Skywalker City: The Series

An origonal Star Wars fan fiction by Marriella

Summery: During ESB: Vader wants to turn Luke to the Dark Side, but what will happen if he finds out that Padme is alive, and he has more than just one kid? How about ten kids…?

Disclaimer: Everything Star Wars belongs to George Lucas. Elizabeth Skywalker is styled after Pirates of the Caribbean's Elizabeth Swan, Jim Skywalker is styled after Treasure Planet's Jim Hawkins. Westley Skywalker is styled after The Princess Bride's Westley.

Chapter One: Discovery

"I had no choice; they arrived right before you did. I'm sorry."

He had betrayed them! Kreene' Streeth felt her blood boil in rage. Sure, Han had said they could trust Lando, Han said that they were safe at Cloud City. Wrong! Darth Vader was here! Of course Kreene' wasn't afraid of Vader. Her mistress, Padme Amidala had told her all about his situation. No, she was more afraid that Vader would discover that Leia was his daughter, than she was of getting tortured or killed. Loyalty was the first thing she'd been taught.

"Well I'm sorry too," Han said, in resignation.

And then there was a moment of frozen silence. Leia, Han, Chewie and Kreene' stared at Lando. The man they had 'trusted'. And then, they stepped into the room, and the doors closed behind them. They remained standing.

"Have a seat. We may be here a while," Vader said, with fake politeness.

They sat down at the table, all of them trying to stay as far away from the Dark Lord as possible.

"What do you want, Vader?" Leia asked.

Kreene' couldn't help smiling. Leia was so much like Padme in many ways.

"It would be wise, Princess, to calm your temper," Vader warned.

"Only if you make sure to keep yours in check," Leia shot back at him.

Oh, if only Leia knew Vader is her father! Kreene' thought.

"You haven't changed a bit, Princess."

"It's hard to change. You above all people should know that!"

"Will you two please stop arguing? You're giving me a headache!" Kreene' declared.

Vader turned to face her and Kreene' spoke up again. "Why did you turn to the Dark Side? You used to be so handsome!"

Vader paused, momentarily stunned.

"How do you know that?" Vader asked his voice dangerously low.

"Please, would you have stayed on the Dark Side if you discovered that she lived?"

"I will not be telling you things like that, girl."

"I just want to know." Kreene' gave Vader an innocently hurt look, and Vader finally gave in.

"No. I probably wouldn't have."

Kreene' smiled.

"That's good. Because she is alive."

"What do you mean?" Vader asked. Kreene' sighed.

"Did you ever actually feel her death? If you didn't feel it, then it didn't happen."

"Do you mean… that … she's alive? No, that's impossible!"

"It's true!"

"Prove it!"


Kreene' pulled a comlink out of her pocket, and plugged it into a super-large visual. The visual was big enough to show the entire room that the other person that you were calling was in.

"What are you doing?" Vader asked, walking up behind Kreene'.

"I'm proving it."

"How is calling somebody going to prove it?"

"Oh, you're so stupid! I'm calling her!"

"You're what!"

Kreene' finished typing in the number and a visual of a large room with pillars appeared. There were exits on all four sides of the room, and the right side of the room, apparently lead outside to a garden of some sort. But what really caught everyone off guard was the noise. There was yelling and screaming, and the sound of things braking.

"Looks like I caught her on one of her busy days," Kreene' chuckled.

Suddenly, Padme appeared at the screen.

"Padme!" Vader exclaimed.

By this time, Han, Leia, Chewie and Lando had crowded around them, watching with interest.

"Hello, My Lady," Kreene' said. "I was talking to Vader, and he didn't believe me when I said that you are alive, so I called to prove it. Could you sort of, you know…….."

"Hi, Ani. Yes I'm alive. Was there anything else, Kreene'? I'm sort of busy… ahhh!"

Padme ducked to avoid blaster fire.

"Padme, what's wrong?" Vader asked, alarmed.

"It's nothing." Padme said, casually unholstering her blaster and shooting in the direction of where the blaster bolts were coming from. "It happens a lot."

"It does?"

But Padme wasn't listening. Instead, she was yelling to her left.

"Anna, you forgot to put up you're battle droids again! Put them up before they kill someone!"

"What the heck!" Han yelled, in surprise.

"Shhh!" Leia said, shushing Han up. There was an explosion on the other end of the line.

"Not again!" Padme said in an annoyed fashion. Then, some person who they couldn't see started calling Padme.

"Mom! Tinel and Vyyk blew up the roof in the dinning room again!"

"I'm coming, Wesley! Find Anna and tell her to kill these battle droids!"


Padme disappeared from view and Kreene' turned off the comlink.

"Well, there you have it!"

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