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Was it two days, or three?

Ryou didn't know. He'd lost track of all time. For almost twenty-four hours a day, he was tied down onto the mattress, apart from when Kiyoshi let him go to use the filthy toilet. Sleep was little, and his dreams riddled with horrifying thoughts of what could well be his fate. After the episode where Kiyoshi held him down, Ryou refused to trust the brunette at all. He ignored Kiyoshi's offers of food, which made the older male increasingly worried. Probably scared he's going to get in trouble for not 'keeping me in good condition'...

Ryou's misery was sharpened to a point at noon on the third day, when he heard the metal door into his room open. He buried his head deeper into the mattress, huddled under the blankets. It's always cold in the place… Ryou didn't even know if it was day or night in his underground prison. His sense of time was completely disorientated. He shivered as heavy boots stomped closer towards him, suppressing a sob.

"Ryou, Ryou, Ryou." The whitenette froze, his heart seizing in fear. That's not Kiyoshi... Oh god. Sadahiro. Oh God oh God oh God... Ryou couldn't control the sobs that wracked his body, harsh ragged gasps tearing from his throat.

"G-Go away." Ryou sobbed weakly, yanking weakly at the rope around his hands, though he knew the effort was fruitless. Sadahiro chuckled, and sat down on the bed, and started to pull the blankets from Ryou's slim frame. The whitenette gasped, and shot up, scrambling as far away from the man as far as he could. "L-Leave me a-alone." Ryou hiccupped, his heart pounding in fear. This is really it...

"Look at you." Sadahiro sighed, tilting his head to one side. Ryou narrowed his eyes. He did look a lot different… "Talk about being worth your weight in gold, Ryou. You're going to make me so much…" Ryou growled, clenching his hands into fists.

"You're not." He spat angrily. Sadahiro narrowed his eyes, and in one swift movement, hit Ryou hard across the face. The boy gasped, and tears glittered in his eyes. Ryou gritted his teeth.

"I think my nephew has been too soft on you." Sadahiro hissed, leering over the frail teenager. "Right now, I own you. Until tonight, when you're being collected, you're going to listen to what I say, or you'll be punished. Understand?"

"Go to hell." Ryou shot back, his face contorted in anger. "I'm not your bitch, Sadahiro!" The elder male growled, and slammed his fist into Ryou's stomach, right on his fading bruise where Bakura had punched him. The light screamed, and held his hands over his stomach, doubled over in pain.

"There's plenty more where that came from." Sadahiro sneered. "Unless you hold your tongue. Understand?" Ryou hiccupped, sobbing weakly and gasping for breath. His shoulders slumped in defeat, and he started to cry.

"Y-Yes… I understand." Sadahiro grinned, and sat up straight.

"Good." He snarled. Just as he was about to continue, he was interrupted by the door opening and closing. Kiyoshi swallowed at the sight of his uncle.

"U-Uncle Makoto!" He smiled weakly. "I didn't… Think you would be here so soon." He cast a glance over to Ryou, who was sobbing.

"Whatever." Sadahiro sighed. "I'm off. Keep an eye on him." At that, the man left the small concrete room. Ryou was curled into a tight ball crying. Kiyoshi sighed, and sat down on the bed, holding out his arms. Wordlessly, Ryou flung himself into the embrace, sobbing weakly into Kiyoshi's chest. The brunette sighed, gently rocking Ryou from side to side as he cried.

"G-Get me out of here." Ryou whispered, his voice muffled by Kiyoshi's shirt. The elder male swallowed. I'd be in so much trouble.. But Sadahiro wouldn't kill me... would he? I'm his only relative. He never had kids before, and I don't think I could live with myself, sending Ryou away to that sick freak…But Kiyoshi was still terrified of what his uncle could do to him. He looked down at the whitenette, who was crying softly, gasping for air.

"Okay." Kiyoshi whispered. "Okay Ryou, I'll get you out of here."

The brunette was gasping for air by the time he'd reached the club. Thankfully, the cops had finished their searching, and left the place, albeit a little messy. He'd flagged down a taxi, but after the second traffic jam, grew anxious and started to run. He only had until night, when Ryou would be shipped out on a yacht, under the cover of darkness. I should have memorized his number... He would have asked Ryou, but the boy had fallen into an exhausted sleep in his arms, and he didn't have the heart to wake him. Kiyoshi ran up the stairs and into the head office, wincing at the files and papers that scattered the desk and floor. He shifted a tall grey filing cabinet, panting in exertion. The brunette sank down to his knees, and started yanking at the fake floorboards. All of the files of kids that Sadahiro had kidnapped were under here. Kiyoshi was ordered to destroy them each time, but never had the heart. It would be like saying the people never existed. He rifled through the papers, and finally found the one labeled 'Bakura, Ryou.' His hazel eyes hurriedly scanned the paper, until he found the phone number. Thank God. He pulled the cellphone out with shaking hands. It took three tries, but Kiyoshi finally managed to dial the correct number.

Marik blinked at the ringing phone. Malik was sprawled out on the couch, his head in his hands, and Bakura was in bed, having mumbled something about needing sleep.

Two days ago.

"Hello?" Marik ran across the room, and snatched up the phone. Malik lifted his head, mildly interested. "Who is this?... Kiyoshi!" Malik sat straight up, his lavender eyes wide in fright. "Where is Ryou! You bastard… Look, I don't care, just tell me where he is! Okay… Okay…. Okay…" Malik had stood up, a grin spreading across his face. "He better be… Okay. Bye."

"Where is he?" Malik screeched as soon as Marik hung up the phone. "Where?" Marik bit his lip.

"Wake up Bakura." He said shortly. "We have to go now."

"What time is it now?"


"What time will it be dark?"

"Should be eight."

Ryou sobbed harder into his hands, fear coursing through his veins. Kiyoshi rubbed the teens' back sympathetically, biting his lower lip. Sadahiro lounged in one of the rickety chairs at the warped wooden table, rifling through a magazine.

"Will you shut him up?" Sadahiro snarled at the brunette. "He's giving me a headache." Kiyoshi opened his mouth to respond, but closed it, with a sigh. Ryou sniffed, and the brunette drew him into his arms.

"It's okay." He whispered in Ryou's ear. "It's going to be okay. I called your house. I don't know who it was, but they promised to come get you. It's going to be all right. You're going to get out of here." Ryou's sobs slowly subsided, and he sniffed. "Okay?" Ryou nodded mutely.

"Bout time it shut up." Sadahiro muttered into his magazine. Ryou narrowed his red-rimmed eyes. I'm not an it... Kiyoshi winced, feeling Ryou tense in his arms.

"Don't rile him up." He breathed into Ryou's ear. "Please. You don't want to make trouble right now." The whitenette nodded, and swallowed. "That's good." Gently, Ryou crawled out of Kiyoshi's arms, and leaned against the headboard.

"I hope they come soon." Ryou swallowed, his hands shaking. He was still terrified that Bakura wouldn't be able to make it soon enough. What am I talking about? He's probably dead. Sadahiro shot him in the stomach and left him there. Oh Bakura...

"Please don't start crying again." Kiyoshi whispered. Ryou sighed, and shook his head.

"I won't."

"All right." Marik whispered, opening the warehouse door. I did hear Ryou that time... "Let's see… He led the way across the concrete floor, behind a stack of crates, to where Kiyoshi promised there would be a 'manhole.' Malik was second, and Bakura drew up the rear, wincing every so often and holding his stomach. Fuck this hurts. Marik gritted his teeth as he lifted the heavy manhole cover, and peered down into the black tunnel.

"Okay." He muttered, feeling around the concrete walls. "There's a ladder. Bakura, you think you can climb down it?" The silver-haired yami nodded, gritting his teeth. "Okay…" The blonde turned, and started crawling down the ladder, a series of metal poles embedded in the concrete. He winced as it got darker and darker, colder and colder, until he reached the ground, shivering.

"Shit…" Malik muttered a few minutes later, rubbing at his arms. His breath fogged before him, and his teeth chattered. "Is it cold enough here?" Marik nodded in agreement.

"Tell me about it." Bakura managed to clumsily scale down the ladder one-handed. "Ryou better be wearing more than his uniform." Marik couldn't help but smile at the mental image, and Malik tilted his head to the side, confused.

"Come on." Marik beckoned to the other two as he stalked down the hallway as silent as possible. Bakura followed, biting his lip. After a little while, he grabbed at Marik's arm, forcing the yami to slow down. "What is it Bakura?"

"Why are you acting like this?" Bakura asked. "It's not like you care about him or anything?" Marik shrugged.

"Nobody should go through with that." He said, keeping his voice low. "He's just a kid who was in the wrong place at the wrong time and now he's in trouble. Why are you acting like this?" Bakura looked away.

"Because I do care." The yami limped slightly beside Marik. "He's my host. I've been spending the past three weeks trying to help him get better by being so kind, and then something changed… That caring became genuine. I don't know. At first, it was just pity. I mean, the kid got raped. That's bad for anyone, but for an innocent little virgin like Ryou…"

"Did you ever find out who it was?" Marik asked. Bakura shook his head.

"Whenever I tried to ask him, he just froze up." The silver-haired yami explained. "I still can't believe this all happened to him. Why the hell did I let him win?" Bakura sighed. "This is my fault…" Marik opened his mouth to respond when his host cut him off.

"Both of you, not now." Malik whispered. "Now Marik, which door was it?" The blonde pointed to the door at the end of the hall, which was closed, but a thread of light shone under the doorway. Bakura swallowed, his hands clenching into fists. I'm going to kill him. I'm going to get that sonofabitch, I swear!

"Calm down." Marik said softly, laying a hand on Bakura's arm. "He's going to be fine. They wouldn't have hurt him, right?" Bakura sighed, and nodded. "Jesus…"

Marik gulped, and grasped the doorknob. Ready? He mouthed silently to the other two. They nodded faintly in the darkness. Okay... Trepidation rising in his chest, Marik pushed the heavy steel door open.

Ryou gasped, and Kiyoshi stood up in his shock. Sadahiro looked up from his magazine, and froze at the sight of Marik, flanked by his host and Bakura in the doorway, looking murderous.

"What the hell!" He stood up, not glaring at them, but Kiyoshi. "You little bitch!" Kiyoshi's eyes widened, and his heart seized in fear. "You told…" Ryou cried out as Sadahiro withdrew the gun from his pocket.

"L-Let me explain-" Kiyoshi screamed as he was cut off by Sadahiro pointing the gun at his chest, and firing twice.

"KIYOSHI!" Ryou screamed, struggling desperately against his bonds. "NO!" The teenager fell to the floor, blood quickly pooling on the concrete floor. "NO!" He repeated, tears springing to his eyes as he stared at the motionless teen. "No…" He moaned, staring at the crimson pool of blood.

While Ryou sat in shock, Sadahiro pointed the gun towards the two Egyptians in the doorway, grinning in triumph. Marik and Malik stood stock still, eyes widened. Before Sadahiro had the chance to fire however, a foot kicked the back of his knee hard, and he tumbled to the floor, the gun clattering from his hand across the concrete. Bakura glared down at the fallen man for a moment, before running across the small jail and onto the bed. Ryou still stared at Kiyoshi's body as Bakura engulfed him in a hug, clutching the small, shivering body against his chest.

"Oh God Ryou…" Bakura muttered thickly, burying his head in Ryou's soft white hair. "Oh thank God you're all right…" The boy was still gazing blankly at Kiyoshi's body, ragged gasps tearing from his throat. Malik ran to the side of the fallen teenager, feeling Kiyoshi's neck for a pulse. Marik grabbed the gun without hesitating, pointing it straight at Sadahiro, who was making to stand.

"Don't move." The Egyptian snarled, his index finger lingering on the trigger. "Or I'll kill you." Sadahiro slumped into the concrete, eyes wide. Malik closed his eyes, and sighed deeply.

"He's dead Ryou." The blonde sat back on his knees, staring at closed eyes. "A bullet must have got him in the heart… I'm so sorry…" Ryou's sobs increased, and he looked away, burying his head in Bakura's shirt. The yami gently rocked the boy from side to side, his lips in Ryou's hair. Sadahiro growled, and reached for the pocket knife in his belt. The moment Marik looked away, the elder male jumped up, brandishing the quicksilver blade.

Marik didn't have time to think. He lowered his gun and squeezed the trigger, aiming at the mans' leg. Sadahiro screamed and dropped the knife as he collapsed onto the concrete floor, clutching his shattered kneecap.

"Get the knife Malik." The yami ordered, taking a step towards Sadahiro. His host nodded, and darted forward, grabbing the knife in long, tanned fingers. "Cut Ryou free." The Egyptian nodded, and headed back towards the mattress. Shaking, Ryou held out his long skinny arms, his wrists knotted together with the thick rope. Malik wordlessly sliced through the ropes, wincing as he stared at Ryou's raw, bloody wrists. Jesus

"It's okay Ryou…" Bakura tightened his arms around Ryou's slender form. "It's going to be okay. You're safe now." The whitenette continued to sob, wrapping his arms around Bakura's shoulders, clinging to the yami. Malik swallowed, and sat down on the bed, trying not to stare at the dead brunette on the floor.

"Call the cops." Marik ordered the blonde. Malik nodded, and reached for the cellphone in his pocket with shaking hands. Ryou shook as he wrapped his arms tighter around Bakura's chest, unaware of his wrists dripping with blood. Bakura gently started to whisper in Ryou's ear, still rocking him from side to side, his arms tenderly cradling the boy against his chest.

"It's okay Ryou…" He whispered. "It's all going to be okay. You're safe with us. You're not going anywhere. Sadahiro isn't going to hurt you." Ryou whimpered, his head buried in Bakura's shoulder. Finally, after what seemed an eternity, the boy felt safe. He was being held by Bakura –who said he loved him, Ryou remembered with a jolt- and was being cared about. The whitenette sobbed, exhaustion flooding his slender frame.

"I-I was so scared…" Ryou managed to sob, his voice rough and harsh. Bakura sighed, hugging the teenager tighter. "Don't leave me…" He whispered tearfully. Bakura gently rubbed his lights back, staring at the dead teenager, Malik tearfully calling for an ambulance and the police, and Marik, the gun still pointed between Sadahiro's eyes.

"I wont." Bakura whispered, feeling somewhat dazed. "I won't…"

Ryou sighed to himself, feeling the dampness of the earth seep through his trousers. He gently stroked one of the soft white flower petals, the bouquet of twenty-four roses taking presidency over the tributes on Kiyoshi's grave. If the teenager could, he would cry, but there were no tears left. He felt strangely empty and hollow at the thought of his friend, six feet under the earth.

"Ryou." The whitenette closed his eyes as he felt strong arms wrap around his waist. Ryou sighed, and leaned into Bakura's chest. "You okay?" He bit his lip, shaking his fluffy white head. He played with a stray thread on his black shirt, enjoying the warmth Bakura's embrace offered.

"I can't believe it's only been a week." Ryou whispered softly, sniffing. "It feels like a lifetime." Bakura sighed, resting his head on the teen's head. Ryou opened his chocolate eyes, and stared at the simple tombstone. "I still can't believe he's dead and it's all over…" The whitenette sighed. Bakura was silent as he stared at the white roses Ryou had placed on his dead friends' grave. It still seemed so surreal, to think back on what had happened.

Despite having no relatives, Kiyoshi had quite a high turnout for his funeral. Friends and workmates all attended, including Bakura, who dragged Ryou out of his moping in bed to attend. It was a short, simple ceremony, and most of the people had left to attend the wake, which was ironically held in the strip club Ryou, Kiyoshi, and many others at the funeral used to work in. Ryou had decided to remain behind at Kiyoshi's graveside for awhile, sitting and thinking.

"It's so strange to think about how much we've both changed over the past couple of months." Ryou murmured vacantly, staring at the brunette's tombstone. "We've really matured a lot." Bakura sighed and nodded, clasping his fingers around Ryou's waist.

"You've grown up more in the past two months than what you have in the past two years, Ryou." Bakura said softly, leaning forward slightly. He tilted Ryou's chin up with a finger, and placed a soft, chaste kiss on those pale lips. "You're lucky to be alive, after the rape, and then what Sadahiro did…" Ryou shuddered, and looked away.

"I hope they leave him to rot in that cell." Ryou muttered savagely. Bakura blinked, rather surprised at the whitenette's outburst. "Twenty boys, Bakura. Twenty young boys. No one knows where they are. They just went missing. Imagine their poor parents. Just that horrible wondering about if their son is still alive or not… Where they are, what's happening to them…" Bakura sighed, and started to wind his fingers around a lock of Ryou's soft white hair.

"They have detectives from here to India looking for them." Bakura said softly. "They'll turn up if they're still alive." Ryou sniffed, looking up into the yami's eyes. "I'm just so glad that you never had to go through with any of that." Bakura wrapped his left arm tighter around Ryou's slender waist. "You would never have been able to take it…" The whitenette swallowed.

"I… I tried to kill myself." Ryou murmured, staring ahead of him. "When I was locked in that room. I was just about to choke myself with that bit of rope. I just… I just couldn't take it." He finished, blinking back hot tears. "All I could think about was how I was going to be smuggled into another country, and used as some kind of sex toy…" Bakura sighed, and clutched the boy closer to him as he started to shake.

"It's over Ryou." He murmured softly. "All of it. It's over. Don't you understand the silver lining Ryou? If Kiyoshi hadn't told us where you were and gotten Sadahiro busted, not only would you have been trafficked overseas, but think of everyone else that could have been kidnapped. Over the next ten, twenty years, it could have been hundreds. Your friend Kiyoshi died a hero." Ryou sniffed, and the faint ghost of a smile hovered at the corner of his lips.

"A hero…" The boy repeated, staring at the grey tombstone. "That should have been his epitaph. Kano Kiyoshi. Hero." Bakura chuckled very softly under his breath. "What?"

"Nothing." Bakura sighed. "It's just… I'm glad to see you're starting to act a little like yourself again. I thought this time you'd never be the same. All of the nightmares and tears… I was so scared that you were going to fall off the edge." The yami swallowed, and gently placed a kiss atop Ryou's snowy head. "Seeing you getting happier like this is… Well, it's wonderful, at the very least." Ryou snuggled deeper inside the spirit, smiling.

"I love you Bakura." He whispered softly, staring at Kiyoshi's grave. Bakura smiled faintly, resting his chin on Ryou's fluffy white head.

"I love you too." Bakura whispered with a sigh. "Promise that you'll leave the part-time job to me this time?" Ryou giggled, and nodded. "Good." Both sat in the peaceful cemetery for a long time, simply enjoying each others company, and staring at Kiyoshi's tombstone, surrounded by flowers. The orange glow of the dying sun stained their hair amber, and threw long shadows among the scene. Ryou was almost asleep in Bakura's arms.

"We better go." The yami sighed twenty minutes later. Ryou nodded, and allowed himself to be hauled to his feet by Bakura. He cupped the boys' angelic face with his hands, his blood-brown eyes oddly soft. "We can come back tomorrow… Or the weekend. Whenever you want. It isn't far." Ryou nodded, and then stood on tiptoe to give the yami a soft kiss on the lips. Bakura accepted the touch, tilting his head slightly to allow better access. Ryou sighed, and allowed the kiss to go on for a few more moments, before breaking apart. "Yeah… It's getting dark soon." Bakura gave a small smile, which Ryou returned, albeit shakily. They started to walk out of the cemetery together, passing the bodies of those long dead, and those recently deceased. Of old and young, male and female, rich and poor.

Hand in hand.

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