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The Goblin King

"You hold no power over me!" Sarah's words tore my hold on her to shreds, throwing it to the vast universe without a care in the world. I felt my body spin into utter chaos as she returned to her world, her baby brother safe in his bed, even her new friends given a link to move between my realm and hers. I received nothing for all that I'd done for her. No smile, no hug…not even a thankful kiss for letting come so far, for not intervening. She celebrates now inside her room; my people adore her, give her all she could ever ask for. Did she give anything in return? To them, she gave her love, when the one who truly loved her for the dreamer she was, got only a cold glare and steely eyes.

She did give me one thing…I learned that I could never hope to receive the love she'd always been given. It doesn't matter how powerful I am; her will was stronger still. Her raven hair and rich eyes were too majestic for my pitiful beauty to ever aspire to. Her heart, so warm and welcoming, made mine look like a rusty trap begging for a catch. I pulled my wings close to my body, and with a soft hoot, flew away in silent despair. I had dared to woo a human woman, dared to love her in a way no one else had, and I lost her love from the moment I defied her. Pain knows many avenues, and I've traversed nearly all those excruciating paths, but none was quite ever so horrible as the one I soared upon that long and lonesome night, wracked with tears, yet unable to cry.

I barely noticed the shift between worlds, flying through a haze of dark anger and shattered dreams. It was little Berenda that called me back to myself, quite literally, her concern for her foolish king overriding her fear of my wrath. She was half out of my suite window, crying my name to the four winds without heed, trying to persuade me down from my lofty perch in the starlight. Heaving a sigh, I floated down and landed, transforming quickly.

She led me blindly to my bed, bustling around with night clothes and blankets, virtually stripping me to the skin as she got me ready to sleep off my heartsickness and my failure. I sighed again, and dismissed her gently.

"B-but Your Highness…"

"I'll be fine, Berenda. You need your sleep; your littles won't appreciate a tired momma, nor me for making you so. Go on, now…" She left with a nod and a bow, taking with her my leftover clothing before I could say no. I stood, and went over to the window, remembering those last words Sarah had given to me. She was so strong, so willing to keep going, even when her memory was gone and her will weakened. She knew who she needed to find, who she wanted to find. She would have been an incredible wife, and a legendary queen.

But, that was not what she wanted. And yet, I don't blame her not taking me. I was the villain, the evildoer; she was the heroine, brave and true. Would she have believed me? That I wanted to love her, for more than just looks or lust? Would she have let me court her then, free of babysitting and school, no more stepmothers or uncaring fathers? Would she have been willing to give to me what I gave to her?

I do not know…and I probably never will. But, is it so wrong to want to love someone, and be loved in return? Perhaps for the monstrous Goblin King, it is…

How you turned my world, you precious thing
You starve and near exhaust me
Everything I've done, I've done for you
I move the stars for no one
You've run so long
You've run so far
Your eyes can be so cruel
Just as I can be so cruel
Though I do believe in you
Yes I do
Live without the sunlight
Love without your heartbeat
I, I can't live within you
I can't live within you
I, I can't live within you

The curtains fell back as Emily struggled with the window, rain streaming down her hair and face as she pulled it back in. She shivered when it closed; she was soaked to the bone and chilled to boot. She clamped down on her chattering teeth, though, and slipped her shirt over her head. The apartment wasn't meant for six people, three of which were rambunctious two-year-olds that went around harassing the neighbors and destroying property. Emily sighed and fished around under her blankets for another shirt, preferably a clean one. Her black poet's tunic was her prize, and she shrugged it on, tightening the laces just enough to avoid the glares from her aunt. The woman had a problem with every little thing that Em did for herself, insisting that half of her paltry paycheck go to their expenses.

Emily sighed and slowly fell to the beaten and broken-backed couch that was her bed, and coincidentally, her room as well. Her gifts for Christmas were mostly on her back; the rest spent on food, but not for herself; those little brats inhaled everything into their squalling mouths and swallowed it whole. Her jeans, her warm sheepskin boots, her tunic, they were all she really had to her own.

Well…there is one other thing. Around her neck hung a pure crystalline droplet, faceted to produce a myriad of brilliant hues and colors. She touched it gently as it rested on her bound breasts; her aunt never saw fit to acknowledge her age, so at seventeen, her bosom had to be wrapped with a ragged blanket torn into strips that she could tie around her washboard body. The crystal sang out a little as did so, sweetly, yet so quiet that it might have been a far off bird call. Em had always known it was magical, a little piece of that wonderful elixir that haunted her dreams and rippled beneath her nightmares; a steady presence, a calming force of nature.

She pulled the strings tight over it, though, because those monstrous brats came roaring in, demanding food and toys and a playmate that had to do what they said. They called her so many vile and cruel names that she just ignored them for the most part, but her ears stayed open for any taunts or angry orders her uncle might throw her way. Just as she was sure that all was well, and that she'd manage to actually sleep through the night, her uncle strutted through the door, his ugly face split in a truly horrifying grin. She shrank away from him as his beer-laden breath rolled over her face, as he smirked and pressed his body against her slender form.

She fought back the scream of terror and tried not to throw up as he slid his greasy fingers down her pants, savagely tearing a hole in her lip as he thrust into her, again and again and again, until he was at last sated. His horse-faced wife had already taken the brats to bed, and was waiting for her turn under his horrid affections.

Emily sank to the floor, defeated again. Tears flowed in a steady stream down her face, clouding the crystal below her throat, choking her sobs in a bittersweet waterfall. She pulled her clothes back on, and swallowed the biting rage and despair, reaching her tiny bed and pulling out a much loved book. Her tome of 'The Labyrinth' fell open right where she had left off. In this part, Jareth was contemplating the princess' will and his undeniable attraction to her ferocity and fire. Em touched the worn pages and fought not to burst into tears again.

"I wish the Goblin King would take me away from this hellish apartment…I wish he'd love me, like in the story…" She let those few words slip out, and fell into darkness…

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