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Trapped Inside The Mirror

Chapter 4 Out


Mrs. Stone was worried. Her daughter had been missing for months and her only son was starting to fall into a deep depression. She still had no idea of the comic book world that told their future, so when she learned their daughter/sister was missing, she had instantly called the police, giving them a picture of her and everything. But Lance knew it would be useless. She was no longer in this world.

Out of all the people he refused to talk to, he only talked to Sage. She tried to make him feel better, but she knew the only thing that would help would be seeing his sister again. A new addition to the comic came out a few days ago, showing Cally and Omen's days in the comic world. That was the only way Lance was able to see her. And, if he wrote on the comic, she would reply as well in another page once it filled out. She said she missed him, but it was clear she was happy with Omen. Literally, they were in their own little world. Some of Cally's messages in the bubble included:

'Omen's trying to find a way out. So far, no luck. Keep in touch. x'

'Still no luck. Hope everything's okay there.'

'Lance, go out tonight. Don't stay home all night.'

His sister knew he was going into a state of depression. She was trying so desperately to find a way back into the real world, but for now, they were stuck in the Comic world. She did think that, if she didn't have Omen, she'd be in the same state as Lance. But even Sage wasn't helping bring him out of it, no matter how much she tried, and because Lance was in his current state, Vern had been spending more and more time with Sage, who was actually starting to enjoy the other's company. It was better than being around a boy who was supposedly your boyfriend, who would only just nod and say a few small words at anything she said. But still, she was worried.

Even Doyle was trying to figure something out at Gamerz Cave. He too sent Omen messages back and forth on the comic, but Omen figured the man would be of little help, seeing as he had to rely on a book for all, or at least most of his spells.

It had been at least two months since they were both trapped in the comic world. As far as Lance was concerned, he knew there was no way to get out of the comic world. Omen had only enough power to send one of them out. Why was life so unfair?


-Three Months Later-


Everyone was worried. Lance started falling behind in his classes, and barely went to school anymore. He spent most of his time in his room, either talking to Sage or on the computer. He knew there wasn't going to be answer to his problems with typing and clicking. He couldn't exactly search up 'find a way out of the comic book world', and find a result, could he?

He knew Cally didn't want him to be like this, because his depression made her worry too. He had seen that in the comic book. But not even that snapped him out of it. The closest thing he had to seeing and conversing with his sister was pictures and bubbles. He wanted to hear her voice again, he wanted to actually see her again.

"Lance, turn the music down!"

He thought it was his mother yelling at him because the music was so loud. It was blaring, but he didn't mind. He liked this song.


The voice got louder, and he was sure he was hearing things. It couldn't be her.

"I just got back and came into a louder place!! Ugh....LANCE!!!!"

That was all it took. Lance turned off the music instantly. He then remembered that it couldn't be his mother, she was at work. His friends were all at school. There was only one other person it could be.

He ran to the top of the stairs and looked down. He blinked several times, figuring his eyes must be playing tricks on him or something, because he saw her, in the flesh, standing at the edge of the stairs. He looked around for Omen, and saw him standing at the front door, looking pretty weak. He must of used up what was left of his power from before.

When Cally caught sight of her twin brother up at the top of the stairs, she instantly ran up and hugged him tight when she reached the top. She hugged him so tight he could barely breathe, but hey, he hugged her back pretty tight.

"You're too thin!" was what Cally first said when she first got the chance to speak. "You're pale too. Didn't I tell you to go out and do something?"

Lance rolled his eyes. "Come on, Cally. Is that the first thing you wanted to do when you got back? Nag me?"

Cally rolled her own eyes. "I'm surprised mom hasn't done it yet."

"She has. I just didn't listen to her."

"Of course you didn't," Cally shook her head, but hugged him again. Lance had to admit, she looked better than he did. But she was back now, and that was all that mattered.


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