Chapter 16

The following Monday at the Jeffersonian 9:00 am

FBI Special Agent Seeley Booth walked into the Medico-Legal Lab carrying a folder in one hand but his mind wasn't in the file it was on something that was out in his car. He headed straight to a familiar office and knocked on the door.

"Come in." The familiar voice said.

"It's so good to see you again." Booth smiled.

"But you just saw me thirty minutes ago." The woman answered confused.

"Well I get pretty lonely lately. Anyway we have another case to work on and I was wondering if you'd be willing to leave that paperwork to go out to the crime scene." He said.

"To go to a crime scene always." A smile crossed her face.

"Dr. Brennan, I need to talk with you." Cam said just walking into the office.

"Well I…" Booth cut the forensic anthropologist off.

"There is a case that requires Bones' attention, you'll have to talk later."

"Then we'll talk later." Cam said and she retreated to the lab.

"Booth…" Again Dr. Brennan was cut off.

"We'll talk in the car, come on." He said. Brennan gave him a look but she knew that whatever it was it had to be important.

"Ok, let me grab my kit and instruct my team." She said. Quickly, Temperance went out to the platform and told Zach and Hodgins that she was going out to a crime scene and that they should alert Angela as well.

Five minutes later, Booth and Brennan hopped into the big black SUV. The forensic anthropologist expected him to put the keys in the ignition and get moving but he didn't.

"Before we go anywhere, I have something that I need to do."

"Um ok but you probably should have taken care of it while we were in the Lab." Brennan said.

"I can't, too many people around. I wanted to wait until tonight but I can't." Booth told her.

"I've been staying at your place this whole week and…" she never finished as Booth leaned over and kissed her. He then opened the compartment between their seats and pulled a rectangular box from it. Handing it to Brennan, he could see the look on her face.

"Seeley, what is this for?" She asked.

"Just open it." He smiled. She obliged him and saw that it was a beautiful silver dolphin on a silver chain.

"I was going to give this to you before I did my disappearing act in Colombia." He said.

"Oh, Seeley it's gorgeous. Thank you." She smiled.

"I figured you could wear it out when we go to dinner or something." Booth seemed excited. Brennan continued to smile and said,

"Or when we go to a crime scene."


Dr. Brennan sat at her desk, trying to piece together the information in front of her about the body that they had brought back to the lab earlier. She looked at her watch and noticed that she'd promised Booth to be at his place around eight, which meant she needed to go home and change first.

"Doc, we need to have that talk." Cam stood in the doorway.

"Of course, I meant to try to talk to you earlier but I got wrapped up in the Hodgins' findings." Brennan said.

"I think that you know what this is about." Dr. Saroyan moved inside and shut the door.

"My immediate resignation note." Brennan fingered the silver dolphin that hung around her neck.

"Yes, and I want you to know Goodman's wrath or not, the next time I find one of these, I will follow it through and you will not have a job here at the Jeffersonian." Cam told her.

"I understand." Brennan nodded.

"There is one thing I have to know." The Head of Forensics said.

"Was it worth it?" She continued.

"Absolutely." Brennan smiled and wrapped her fingers around the dolphin and clenched it. Cam seemed satisfied with that answer and replied,

"Then have a good night, Doc." Brennan watched her leave and the she quickly pulled all her personal items together. She had to get home so she could look nice for her date.

The End

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