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A/N: Yayness! My second Maximum Ride Fanfic! I may or may not continue this, seeing how people like it. It's basically notes were written at the flock's time at school. Or at least that's what I tell myself. I was bored so I just started writing to my friend and I was inspired. And I channeled my inspiration into this loverly fic. Tell me what you think.

BTW, underlined is J.J., no alterations is Max and italics are Fang.


Study Hall

What do you think of the guy sitting in front of you?



He's okay…

Isn't he your brother?


So you could introduce me?

I guess.

You're not much of a note writer are you?


Well, start being one!

I don't think so…

Omigosh, Nick just looked at me!


Max, your brother is so hot!


What? He is!

This is kinda uncomfortable…

Seriously Max. If he wasn't your brother, would you date him?

I don't know.

You're useless. What guy do you like then?

She doesn't like anyone.

Thank you Nick.

Oh. Hi Nick.

Hello JJ.

You know my name?

Yeah. The teacher just told you to stop passing notes.



No problem. So she thinks I'm hot?

Why are you reading our note?

It's not my fault that you gave me the paper you used before. Seems you used my four word rule in there.

Seems like you're not.

That's my four word talking rule. Loophole.

You suck.

¿Y tu?

Spanish? Since when do take Spanish?

Since I flunked out of French.

You took French?


Quit with the Spanish!

¿Por qué¿Es intimidado usted por mis habilidades españolas locas?

Shut up.

Simplemente porque usted toma a francés no significa que usted tiene que obtener celoso...


Are you going to speak English?

Yeah. Spanish over.

Okay then. So…


I don't know…

So do you like anyone here?

Why do you care?


I don't.

Why ask then?

You didn't have anything better!



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