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Recap from Last time:

The words just flowed out of his mouth without inhibition. I was upset. No, livid. I felt tricked, deceived, fooled. How could he think that by persuading my new boss to be to hire me that I would be happy?

"I am getting tired, and you're drunk, so I am going to drive home. Have you seen Paris? Doyle didn't come so I told him that I would drive her home." Apparently, Doyle was at some convention in New York. "Do you want a ride? There is no way I am letting you drive home. There. Your choice is decided." I carefully helped Logan out of the Pavilion and down the hill.

"Hey Gilmore. We need to talk to you. About Huntzberger." From out of the clearing behind the cars came Lindsey and the blonde that Jess was dancing with. This did not sound pleasant.



Not sound pleasant? That was the understatement of the century. And I was already mad at him, but showing that particular emotion right now would be as dangerous as jumping while bleeding into a shark pool.

"Hello?" I asked tentatively, "Look, I really don't have time for this tonight. I wasn't even planning on being here for this long.I have a paper due in two days that is only on the fifth draft, so can I leave-"

"Rory, listen! You don't know what you are talking about! Marrying Logan is a bad idea for you and for him. Even you don't deserve to be hurt this badly."

"I have to go home! Aren't you listening? I don't have-" I was cut off by an angry Lindsey. She was really mad, and she was also crying.

"It isn't just us that want you out, Rory. Jess and Dean think that you need out. That's why we told you. I know you don't me, and you and Lindsey haven't gotten along, but this is for your own good." Angela was staring me down, while I supported a nearly unconscious Logan. "Logan isn't the right guy for you right now, or ever. If you want proof, read this," she said as she held out a clipping of newspaper. Lindsey thrust more articles in my hands, and then they left.

"Just read them," she said, "And you'll know why." Still mystified, I helped Logan into the back of the car in time to hear Paris running down the hill. Her pink attire was too bright to involved in her normal wardrobe, so I looked away.

"Paris, down here! Can you drive us home? Or you can sit with logan in the back seat…" I trailed off, and the viscious vision in fuschia nearly blinding me, as she shouted toward me.

"Quick Gilmore, get in the car. We have to go NOW! Is that idiot unconsious? You keep him from puking, i'll drive," Paris said while stuffing herself into the tiny car, "Somebody called the cops. NAd we don't have a noise permit. Hand me the keys."


Rory was very mad at me what I could understand. My head was killing me, but that didn't matter right then. It seems somebody told her that I pulled for her to get the spot at the Times. I really don't know how she found out. But I was hiding out in the bathroom until she calmed down, which took awhile. Actually, I was hiding from her parents, who seemed to be more intent on my destruction after Rory told them.

Oh, well. I knew that they would calm down eventually, but that took more time. Even Paris and Doyle seemed to be mad at me, but that might just have been my immagination running away with the sense of gravity. I think Paris drove us home, but after we got to the Hill, everything got a little bit fuzzy. A lot fuzzy. And then hiding place was compromised, by Rory, nonetheless. She had just told her parents that they weren't going to be involved in the wedding.

"... And if it was up to me, they wouldn't even have ever been invited to the wedding, but Grandma says that it is rude to not invite your parents to a wedding. Are you even listening to me Logan. Oh, right, you're still hungover. Well, we're stuck in here together until one of my parents leaves."

"Rory, I am so sorry about this. But can you tell me slowly, and clearly why you are mad at me?"

"No. Once you are not so hungover you will understand. If you will remember. Do you know who Angela is? Tall, blonde. Rock the size of Australia on her hand? Danced with Jess last night?" Rory asked. There was too much cheer in her voice for her to be in a normal mood.

I thought hard, and can't place the name Angela with anyone I know. But then it hit me where I knew her from. And it hit me hard.

"When I was a little kid I had a great friend named Angela Smith. Until we were about ten, we played together everyday, and then we went to boarding schools. "


"We'll always be friends! Won't we Logan?" she cried into my shoulder. I was getting pretty tired of weepy,whiny girls hanging around me. Honor was already gone, she had been for three years, but whenever she came home, it was always the same, tirades with our parents. Even at age eleven, I knew that this wasn't normal. Angela wasn't really a weepy, whiny girl though- she was tough- almost tougher than me. I lost count of how many times she'd climbed over the gates when we were playing. And now we were going to different schools. A whole country away.

"Don't worry. I won't forget you-ever," I told her, wishing it wouldn't ever happen. We hugged, and then she was gone.

End Flashback

"So, when was the last time you saw her? She said something about how you weren't right for me and handed me a bunch of newspaper clippings. I read them, but there wasn't any mention of your name."

"The last time I saw her Ace, I was fifteen years old. Like I said, we went to different schools. My parents always thought that-" I trailed off, because even in this state I knew that Rory might get more than a little mad at me.

"They always thought that she would end up married to you? And now she and Jess are engaged?" Rory really needed to breathe, I think she was nearly as dizzy as I was.

"Hey! Are you alright? Do you need something? Water? Coffee? Inter-Galactic Misile to ship your parents on?" I might have actually been able to pull of getting the third, but Rory would have to settle for one that only reached Neptune.

"I'll take the third." We sat in silence for a few hours, on opposite ends of the bathroom. Rory didn't even look at me, hwich made me feel even worse. I truly hate silence, but for her sake, I didn't speak. Obviously, Rory was having a difficult time deciding what to do about her parents; I could almost see the wheels grinding in her head, churning out decision after decision. I wish that I could've helped her make the decision, but it was something she had to decide on her own. Rory and her mother were closer than any two people i knew. this was a major decsion that she could change her life with. I don;t think that I could have made the right choice. ot in a million years.


After I spent a few hours sitting on the bathroom floor in silence with logan, i reached my decision. Or the closest thing to one. No matter how mad I was at Logan, I loved him, and he had never left me, not like my parents. I would tell them that they could come to the ceremony, but not the reception. They left me, but I think they loved me. If my parents really did love me,they wouldn't have come back to torture my mangled heart.

we hid in that bathroom until five at night. When Paris knocked on the door to say that they were gone-going back to Seattle- we came out, and had a big dinner. I excused mnyself, saying that I had a big paper due, and I re-read the seven articles over, trying to find a common thread. They were all from different papers, and from different journalists. But they were all about colleges and there were a few about resaerch hospital, and there was a URL to follow up with each article. I went to every site, and my heart sank. Logan was in the picture of patients for every single webpage.

He had leukemia.

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