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Ratings: PG

Genre: General

Warnings: Some twisted-ness

Main Characters: Muraki and Tsuzuki

Additional Notes: There are some literary references, but don't worry I'll explain them at the end. Ugh…this is what I get for reading classics…

A Heaven of Hell

The twilight was nearly black as it silhouetted the two forms against the crimson-violet of the dying sun. Tsuzuki faced Muraki, a demon facing an angel. But who is the angel here? Muraki was at ease, watching the shinigami through slitted eyes. He smiled softly, sickly, and turned without a word to disappear down the alley. Tsuzuki took a step forward, gritting his teeth. "Muraki!"

Muraki paused, turning slightly. "Yes, Tsuzuki-san? Is there something you want?"

A shuddered raced down the shinigami's spine. "Why?" he asked, eyes downcast now. "Why do you do this?"

Muraki's cruel smile only widened. "Better to reign in Hell, than serve in Heav'n'," he answered quietly, his hands shoved deep in his pockets. His silver eyes nearly sparkled in the dim, failing light. "I follow no orders here. I am my own master. Are you?"

Amethyst eyes narrowed as Tsuzuki bared his teeth again. "You murder! Innocent lives, all gone because of you!"

"All freed because of me." Muraki continued to smile. "It is the perspective that kills us, Tsuzuki-san." He came toward the shinigami, slowly advancing, and Tsuzuki tensed but didn't move; the doctor gently caressed Tsuzuki's cool cheek, still smiling as he whispered quietly in Tsuzuki's ear, "Don't you know, Tsuzuki-san? 'The mind is its own place, and in itself, can make a Heaven of Hell, a Hell of Heaven.'"

"I don't believe you!"

A soft laugh was Muraki's response. "I believe that you've said that to me before."

"I want to save people!" growled Tsuzuki. "Is that so wrong? Even you should understand it, Doctor."

The smile was gone from that pale face now and Muraki had gone still. "I understand, Tsuzuki-san, better than most, your dilemma. It is the same as mine was then. I know how painful it is."


Muraki shook his head. "Fundamentally, Tsuzuki-san, we were the same person. We are the epitome of good and evil, to be trite. But the pain depends on how we perceive ourselves." Tsuzuki frowned, backing harshly out of Muraki's grasp; the doctor merely continued. "I see what I do as a saving grace from the horrors this world holds, and you see what you do as stealing them away from all that is good. How you see it is your choice."

Tsuzuki shuddered, looking away over the rooftops. "Muraki…"

Muraki nodded slightly. "I'm afraid, Tsuzuki-san, I must return to my practice in Tokyo. My patients need attention. Farewell." He was gone in moments, but long after Muraki had left, Tsuzuki stayed, waiting. Then the sun, at last, lost its battle with the night and sank beneath the jagged peaks of mountains as amethyst eyes watched.


A/N: Well, that was really short. The literary references I was referring to are two lines Muraki says:"Better to reign in Hell…" and "The mind is its own place…" The lines come from John Milton's epic poem, Paradise Lost. Both lines are said by Satan. On another note! I hope you enjoyed it. I'm afraid it wasn't very good, but I tried. Please be gentle—I wrote this in thirty minutes, so I'll probably change it eventually. Please, tell me what you think and review!