Chapter One

"Edward, come on. Carlisle needs extra help at the hospital. You have two minutes to get into the car." I looked up at my 'sister' Alice with a blank expression.

"Get Emmet and Rose to help; I'm busy." My voice was completely void of emotion.

"They're coming too, and busy with what? We both know that you're not doing any thing important. Come on, I promise, that if today doesn't go well, you can stay here all alone, for the rest of eternity and I won't bother you again."

I sighed and gave her a suspicious look; "what did you see Alice?" I looked through her head, but all I found was pointless stuff about new clothes she just had to get.

"Nothing." She responded, in a much too quick and innocent voice.

You have to be the worst liar in the world." My voice was once again dry.

"What can I say? Time will tell, now come on." She grinned and stood, clearly stating it was time for us to go.

When I didn't make any movement, she said in her serious, don't-mess-with-me,-you-know-I'm-right voice, "or I could just get Emmet..." I involuntarily cringed at the memory of Emmet, with help from Jasper, getting me out of our old house in Forks, a mere three years ago.

Not good.

I quickly ran downstairs to get into my Volvo, but was stopped by Emmet at the door.

"Rose is driving, you're in the middle." He then starting laughing and I knew without a doubt he had just heard what Alice had said.

The five of us piled in the car and set out for "The Hunterdon Medical Center".


We arrived at the hospital a few minutes later and were hastily greeted by Carlisle.

"Ah, good, you're here. Come, a fight just broke out at the high school, eight kids were involved. They all got pretty banged up; the school wants them to be brought here to be checked out. We need you to separate them; it seems some of them think that business wasn't completely taken care of. They'll be here any minute, understood?"

Rosalie, Jasper and I nodded in response. Emmet got a very evil looking grin, while Alice got a smug expression.

"You saw this!" I accused her. She just grinned at me in response. God, this was so like Alice.

"Okay, Alice, I want you to get their names and call their parents, let them know that they have to send someone down here to get them and that they are all suspended for the next two days. Rosalie, try to figure out why they got in the fight in the first place. Jasper, keep them calm please. Emmet and Edward, don't let them start a second, or technically third, fight here, Jasper can help too if needed, okay?" We nodded in unison, we knew this drill. "Good, her we are, and it looks like they just got here, places." I sighed and looked at what I'm guessing was the principle come over and start talking to Carlisle.

"Dr. Cullen, good, I was hoping that you would be here. We don't know what happened, not like that's new. Is it possible to put them in two different waiting rooms, no? We need to keep them somewhat separate, at least then. Mike, James, David and Lucas in one area; and Mason, Jacoby, Phillip, and Christopher in another. That should help calm them down a little bit." Worry was etched all over her face.

"Don't worry, we will handle it." Carlisle's voice was calm, and seemed even more so when compared to hers. "Emmett, first group, Edward, second; bring them in here. Take the first group to the seats on the left side, Emmett, and Edward go to the right. I'll take who ever is in the worse condition first."


When the boys were brought in chaos broke out. The first group, Emmett's, appeared to have faired far better. They were collected; it was easy to see who their leader was. I knew that if he gave the signal, what ever that may be, they would immediately attack, not even thinking about what the consequences might be. His word was that important.

While Emmet just stood there, keeping an eye on his group, and, too his much disappointment, didn't physically have to do anything, I was holding on to two, and Rosalie and Jasper, each one. They were furious, and covered in blood. Two had black eyes, the third a broken nose, and the last was suffering from what appeared to be a dislocated jaw. Clearly, they were the losers, and they badly wanted a rematch. Carlisle took the one with the dislocated jaw, James, I had gathered, with him, freeing Rosalie to start questioning.

He looks just like you. I gave Emmett a questioning look and he continued, second from the right.

I was already looking before Emmett finished, and right when he did, the boy sat up straighter, and as if he had heard what Emmett had said, looked around to see who it was directed to. I looked in his head real quick to learn his name, but I was blocked. Strangeā€¦

"What's his name?" I asked Emmett, too quiet for humans to hear. Before I knew it I was starring at the boy straight in the eyes.

I don't know, replied Emmett, still oblivious to the fact that this boy could hear his thoughts. Wait till Alice comes by.

As I waited for Alice to figure out his name, I looked the boy over and he did the same to me.

The boy looked about sixteen or seventeen; he was tall, probably an inch shorter than me, and his hair was slightly darker than mine. He was lean, but muscular. Emmett was right though, he did look like me.

Suddenly, the boy let out a loud, ferocious growl and was halfway across the room before Emmett could get a decent hold on him. His now pitch black eyes were staring at the blonde that I was holding on to. The blonde gulped and tried to press himself against me, as if I would help him.

"I warned you Michael, so much as think about Lorelei again, and I will kill you." His voice was low and menacing; Michael, the blonde, shivered involuntarily and Emmett tightened his hold on the other. "You did not heed my warning; I don't break my promises."

"Sorry to break up this love fest gentlemen." A voice said from the doorway. All heads turned to see who the voice belonged to, even though from the looks of things, the boys, and Alice, already knew.

Standing there, were three boys and three girls. The boys were positioned around the girls. One following from the rear, one to the left, and the last to the right of the girls. Two of the girls followed the other.

The girl on the left had straight, dark brown, easily mistaken for black, hair that came down well below her shoulders. She wore the top half of it up, and the bottom down. A little piece of the top half was left down, hanging in her face. She was about five foot four, thin, with small curves, and very tan. She wore a bluish-gray tank and a brown mini-skirt. She had on tan beaded sandals and carried a matching purse.

To the right stood the other girl, who was about five foot five, the tallest of the trio, and with more of an athlete's build, yet still clearly a girl. She had red hair, but not red-red, more of an orange-brown red that came to about the bottom of her ribcage. It was wavy and had some natural curls in it too. She had a round, open face, with a sprinkle of freckles across the bridge of her nose. She had a slight tan, very light when compared to the previous girl's. she was wearing black shorts and a white "Wicked" tank over a plain yellow one with black flip flops that had a small heel. In her hand she carried a small black clutch with a pink "G" on it; the "G" was the same shade of pink that the writing on her shirt was.

The other girl was the one who had spoken. The first though that ran through my head when I saw here was Bella, but as I looked longer I saw that it was not here.

She was shorter than they other two, maybe five foot three, but was standing with an air of authority. Her chocolate brown hair was up in a messy bun with a few wisps hanging down, framing her face. Her face was similar to Bella's, except for the fact that she had higher cheekbones and fuller lips. She had pale skin and eyes that seemed to be a mixture of gold and brown. She was slim, with just the right amount of curves. She had on tight, low-rise jeans that weren't faded or ripped like the "fashion" of this era deemed them to be, and a snug forest green tee on with matching simple flip flops. Instead of a purse she carried a cream sweatshirt folded over her arm.

By a long shot, she was the most beautiful of the three.

"But not sorry enough not to." The boy who Emmett was still holding on to responded with a small smile on his face; his eyes already noticeably lighter.

"Yep! Come on, you boys have some explaining to do. Right girls?"

"Yea," red-head responded.

"Hell yea!" Came from the other; she narrowed her eyes at the boys.

The 'Bella-Imposter' (Lorelei, probably), just laughed at this, throwing her head back, letting me get a good trace of her scent. It was not as strong as Bella's was. While Bella's was clearly strawberries and wildflowers, I had to think for a moment about what hers was. And then it hit me; it was an exact replica of the apple blossoms Esme had put all over out house, once upon a time. It was beautiful.

"But first thing first; you, dear boy," Lorelei said, pointing at my look a like, "will not be killing anyone. This is a hospital, where lives are saved, not ended."

The boy grinned, ant Michael seemed to relax a little. "Is that an order Rory?" So I was right, this was Lorelei.

"Yes." Her voice was firm and the boy's grin just got bigger and then he chuckled. Realization dawned on the girls face and the little color that she had drained. "No no no! I take it back! It was merely a suggestion!" At this the three boys around her and the rest of the group Emmett was watching burst out in laughter. The two friends, being the loyal friends that they were, just glared at all the boys until the quieted down to chuckles, grins, and the occasional shake of the head. Lorelei just pouted.

That is, till one of the boys decided to be an idiot and say something smart.

"So, Ror', what is it now, two-three months? And you still haven't learned?"

I mean, you might as well sign your own death warrant.

All sound stopped in the waiting room as all watched to see what would happen. The three remaining boys in my group were the first to move as they slowly made their way to the wall behind them, inching closer together.

The boy Emmett was holding on to eye's turned pitch black again and he looked at the one who had spoken. "Christopher," his voice was cold, "so nice of you to volunteer for the night watches for the rest of the week."

"But- -"

"What's this? You're insisting to have watch all day tomorrow? Too kind."

"I- -"

"Now what? All day the next two days? Okay, if you're sure."

The boy kept his mouth shut, finally. I was interested in seeing how he planned on staying awake the rest of the night, and then the following two days and nights. It was sure to be interesting. I heard laughter coming from Emmett in his head; obviously he agreed with me.

The still pouting Lorelei walked over to the boy Emmett was holding on to and have him a hug. In response he gave her a small kiss on the forehead. She frowned and he just chuckled softly. Lorelei tilted her head in the direction of where he originally had been, he nodded and taking her hand in his, led her over there. Quickly, the rest of their groups followed suit.