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Chapter 7: It's For the Best

By: Anime-Ray-Lovez-Alex!

Last Time:

Kagome sat on her bed, looking out her window to the stars above.

'It's so beautiful out, the stars are shining, and the moon is bright.'

A lone tear made its way down Kagome's cheek. It seemed lately that no mater how good or beautiful everything or anything was, she would always end up crying or staying depressed. Sure Sango, Sota, and even her Mom had tried to get her to cheer up, but it seemed that she had fallen, and fallen hard.

'I must really be in love.'

'Told you so'

'Well yippy for you'




Kagome answered the door only to come face to face with...


Bright Golden eyes stared right into Kagome's, making her knees turn to jelly. 'InuYasha' she thought.

"InuYasha…I...what…what are you doing here?"

"Kagome…" InuYasha looked down. "I'm Sorry I ran out on you the other night."

"Oh, "Kagome said looking down. "It's OK."

"No it's not, I was there with you…I should have stayed." InuYasha Said

"I told you to go. So it's OK, I know it's what you wanted to do."

"" InuYasha didn't reply

Kagome shivered as a breeze blew threw the door. "Why don't you come inside?"

InuYasha walked to her home, it was a nicely furnished little home, just big enough for two people. Of course there where two girls living there so, clothes where everywhere all over…Umm…well…everything. But for everything InuYasha noticed it smelled very good. 'Most likely because of Kagome's sense of smell' InuYasha thought

"Why don't you have a seat?" He heard Kagome say. He took a seat on the…umm-pink couch.

Kagome had seat beside him, and looked at her coffee table.

InuYasha looked at her. "So…" he trailed off

"So…" she did the same

"What been up with you?" InuYasha asked

"Well the usual, school, work, thinking, etc." Kagome replied

"Ya? What have you been thinking about?" InuYasha asked interested

"Well… important stuff." Kagome Looked up at InuYasha who was looking at her intensely.

"Really?" InuYasha whispered getting closer to her face

"Ya" she whispered

They looked from the others eyes to there lips and back. Slowly they came closer to the other. InuYasha brushed his lips over hers, and then looked her in the eyes. They where full of love and lust for him, so being the kind gentleman he was, he slammed his lips down on hers.

Kagome's eyes widened in shock, but slowly they closed, as she melted into his kiss. InuYasha ran his tongue over bottom lip asking for permission with she shyly granted, InuYasha's tongue ran over Kagomes teeth. They parted for air and stared into each others eyes.

The only word that came out of their mouths was…………………….


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