"SIT, BOY!" Inuyasha was back from seeing Kikyou, again. Kagome ran to the well, crying. Inuyasha hated to admit it to himself, but felt guilty for making Kagome cry. He decided to follow Kagome to her own era.

"Kagome, come back!" Inuyasha yelled at her as she ran inside her house. He leapt inside Kagome's open window, knowing that she would soon be in her bedroom. As Inuyasha predicted, Kagome dashed inside what she assumed were the private walls of her bedroom and saw Inuyasha sitting under the window.


THWUMP! "Kagome!"

"Humph!" and Kagome turned her back to Inuyasha, "That's what you get for – uh - being such a two-timer!"

"I WAS JUST…sigh I just came to tell you ---I'm---sorry" Inuyasha forced the words out of his mouth.

"Why'd you do that to me! Only days after I'd introduced my best friends to you, YOU decide to chase after Kikyou! Kikyou's DEAD!"

"Yeah, that's right. I'm in love with a dead wench! I was devastated when I found out Kikyou was dead, and your scent was so similar to her's, I started to fall for you. But when Urasue brought her back to life, this whole time I only stayed with you until I was sure Kikyou didn't want to kill me anymore." Inuyasha ranted.

At that, Kagome sniffed, trying to hide the fact that she was crying again. "So you do love her---"

"Yeah" Inuyasha said gently. He knew, of course, that Kagome was at the brink of tears. "I should have told you sooner. But frankly, I can't trust Kikyou yet, so I still need you to help me find the Shards."

At this Kagome was infuriated. "Find the Shards? FIND THE SHARDS! That's all I've ever been to you, haven't I! A fricken' Jewel Detector! Well you can just take 'em and shove them up your------"

Inuyasha firmly grabbed her wrist, and calmly but forcefully told her, "You are coming with me. You broke the Jewel, and you are going to fix it." Inuyasha was now pulling Kagome down the stairs, she exhausted from yelling and the misery she felt. "And you're not coming back here again until the Jewel's complete. Not for tests, not for nothing."

After all the commotion upstairs earlier, Mrs. Higurashi decided to make her appearance as the hanyou and the miko made their way downstairs. At the sight of Kagome's tear streaked face, and Inuyasha's tight grip on her wrist, a look of horror came across the mother's countenance. "Oh Kami, what is going on! Inuyasha, unhand my daughter!"

Mrs. H was about to whack Inuyasha with her rolling pin, but he grabbed it in midair. "Kagome won't be back in a while." Inuyasha said dryly. The mother looked frightened, and if Gramps was home, she would have had him (attempt) to purify this monster into oblivion. But since the old man was, in fact, not there, Mrs. Higurashi could do no such thing. "Don't worry. I didn't hurt Kagome. I'll continue to protect her for you. But unless we are able to complete the Shikon Jewel, she won't be coming back here again."

And that was that. Inuyasha picked up Kagome into his arms, and leapt towards the Bone Eater's Well, all the while Mrs. Higurashi was staring gaped mouth as her daughter was dragged away right before her very eyes.


I got the idea for this while listening to Fall Out Boy's "A Little Less "Sixteen Candles" a Little More "Touch Me"". And if anyone's wondering why Kagome didn't sit Inuyasha when he grabbed her, it was because a) She was too upset to think, and b) Inuyasha could have pulled her into the spell too. More chapters coming up soon! Please tell me what ya'll think!