I was devastated. From the moment April entered Luke's life, my best friends life had spun downhill. After an elopement with Christopher, Lor had run off, probably to Hawaii, leaving Luke and Rory in the dust. When Rory showed up at my house, I thought she was trying to decide what to serve at Lor's surprise party. That was until the tears started flowing.

"I don't know what's wrong with me. Everyone I love and who loves me is leaving me…"

"Hold on sweetie, what do you mean. I'm still here and Luke's still here and your mom's still here…"

"That's just the point... Mom left a message saying that she and dad eloped and they aren't coming back.

End Flashback

The last gift Lor Gave me was this journal. I am writing in it now while I watch Rory play with Davie and Martha. It has been over a year since we last heard from and saw from Lorelei, and Rory is doing so well with this uprooting. Logan's dad let him come back to help Rory and Mitchum stuck a ring in Logan's jacket. The kid's wedding is scheduled for June 3rd. The only day available the Huntzberger's club and Rory is wearing her mom's dress. As Chris and Lor aren't showing up, obviously, Rory is having Richard walk her down the aisle and lane is her maid-of-honor. Paris is to be her bridesmaid, we'll see if she doesn't try and rearrange the wedding to her liking.

Speaking of Paris, she is living here as well, or in Stars Hollow. She and Rory are living in Lor's house making adjustments so the two couples can live there, because guess who else got married. I still can't believe that that Doyle kid had the guts to propose. After all the kids have gone through, they can still be in love, I am amazed how well all four are doing.

That is enough about other children. Davie and Martha are so bright; Davie just learned the words julienne and soufflé. It looks like we have another chef in the making. Actually, I think that is a bad thing, I am picturing the first grade picnic luncheon when davie shows up with hibiscus-marinated leg-of-lamb as his "main dish". First. Grade. Oh. My. God. The babies are still growing up so fast, I don't know what I am going to do when he goes off to pre-school in the next couple of months.


"Mommy, t we have to be at the kindergarten room by 5:30 in the morning tomorrow there is a teacher and parent rendezvous."

"Sweetie, I know you've been able to read since you were two, but can I see the letter? By the way where did you learn the word endeavour or whatever was you said?"

"No, you cant see the letter because I deposited it in the waste receptacle. Rendezvous? I read the entire dictionary last week."

The line that lorelei was to use for so much longer popped in my mind.

"It is a good thing you are adorable, otherwise you would probably be bully meat at school."

End Flashback

"Sookie, What is for din-? Sookie, are you okay? You look distraught." Ahh, Rory. So sweet, you wouldn't think she was nearly twenty-three , more like three.

"Oh, thanks hon," running a hand through my hair, I noticed her grimace. Tracing my words I found one that made her do that: HON. Oops, that was Lor's n-name for her. " I was just reminiscing about the babies, as well, babies. You know Davie's first day of preschool is in September? I am really doubting my ability to let go of them. Oh listen to me blubbering about kids growing up when you wanted to know about dinner. Umm, how does Mac and Cheese sound everybody?"

"Hey Sookie, I am heading over to the house to work with Paris and Doyle on the house. You know we will be done by March? That leaves two months until their wedding and three until ours? If only mom were here to-"

Oops. Her big grin slid off her face like mascara on eyelashes after reading "The guardian".

"It's okay, sweetie. You sent your parents e-invites right? Well, that settles it. She will be there."

" I have to go to the house now, see ya 'round 6:00? Bye then. Oh and Sookie. Davie starts school in September, this is January."

If only she could understand that her mother wasn't trying to hurt her, but Luke.