Title: "The Legacy"
Author: KelliLeanne
Timeframe: Seven years post RoTS
Characters: Leia, Vader, Palpatine, Obi-Wan, Breha Organa
Genre: Angst, Drama, AU
Summary: What if Vader discovered Leia to be his daughter when she was a child? How would she have handled the transition? How would her life have changed?
Disclaimer: I own nothing, Lucas owns everything; I'm just playing with his creations. I promise I'll put them back where they belong when I'm finished.
Notes: While trying to write a chapter of another story, this plot bunny attacked and would not let go until I wrote this. It was originally going to be a vignette, but I decided to turn it into a full fic.

Chapter 1:

Vader rarely slept anymore. True, he utilized certain types of meditation techniques while in his hypobaric chamber to invigorate his physical body, but true sleep was elusive, and dangerous. He was mindful of the lesson of Darth Plagueis; those with power should never sleep.

His time in his chamber was never spent idly. While the electronic components of his suit were being serviced by droids, Vader read reports and reviewed fleet movements. While he was looking over a report detailing an increase in pirate activity in the Outer Rim, the hesitant voice of Devastator's captain suddenly filled the small room, "Lord Vader, a communication is coming in for you."

"Patch it down here." The Sith turned toward his display screen and activated it. It was from one of the many covert Imperial agents scattered throughout the galaxy, this particular one was stationed in Aldera Palace on Alderaan. Bail Organa had long been suspected to be disloyal. An agent had been placed in the palace three years ago and until now, had never reported anything. For the sake of keeping their cover, the agents only reported when something was discovered.

"What is it?" Vader demanded.

The informant looked around nervously before peering back into the view screen on his end. "I do not have much time before I am discovered. I will be brief, My Lord. As per my instructions, I have been collecting DNA samples of those living in the palace."

One of the duties of the covert Imperial agents was to collect DNA samples of those whom they were monitoring to be included in a massive genetic database the Emperor had commission two years prior. No one but those in the highest levels of the Empire knew about it, and even Vader was not certain as to its purpose. All genetic information was gathered covertly, usually through medical center records. Vader was angry that he had been interrupted for something so trivial. "Why is this important?"

The nervous agent began explaining. "My Lord, it would not have been an issue until I began searching for the genetic information of Leia Organa, the High Princess of Alderaan. There wasn't any information to be found. The Organas had her genetic information erased from all medical records, or it was never included in the first place. Seeing as how I'm in the palace itself, it was not too difficult to secure a DNA sample from one of her hairs. I had that genetic data analyzed and I found that Leia Organa is not the biological child of Bail and Breha Organa."

To say that Vader was annoyed would have been an understatement. If this agent was not light years away, the Sith would have killed him immediately for wasting his time. "I ask again, why is this important?"

Knowing his life was on the line, the agent spoke quickly, hoping to diffuse Vader's anger. "I had the princess' genetic data matched with information we already have. The only match that came up was from the old Republic Senate medical data. Princess Leia is the biological daughter of Senator Amidala of Naboo."

Emotions that Vader believed he had left behind on the shores of Mustafar surged within him again upon hearing that name, the name of the woman he loved beyond reason--the woman he gave up everything for. Padmé! "Are you certain of this?"

"Yes, Lord Vader, I ran the test multiple times, they all came back the same. I contacted you because of Senator Amidala's late Republic history and her connection with Bail Organa."

"Go about your duties, the Empire will reward you for this information." Vader quickly ended the transmission and signaled the droids to begin prepping his suit. He could hardly think, his mind was racing and the black hole that he once called his heart showed signs of life. Our child survived! She did not die with Padmé.

As the droids were putting on the life support suit, Vader gave orders to the captain to set course for Alderaan. He was determined to retrieve his daughter from those who had held her for all these years. I'm sure Organa knew; that's why he erased her genetic information. He did not want me finding her. Vader wondered how the senator had come to take custody of his daughter; he then remembered Organa had been a friend of both Padmé and his former master. Kenobi had to have had something to do with this. Vader looked forward to crushing Organa and forcing him to reveal everything.

When the Devastator arrived in orbit of Alderaan, Vader ordered a squad of stormtroopers to accompany him to the surface. The shuttle landed in the large palace courtyard. The arrival of an Imperial shuttle had caused a commotion in the palace; however, the sight of Lord Vader had caused panic.

Vader was met by a frightened Bail Organa as he entered the palace. "Lord Vader, what is the meaning of this?"

Before he could utter another word, the Sith reached out his hand and began strangling the senator with the Force. "I am here for my daughter. Where is she?"

Organa's eyes widened and a look of unimaginable pain was on his face; pain that had nothing to do with the choking his was experiencing. With a crude use of the Force, Vader violently probed his mind until he found what he was looking for, confirmation of the Imperial agent's claim. The girl that Organa was raising was his child, and the senator knew it. The Dark Lord released his hold and the man fell to the floor. He would not be granted death so easily.

Vader gave orders to the stormtroopers surrounding him. "Take him and the Queen into custody. I will search for the princess personally."

With the soldiers securing the palace, Vader let himself enter deeply into a form of meditation. It did not take long before he located a strong presence in the Force nearby; it had to be the girl. Vader began to walk purposefully toward the presence knowing he would soon see his and Padmé's daughter.