Part I



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A/N: This story is what I think may have happened during the year Hagi and Saya were missing; it takes place just after Red Shield's headquarters blows up till the time we see them in the streets of London. I hope you enjoy it. This is dedicated to my Imoto-chan to whom I'm indebted for introducing me to this fantastic anime series. Kampai, Imoto-chan.

Hagi broke the surface of the water, slate colored eyes already searching for Saya, his cello case a negligible weight. He could hear the sounds of the fire aboard the sinking ship along with the calls from the other Red Shield members searching for more survivors of the explosion. He tread water, turning this way and that in search for the one who meant more to him than anything else in his world. He finally made out her form a short distance away and swam to her. "Saya," he called out to her softly. She was unconscious but he felt her strong pulse underneath his fingers and bringing her closer, could feel her warm breath against his water chilled skin. He breathed a sigh of relief; he knew she could survive serious injury from all his years spent with her, but he hated seeing her injured nonetheless. He moved onto his back so he could cradle her on his chest and she would be mostly out of the cold water. He looked down and saw she clutched her sword, her grasp tight even in her unconscious state.

They drifted for a bit and Hagi was brought out of his deep thoughts by a life raft coming along side them, "Let us take her, sir." A young Red Shield member said to him as two others leaned out to take his precious Saya from him. He watched with careful scrutiny as they maneuvered her into the raft and covered her with a blanket. They then reached out to him and helped him into the raft as well. He settled and took Saya back into his arms, every protective instinct on high, not even trusting others to care for her. He looked down into her pale but peaceful face, knowing when she awoke the full extent of her loss would darken everything.

As they made their way to shore, Hagi grimaced when Saya shifted. His own wounds were still healing and the swim in the salt water had not helped. The wound in his abdomen was the worst and still bled a bit. He turned his study to Saya; she had numerous scratches and scrapes, not to mention a bruise along her hairline. What most concerned him was she was not healing as quickly as she should have been. Normally, the injuries she had would have healed in mere minutes. He turned his attention back to the others as a couple of them jumped out to pull the raft the rest of the way onto the beach. He reluctantly handed Saya over but as soon as he was firmly on his feet, he took her into his arms, his cello case securely on his shoulder.

In the ensuing chaos of marine rescue arriving along with the rest of the life rafts coming ashore, no one noticed a tall figure with an instrument case on his shoulder, carrying a young woman slip away into the night.

End Part I