So keep breathing

Cause I'm not leaving you anymore

-Far Away, Nickelback

You who are my home.

-Orange Sky

Calling You Chapter 7

Dean wakes from restless slumber to the sound of the phone ringing, flashing "John". Grabbing the phone, Dean sits bolt upright. "Dad? Where are you? When did you leave?"

"I'm at Missouri's. I didn't want to wake you up on false hopes, but…come over here, Dean. Come and see your brother."

"What?" Dean flies out of bed, pulling on his shirt and pants haphazardly, hopping around with the phone pressing tightly against his ear. "Dad, do you mean it?"

"Missouri's friend broke the curse, Dean." And Dean does not need to hear any more. He shoves the phone in his pocket and slams the gas pedal to the floor.

Throwing the door open, Dean runs into Missouri's house, yelling "Sammy! Where the hell are you, bitch?"

And then he hears it, the agonized pain-filled screaming of his Sammy. Sprinting toward the sound, Dean stops in the hallway, frozen in horror at the sight of Sam thrashing on the ground, blood pouring from his nose and mouth.

"Dean, what the hell are you doing here?" John yells, running over.

"You called me!" Dean yells back frantically, as John shoves him towards the door. "You said the curse was broken!"

"No I didn't. Dean, I never did." Shaking the doorknob, John leans heavily against the wood, choking back a sob. "The demon did. We can't get you out. And Sammy…"

"He's dying." Dean presses his face into his hands, then suddenly whips around and throws his body against the door, over and over, until John drags him off.

"I know Dean, I know." John reaches over and grips Dean's shoulder, and suddenly a choked voice comes from behind them.

"Dean…" And there is Sam, dragging his pain-ravished body across the floor to Dean, who drops to his knees, sobs flowing freely.

"Oh god, Sammy…" Reaching a hand out, Dean quickly pulls it back, afraid to do more damage.

"At least…said all we need to…" Sam gasps out as his body contorts in on itself.

"No Sammy, no, there's still so much to say," Dean cries out, his body shaking as sobs wrack his body.

"Love you…" Sam goes suddenly, awfully, still, and Dean collapses in on himself, unable to breathe. And suddenly the room is bright, shining white, and Dean is unable to raise his head, but he hears his mother's voice in his ear.

"The best thing I ever did was give you and Sammy each other," the sweet voice whispers. "No demon is taking that away." Dean feels a soft kiss on his cheek, a whispered "I love you", and as the whiteness fades away Dean hears the best sound he has ever heard.

"Dean!" Sam's voice is strong and joyful, and Dean dares to raise his head. And there is his Sammy, alive and well and grinning through his tears. Both brothers reach for each other simultaneously, wrapping their arms around each other, Sam burying his face in his brother's so-familiar shoulder.

"God Sammy, its so good to see you." Dean is grinning so hard and without having to look he knows Sam is grinning just the same.

"You too, Dean. I missed you so much." The brothers only then break the embrace, but still press shoulder to shoulder, knee to knee, unwilling to break the connection.

"Your hair's gotten even longer," Dean laughs, ruffling Sam's hair.

"Yours too," Sam smirks, and Dean shoots him a look, that Dean look, and Sam laughs joyfully. Neither notices John and Missouri have slipped from the room with smiles, leaving Sam and Dean alone.

Sam drops his head onto Dean's shoulder, and Dean drops his head onto Sam's, and they sit in companionable silence because they can now. "Love you Dean," Sam whispers, as he finally drifts off into a true deep safe sleep.

"Love you too Sammy," Dean answers in kind, as sleep is finally allowed to claim both boys into peace.

They awake the next morning to the smell of pancakes, in the same positions in which they slept, shoulder to shoulder, knee to knee. Standing up slowly, Dean offers a hand to Sam with a grin, and then pulls his baby brother into a tight hug.

"It's good to have you back, Sammy," Dean says, his voice already wavering with happy tears, but he quickly smirks and punches Sam in the shoulder. "Race you to the pancakes bitch."

When it is finally time to leave, Dean slips into the driver's seat of the Impala. As Sam climbs in and settles deep into the passenger seat, he lets out a sigh of contentment. "It's good to be home," Sam says softly, and Dean shoots him a grin before turning the key in the ignition.

"Wasn't home without you, Sammy."

Author's Note: Thanks so much to everyone who read this story! I want to let you all know that I will be studying abroad for the next six months -

and won't be posting during that time. I also don't think that I will be posting

much when I get back, as life has gotten very busy. But - I wanted to make sure I finished this story for you all and to make sure to thank all of you for being so

supportive of my writing.