Disclaimer: Characters do not belong to me. I'm merely borrowing from the Great J. K. Rowling, except of course for the two characters that aren't actually from the HP books.

A/N: Thought of this while sitting in summer school. Whatever Viktoria "says" will be in '. There will also be flashbacks and the story is out of sequence so if you don't like that I don't suggest you read, though I think this will be a good story and not too hard to follow.

Summary: The life and times of Viktoria Lupin, to put it simply. To elaborate, it tells of her relationship with Sirius, Severus Snape, the estrangement from her beloved brother and much more.

Silent Beauty

Prologue: The Vik twins

"What's with the kids?" Sirius asked as he walked over to Remus on the platform of Kings Cross Station. Standing beside Remus was a thin girl that seemed to be about 11 (only about 2 years younger then him) and on the other side was a boy that seemed to be the same age. Both had Remus' light brown hair and amber eyes.

"They're my bother and sister, Viktoria and Viktor. They're starting their first year," Remus said, making Sirius sure that he was right when he guessed that they were twins. Viktoria's hair was very straight and that was just shy of reaching the small of her back. She had a beautiful little face and a wonderful smile. Viktor had his hair just past shoulder length and looked just like Viktoria, but his features seemed more masculine and unlike his sister he seemed very serious.

"I didn't know you had a brother and sister," Sirius said as he looked at the boy and girl with more interest. Remus never really spoke of his home life.

"Well he wouldn't, would he? He doesn't like either one of us very much," Viktor said as he looked at Sirius. Remus looked over at Viktor, he had to admit that Viktor was half right. He loved Viktoria with every fiber of his being, but he wasn't particularly fond of Viktor. Viktor never forgave him for what he did to Viktoria, which was ironic because Viktoria didn't even blame him for it.

"That's not true," Remus said through his somewhat tight lips as he turned his gaze back to Sirius who was staring at the silent Viktoria. Viktoria was staring at him as though she were trying to see into his soul.

Viktoria turned around and tugged on Viktor's shirt. Before him appeared glowing green letter saying, 'We should give Remus and his friends sometime to talk,' before turning back to Remus. Before Remus appeared the same glowing green letters, but they said something else. 'We'll see you later, don't worry, we'll be fine,' Viktoria gave Remus a quick hug before walking away holding Viktor.

Sirius looked at Remus questioningly. "She hasn't spoken a word since she was five. She disappeared for about a year and when she finally got back she wouldn't talk," Remus said, he refused to mention the fact that it was his fault she'd disappeared.

"Is she capable of talking?" Sirius asked. Remus shrugged.

"I don't know, but she used to."