Moon Song

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I don't won Sailormoon. But it would be cool if I did:

Summery: The Earth and Moon kingdoms have been at war with one another for a long time. But htings are about to change, for the moon princess nad the earth prince agree to get married in order to end the war. But will a cold hearted princess learn to love a man who is in love with another woman. And will that man learn to love a woman who never shows any signs of emotions: Read Revie and Find out.

I'm writting this in honor of Hawksong. Read it it's an awsome book. I read it five times. Also Midnight predatore. and Shattered Mirrow:

Chapter1: Moon History:

The Silver Alliance Kingdoms have been at war with the planet Earth since as long as both kingdoms could remember. They have fought for so long that neither kingdom know what started the fight, but neither is willing to give up until all those who died are avenged. The Earth kingdom is strong, strong enough to stand up against the the inner planets for so long. No one knows where the kingdom gets it's power. The moon kingdom has enough power to destroy the entire galaxy , but their powers cannot harm the humans, and for that reason everyone in the moon has to learn how to fight with weapons and their bodies, and because the powers of the Moon people are connected to their emotions, the first thing a child of the Moon learns is to conceal his or her emotions from other. To hold a stone face at the face of danger or anything else.

As a child the moon princess Serena was thought to always keep her emotions hidden. And as a member of the royal family it is crucial that she perfect all of this. Serena as a child was happy, her parents weren't around much but when they were they were king to her and smiled at her at times when no one was around. Her mother singed her to sleep every night until she turned five. Her parents weren't around anymore, her twin Andrew was always with her. In the early mornings after the sun rises, they get picked up by the palace guards to learn how to fight. When together the twins always managed to laugh despite their constant soundings for showing any sighs of emotions. Since scolding wasn't helping the two were separated. Serena would learn to use her magic while her brother learned how to use weapons and his body, and then they switch. The two grew apart and that crushed Serena.

At the age of seven Serena was like all the other Moon people, cold, her face as expressionless as rock. On the day of her eight birthday Serena's guardians were introduced to her. They had been thought the same way Serena has, since they to were princess's from their homelands. Serena was happy that she had someone to talk to, but their conversations were always about politics, and they never once laughed or made jokes.

On Serena's tenth birthday, early in the morning she was woken up by her twin brother dragged into the crystal room where her guardians made a protective circle around her. There was shouts, screams, and the clash of weapons outside. Serena knew what was happening, a war was breaking up at the palace gates. She stayed in the room with Andrew, Mina, Raye, Amy, and Lita for a day, when Serena finally got out she ran towards the battle field. Serena was used to the sight of death, she had lost many people in these types of wars. Her father died a year ago in a war much like this one and she wasn't allowed to even weep for him.

She looked at the battle field and the people who laid there dying. She knew this was to be the moons destiny for all of time until she made a stop to this war one way or the other.

Two years later:

The war was driven far from the palace now. It was in fact on the mountain region of the moon, the battle field was a dusty place. Serena's brother Andrew has gone to war while she was still in training. Serena had fallen ill and therefore missed lot of training. Now she was catching up. Serena sat in her office looking through folders when s messenger came running in.

"Princess, I bear a message from the battle fields. The battle is over both sides have lost a high amount of soldiers. And princess your brother is among those lost in the war." Serena dropped her pen, she looked up at the messenger who's face was blank as he told her that her brother was dead. Serena immediately got on her feet. She went in her room took a cloak, and a sword and went to the palace gates there her friends have transformed in their sailor uniforms and were waiting for her. Serena didn't even notice them. They made a circle and used their teleportation to get to the battle field that was on the other side of the moon. When they landed Serena used her powers to sense her brother's aura. It wasn't there.

"Look for Andrew." She ordered.Her guardians nodded and went to look for the dead prince. Serena was the one who found him and arrow in his heart and a sword wound that ran down from his neck to his stomach. Right next to him was a young man about the same age, with a crystal sword in his heart. The same sword Andrew uses. Here he was the man who killed Andrew and the man who was killed by Andrew.

"May the great goddess Selene protect you, may the great god Apollo set your heart free in his immortal beasts. May your journey to the real of the gods be as smooth as the clouds. Farewell my beloved brother." Serena said over his dead body and the other girl said their own chants and prayers.

"Great goddess I give you my brother. Protect him for me." Serena used her powers and silver light covered her brothers body, he started to disappear into small crystals. She didn't cry, she couldn't cry because if she did then she would be admitting that he was lost to her and he wasn't. Serena turned towards the girls who looked like they were forcing their faces to stay stoned like she was.

"Let's go." They made a circle and left the battle field. Serena was the last heir of the moon kingdoms throne. Her mother was about to retire into the crystal and her brother was suppose to rule but since he died she has to rule.She went to her room to let her guardians tell her mother the bad news. She knew her mother would stay neutral not even showing an ounce of emotion. Serena didn't know how to take this in. She loved Andrew dearly and she didn't know what to do to show that love. She fell asleep thinking of what she should do.


The entire kingdom was gathered to mourn those who have died in the war. A young man stood next to his mother as his mother broke down and cried over a coffin. That day a bunch of soldiers had snuck to the moon and brought back his brother's body. They had buried him along with all the other soldiers they were able to retrieve. He felt the tears in his eyes and went next to his mother as they cried over his brother Aki''s dead body. They were close friends, he was closed friends with all of his siblings but Aki most of all since they were only three years apart.

This was the moon kingdom's fault, but he had heard that the moon kingdom has lost on heir leaving them with just one, like his kingdom. He would end this war. One way or the other.

Thanks again for reading the sorry hoped you enjoyed it. This is my second story the first one is called Moon Dancers and I'm still working on the the next volume" READ AND REVIEW PLEAZE: