A Close Call

What if the yacht Logan and Rory stole belonged to Tristan Dugrey?

Rory sighed, looking bored. She and Logan had been waiting for twenty minutes for a police officer to come in and give them information. After all, the had just commited "grand theft boating"
Logan was shocked. His Rory had commited a felon. And now they were in jail and she looked... bored. There was no panic, no realization of their misdeeds. And Logan had to wonder. What was wrong?
"Ace?" He asked, turning to face her
"What's up?"
She turned toward him, puzzled look on her face, "What do you mean?"
"We were arrested" He said slowly
"I'm not two, Logan. I'm well aware" She said, getting annoyed
"Why aren't you freaking out!" He shouted
Just as she was about to answer, the door opened and a cop came in.
"Ms. Gilmore, Mr. Huntzberger?" He asked
Logan nodded and Rory just raised an eyebrow.
"Do you realize what you did?" The man asked, sitting down
"Who's boat was it?" Rory asked back, ignoring the question
Logan looked at her strange
"That is unimportant, Ms. Gilmore" The cop coughed, blushing slightly
She raised another eyebrow, "Really? 'Cause I think it is"
"The boat belonged to a," The cop checked the file in front of him. His eyes widened in shock, "Mr. Tristan Dugrey" He said
Rory nodded, seemingly satisfied
"You may not know this, but the Dugreys are incredibly influential members of-" The man was cut off
"I am a Huntzberger and she is a Gilmore. We are well aware of the Dugrey status"
"Does he know?" Rory asked out of the blue
"Excuse me?" The man asked. Rory was getting weird looks from everyone
"Does he know that we are the ones that stole the boat? Does he know our names?" Rory clarified
"Of course!" The cop said indignantly
"Don't say anything" She advised Logan
"Wha...?" He said, confused
"Now, listen here, missy!" The policeman yelled getting angry when the door burst open.
The cop stopped and stared in shock, "Mr... Mr. Dugrey!"
Tristan merely nodded, not taking his eyes off the couple, "I want all charges dropped and wiped from record" He said
"What? That's not possible and besides they stole-" The man said
"I'm well aware of what they did!" Tristan yelled, finally focusing his gaze on the man, "Do it" He ordered
The cop scampered away to do as bid as Tristan sat down
"So..." He trailed
Logan started, "Why are you dropping the charges?"
"Why did you steal my boat?" Tristan asked in exchange
"I needed to be away from everything" Rory murmured.
"I can understand that." Tristan nodded, "But next time, Mar? Use your own boat?"
Rory grinned, "Yeah, sure, Bible Boy"
They all walked out, Logan confused. As soon as Tristan left he asked
"How do you know him? The Dugreys are big Old Money. Bigger than the Huntzbergers"
"We're...old friends..." She just said in a tone that said drop it.
They walked out of the station, "Next time? Can you tell me why we're commiting a felony before we actually do it?"
"I make no promises" Rory giggled.