Moon Song

Black Diamond:

I don't won SailorMoon. But it would be cool if I did:

Summery: The Earth and Moon kingdoms have been at war with one another for a long time. But things are about to change, for the moon princess nad the earth prince agree to get married in order to end the war. But will a cold hearted princess learn to love a man who is in love with another woman. And will that man learn to love a woman who never shows any signs of emotions: Read Revie and Find out.

I'm writting this in honor of Hawksong. Read it it's an awsome book. I read it five times. Also Midnight predatore. and Shattered Mirrow:

Chapter 16: Revelation

Serena felt the world fall away.

The child.

It was dying.

She had to…she had to save it.

But how.

With all of these people hanging about, there was no way she could save it. She needed them gone…all of them…all of them. They were useless.

They couldn't save her child.

Only she could.

"Get them out." She shouted facing Darien. He looked tormented, as if the world was falling apart. But he did agree. He sent everyone out, as Serena buckled on the bed tearing up.

She then heaped up. Sitting upwards and focusing all of her powers. He could feel it rippling. all around her. The force of her powers were much like a blast of flames that rippled from around her body to her core. He saw the strain in her face, the fear in her eyes as she tried to pump life into their child. Perspiration broke out on her forehead, her hands clenched; fisting the covers, and her teeth sank down deep into her lower lips.

A beat reverberated from her stomach. And he could feel it all the way to his own heart. He held his breath, waited. Not certain if he had fantasized it or if it was actually a heart bit.

Her powers began to pulsate in the rhythm of a small heart-beat. The beat was at first slow, but then it got stronger and stronger, until it stabilized.

Relieved, he sagged against her, leaning his head against hers and letting the tears fall down. She murmured something, but he couldn't hear her.

When he looked up again, she was asleep.

Kissing her forehead, Darien rose to his feet, pulled the blankets over her and exited the room.

He did not know what to do, what to say…Serena had saved their child, but what if it was only temporary. What if…?

"How is she?" Mina asked looking at him, her face sporting the closest thing to concern he had every seen on any of them.

"She is fine. She saved the child, but she will need her rest her powers were depleted." Mina nodded, motioning to the other girls behind her. They all seemed to take the message quite well. They turned away from the door leaving the area entirely, but he had a feeling that they were not going far.

Amy was the only one who remained behind.

"I will need to check her just to be certain that nothing else goes wrong." he nodded, she was the team's medical and technical genius after all. And besides he was about to ask her to do just that. Serena might have saved his child but he could not shake the realization

She walked into the room and left him with his own council.

He would need to make arrangements with regards to the games and the situation. They will of course go on without him, and the people will have to be informed of her condition and that all was aright. But the information would have to be handled with care. He needed someone to spin the perfect tale for his people, he did not want a riot breaking out with people thinking that Serena might have caused the death of his only child, or some other inane idea.

And the perfect person for that was Nephrite, the man was a master at eloquence. He had the ability to captivate the minds and hearts of his peers. When he spoke, people listened, and it helped immensely that he had a face to rival Apollo's.

With clear instruction on what was going on, Darien dismissed Nephrite who immediately went to work. They needed to inform the public by tomorrow.

Malachite was placed in charge as his replacement for the time being; he needed some time to himself. He needed to look after Serena and their baby. The kingdom could wait until its Queen and future ruler was well enough.

Then came the biggest dilemma, informing Serena's people of what had happened.

At first he had been reluctant to inform the Lunarians of Serena's accident not certain that it would elicit any emotions from them at all, but he had thought it unfair to not inform them.

Serena's people deserved to know the state under which their own ruler was in.

He had summoned Jediet and asked him to take one of the Senshis with him as he informed the Queen. Jediet was very attuned to people's emotions and his canny ability to manipulate those emotions made him very useful in this situation. He would know the best way to voice the message. And besides he was the only available man for the job. All of his other Generals were preoccupied with something here.

With everything settled, Darien returned to the room. Amy was just finishing up, she put away something shiny…silver. A Luna medical instrument perhaps and turned to face him.

"The child is fine, healthy…if a little strained. Serena is of course depleted. She will need much rest and nourishment. Nothing to stress her out, otherwise the child might be stressed out and the same thing might happen again." Amy said looking over Serena curiously.

Darien nodded, thanked her as she walked out of the door. He moved back to Serena's bedside, she was in a much better state right now. Her breathing heavy, almost labored but no longer frantic. Her face was smeared with sweat from her earlier break down and there were smears of blood in her hair and all over her body from the pool of blood that had soaked the bed.

With a delated sigh, he moved to the adjoining bathroom. Poured some cold water in a flask and picked up a small washcloth besides the bathing tub. He came back to the room and began to wipe her face clean.

He cleaned her face and her hair. He braided her long hair in two loose braids and then tied the braids together to prevent them from getting soaked again in the blood at the bottom of the bed.

Satisfied with his job, and certain that he could not do any better with her sleeping, he placed the cloth in the flask and returned the flask to the bathroom. He washed the cloth clean and cleaned the towel of blood and grime.

Returning to the room, he removed the covers and picked her up. The bed was soaked through and through with her blood, it needed to be removed and a replacement brought in. He placed her down on his lap after he seated himself in the rocking chair against the bed.

With her head against his chest, he began to remove her wrinkled, blood stained clothes and with the same cloth from earlier- but this time with warm water he had one of the kitchen maids bring up- he began to clean her body of the drying blood.

Satisfied yet again that she was not going to get any cleaner without a proper bath, he laid the towel down and got up with Serena still in his arms.

He could not risk placing her back on the bed, but there was no where else to place her. The only other piece of furniture in the room was the chair and the drawers that kept all of the things the doctor and nurse-mother needed to provide the best care. They also held linen.

With no other option, Darien summoned a rose…he did not like using his powers, especially unnecessarily, it just further emphasized the tragedy of his people's past.

But that did not matter now, Serena needed taking care of. He used his powers to extended the roses stem. It went to the bed and wrapped around the bed and then pulled the mattress off.

With the mattress gone, he would need to replace it with another.

Summoning was not easy. He was not used to it, having refused to practice his magics, he needed to focus, because otherwise instead of summoning a bed, he might summon some entity from a completely different plane of existence. A little flashback of his childhood hick ups came to mind.

Luckily for him, the bed appeared without much trouble. It was tousled, as if someone had just gotten up from it, the pillows shoved to the very edge of the bed and the blankets thrown over the boarder, but it would have to do.

He placed her down on the mattress and covered her up. When she was nicely tucked in the blankets, he moved to fixing the pillows beneath her and the mattress cover as much as he could.

A knock at the door drew him from her side. He opened the door to find several maids standing with platters covered with food.

He moved aside and allowed them to bring the food in. They placed the meals on the small table to the side of the room, and the rest they just deposited atop of the drawers.

"Send someone to pick up this mattress and discard of it." He said to the maids as they left. The girls stopped long enough to curtsy and then were gone.

When a second knock sounded at the door, he immediately opened the door. There were two servant boys, both well built standing there. They bowed and informed him that a maid had sent them to pick up the mattress int he room.

He showed the boys the mattress and instructed them to burn the damnable thing. They nodded, picked up the mattress between the two of them and struggled with it out.

The day was quickly fading out. With Serena's meal untouched hours later he called for the maids to return it to the kitchen with instructions to not have two guards stand outside the door on watch. He also instructed them to have Serena's meals prepared everyday and to bring them up just incase she wakes up.

The guards that they sent up were the same guards that patrolled the stairs leading to his hall. He instructed them to stand watch at the doors and to not let anyone in for the remainder of the night.

Finally with everything settled down, he dragged the rocking chair to her bedside and sat down, taking her cool hands into his, he brought their joined hand to his lips and kissed them tenderly.

The day's events had completely drained him.

He had never been scared before in his entire life. The sight of Serena bleeding…

He was not new to sight of blood. He was a warrior king, and up until several months ago he had been at war with this very woman. So no, blood was not new to him. But to see Serena bleeding. It was as if the world was closing in on him.

He could feel his heart slowly shrinking in on itself. At first he had been too shocked to believe that it was truly happening. Not his Serena. She could not be injured. She was the best fighter he had encountered. There was no way she could be bleeding.

And then the baby.

Their baby.

They had almost lost their baby.

Serena. The grief he had seen in Serena's gaze. The loss of the child would have surely led to her loss as well.

He was frightened now. What would have happened to them if Serena was no longer the mother of his child.

What will happen when she did give birth.

Would she remain and take care of their child like a mother should. Or would she turn away from the child. Would she insist they use a wet nurse. Would she allow some other woman to raise their child was is so costumery with the nobility, or would she implement her Lunarian child rearing methods; he had heard that Lunarian children were raised together, nobles, commoners all of them in battle camps off world. They were raised by warriors, lived and thrived amongst warriors until he day they earn the right to bear the seal of the Protectors.

The loss of the child would have surely been a tragedy for both of them.

But what will happen to them when the child is born?

He banished the thoughts from his mind.

It was not the time to be thinking such forlorn thoughts. Serena was ill and he needed to focus on her.