly, looking non too amused.


"AHH! What the Hell are you doing!" He quickly jumped forward, slapping his hand over her mouth in a panic. "Sam! Oh no..." But it was too late... he already heard the pounding footsteps of his father ascending the stairs and running to his room.

"SAMMY!" Came their father's thundering voice, and he burst into the room, looking around wildly. "Did someone hurt you? Was it a ghost?"

Sam gave a muffled yelp behind her brother's hand, trying to pull it free enough for her to talk. "Oh no, I just wanted to tell you that Danny's going to be taking me out to the carnival. Right, Danny?"

The raven-haired boy growled under his breath, glaring at Sam one last time before cracking a horribly forced smile up at his father. "Yeah... we were about to leave..." He said through fritted teeth.

"Oh." Jack said slowly, before catching on, amazingly, keeping his big mouth closed about the surprise party. "Well then have fun kids! If you see any ghosts, just give me a call." He lumbered out of the room, muttering something about ectoplasm.

"So..." Sam said cheerfully, "Let's go."

"I hate you." His blue eyes narrowed at her dangerously.

"I love you too, big brother." She said in a sickeningly sweet voice, while inside her conscious wailed in horror at his words. "Come on, you're driving." And with that she dug through the piles of clothing in his closet, tossing him a few layers. "The ride opens in like 10 minutes, let's go!"

"Yeah, yeah..." He mumbled, and pulled his coat on over his shoulders.

A carnival… how bad could it be?


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