I really have NO idea if this is any good or not, but I'm rather determined to post something today, so I guess I'll just post this. Feel free to make suggestions on improvements.

This is based on my least favorite episode, the second season's Christmas. This can be taken in four ways: Taiora, Sorato, Mimato, or Michi. If you really try, you might see some Mira or Taito, but I don't think so. In any case, I hope you enjoy it.

Disclaimer: If I owned Digimon, I would have never had to write this.


Somehow, the world didn't seem so bad anymore.

Taichi couldn't help but smile as he shared a quick burger with Agumon before Yamato's concert. As usual, the dinosaur had an appetite fit for a sumo wrestler, finishing two hamburgers in less than ten minutes. If he didn't slow down, Taichi wouldn't have any money left for the next two weeks.

This was good, this was familiar. It was as if he was eleven years old again, his crest of courage hanging over his heart and power running through his veins. He hadn't felt remotely this good in a long time, not since –

Taichi winced inwardly. He usually tried to stay away from this particular train of thought, even though he rarely succeeded. Thinking of her didn't bring him happiness, not anymore.

He sipped his soda and peeked at Agumon, wondering if his companion had noticed anything. Thankfully, the digimon was now on finishing his second combo meal, and was steadily working towards the third.

He chanced a glance out of the window. There was a tent set up a five minute walk from the burger place, a long line of teenagers coming from the entrance. Taichi checked his watch, mildly surprised. Yamato's concerts were notorious for the long queues, but they usually didn't start this early. Must be the holiday rush, he reasoned. Good seats were hard enough to find for regular shows.

Taichi squirmed in his seat anxiously. He knew the other digidestined were bound to be in that line later tonight, including…

Sora. Takenouchi Sora.

Just thinking her name made his chest hurt.

He had known for years, ever since they were little. He couldn't imagine living without her; the longest he had ever been away was three months. When he realized that she too had landed in the Digital World, he had been elated. Best friends, worst enemies, always together. It seemed inevitable that he should fall so completely for her.

Recently, however, she had been distancing herself from him, and he didn't know why. Phone calls stopped coming; those that did come through were short and to the point. Conversation was clipped and brisk; their usual banter had been missing for weeks. Drilling everyone to the point of exhaustion, he desperately tried to find out what he had done to make her so angry. Why wouldn't she speak to him?

As usual, Taichi turned to his other best friend: IshidaYamato. Confiding an embarrassing amount of information to the blond, they discussed and debated various possibilities: stress at home, a bad grade, PMS. However, as time went by and Taichi dug further, more and more explanations were thrown away and he was left with empty hands.

Soon, a darker thought had entered his mind: what if something else had happened? The unthinkable, but also the only thing that could explain her aloofness: an infatuation. He toyed around with this particular thought privately, only bringing it up once to Yamato over the phone one night. Finding the resulting conversation a waste of time and energy, he devoted his spare moments to contemplating this horrible possibility on his own.

What…what if she did? What if her heart fluttered every time that guy smiled at her, the same way his did when she smiled at him? Did she dream of this guy's face, his voice, his touch? The thought was too much to bear. He longed to confront her about it, to ask whose name she doodled in her notebooks during those long lectures in class. Ironically, however, he always seemed to lack the courage necessary to do what usually came naturally and just open his mouth.

But not today. Today, after the concert, he would ask her about it, show her that no matter what she thought of the guy in her dreams, there was no one in the world who could love her as much as the guy who truly knew her.

A large, sudden burp from Agumon caused him to jump up in his seat.

"Sorry," Agumon apologized, blushing.

Taichi grinned. There was nothing like a violently orange raptor turning a bright red. "You're excused." He blinked, his eyes surveying the mount of empty wrappers threatening to overwhelm the flushed digimon. "I presume you're done?" he said, fighting the urge to laugh at his friend.

Standing up, he helped Agumon throw away the trash as they left the restaurant. Checking the time on his cell phone, he suggested heading on over to the tent, and Agumon agreed. They walked in silence for a little while, each lost in their own thoughts, until -

"I'm still kind of hungry," remarked Agumon.

"What?" exclaimed Taichi, caught between amusement and amazement. "You had four combo meals!"

"But I didn't have any dessert!" the orange dinosaur reminded him. "And there's always room for dessert."

Taichi sighed and shook his head. "Tell you what; I'll see if I can get you an ice cream cone or something after the show, all right?"

Agumon made a noise of pleasure before retreating back into silence, images of sprinkles and cherries dancing in his mind.

Taichi's thoughts, however, were much darker. His heart was pounding so hard he was convinced it would drown out the sound of concert. Despite the cold weather, his hands were sweating, and the world was spinning as he found himself out of breath. He stared at the ground, willing each foot to take another step as he tried to calm down, but found it difficult when his mind kept screaming, she likes someone else! What are you trying to prove?

"Hey look, Taichi," said Agumon out of nowhere. "There's Sora!"

Taichi's head snapped up, his eyes following Agumon's pointed claw to a bright pink bird and a girl with fiery red hair.

His heart skipped a beat, but before he could give his mind a chance to stop himself, he shouted, "Sora, wait up!"