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Chapter one - It's tactical! If he loses I get rich and if he wins I get laid.

Nobody had believed it could happen. If Jesus himself had come down from heaven and said quite blatantly 'Listen people of London… Peter Colt will win Wimbledon' they still wouldn't have listened.

It had to be the biggest miracle in the history of tennis.

So as Peter Colt downed yet another shot and his hands rose in triumph, laughing to his brother's protests that as he was older it was easier for him to hold his liquor he felt euphoria at the thought of having being a major part of said miracle.

And not only that but right beside him shaking her head was the love of his life.

Lizzie would have much preferred him be sober on the night of his win so she could steal him away for the night and not have to decipher the slur that his speech was currently being replaced for.

But as long as she was with him she didn't really care how high his alcohol intake was. He'd won anyway; he had the right to celebrate. Just as long as the next morning he was in a decent mood to do some serious talking.

Peter didn't have the hangover he'd expected… yes the disbelief was still there but not the aching and the vomiting and the stars he'd expected.

The smell of bacon drew him to the kitchen where he found Lizzie busily rushing around the kitchen.

'Now, wasn't I the one that cooked in this outfit?"

She looked up and greeted his smile.

"I thought you might need a break. Besides, I make a mean Omelette."

Pete smiled at her and sat at the end of the table, "We'll see how mean."

The omelette turned out to be extremely delicious, and he was reluctant to admit it but not only did it kick his cooking's ass it had an exotic spice his mother could only dream of.

"So… What'd you think?" She asked pouring some juice.

"I think you should cook more often." He said patting his stomach and leaning forward to take the juice.

"We need to talk."

"Uh oh. Nothing ever good comes from those words." Peter said almost choking on his juice, "What? Did Jake steal you away last night when I was intoxicated and couldn't fight him off cave man style?"

"Well he tried… but I don't date losers remember?"

"Ah how could I forget? It's very lucky I didn't lose then."

"Back on topic." Lizzie said softly.

Peter resided and waved his hand issuing she should let lose.

"Well see, I live in America."

"Really? I wondered why the flag your fans waved was different to mine."

"Seriously... see I was thinking of taking a holiday after Wimbledon... before I even met you..."

"Oh god... wait don't tell me you have a secret boyfriend in the bahamas and haven't got around to telling me yet."

"No you dumb ass." Lizzie said laughing, "I was thinking of staying with you as an option."

Peter wondered why this was such a problem, "How long?"

"A month… But see I don't have any money."

"Ah I see it now. What Jake was talking about I mean… the moocher right?"

Lizzie laughed again, she wished he could take it seriously… he was taking things seriously the day before.

"All that winning Wimbledon has given you a big head… Seriously I cannot just depend on you for an entire month!"

"I don't see why not."

"Because our relationship has faired… what two weeks?"

"Look Lizzie. I don't care about the time…"

"I do." Lizzie said biting her lip.

"Fine… you can earn your way by cooking for me every day."

"Peter." She complained in a whiney voice.

"Lizzie." He said mirroring her tone.

"I don't think it's such a good idea so early in the relationship… I just thought about it as being an idea... as a way to spend more time with you before getting back to... reality really. But i think things are moving a bit fast... So I don't know."

"Look. I get this is complicated right? You living in America and everything which you were so quick to point out… and you with your career that has only just started up. But I think we should just apply the 'We'll cross that bridge when we come to it' strategy. I want you to stay. Besides I was musing during the game that we could get this place fixed up." He added looking up at the messy blotchy walls that he'd become accustomed to. "I get that we've only been together two weeks... but to quote many really old cliched movies I'm falling for you hard."

She smiled at him before frowning and adding, "You know i don't like that bridge strategy."

"Well Lizzie I think it's about time you start to like it"

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