Mini Golf

Rory and Paris go play mini golf and run into Logan, Colin and Finn. An argument insues.

"Why are we mini-golfing again?" Rory asked her friend Paris

"Terrence says I need to do more friendly sports. It was either this or volleyball"

Rory walked up to the boy working at the counter and asked, "What balls do you have?"

Paris snorted her laughter behind her as Rory hid a smirk.

"Ex...excuse me?" The boy asked, eyes wide

Just as Rory was about to repeat herself a voice called over

"Ace!" Logan said as he walked up to her, Colin and Finn trailing behind.

"What are you doing here?" She asked

"Finn got bored. 'Nough said" He replied, grinning roguishly

"Ah" She nodded before asking, "What color balls do you have?"

Logan choked and Finn burst out laughing as Paris and Colin chuckled.

"I assume you mean golf balls, Ace" Logan replied looking amused

"He's got blue balls" Colin answered, snickering

"Have you seen them?" Paris asked this time, causing Colin to stop snickering and Finn to howl out in laughter again.

"Yes, I have seen Logan's GOLF balls." Colin muttered, truning red

"What about you Finn?" Rory asked

Finn finally stopped laughing. He smirk and wiggled his eyebrows at her, "I dunno. Wanna check 'em for me, luv?"

Paris made a grossed out face and Rory replied smiling, amused, "I think we'll pass"

"Are you sure, luv. I guarentee, you won't ever see anything like my balls?"

"Why? Are you deformed?" Paris asked causing everyone else to laugh and Finn to pout.

"You're the doctor. You tell me" He tried again

"I'm Pre- Med. Not a doctor, yet. Would you like me to find one for you though. There are many back street doctors out there. But then again, you probably knew that already. With all the women you probably impregnated..." Paris snapped

"Jealous?" Finn asked

Paris scoffed harshly, "As if"

"Seriously, guys. Rory interrupted, "I really do just want to know what color your balls are. I can't decide between pink or purple..."