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Chapter two – Just to verify do you see me as a distraction?

Match point… One more bloody serve and you could win this… It only takes one decent serve and you can go home victorious… just one bloody serve.

My back's started up again… stupid back.

Oh shut up it's only one serve… Imagine if you actually won this… Against someone younger… fitter…

Hotter… Oh god that tennis skirt is simply…

CONCENTRATE! Think of the reward!

Peter Colt shook his head and forced any tennis unrelated thoughts out of his mind. He bounced the fluoro sphere against the ground as tauntingly as his gentlemanly nature would allow and grinned mischievously. At times like this the only thing he had left was his confidence… because without his confidence he had a grand total of nothing. Lizzie would flatten him in a second if even a single doubt entered his mind.

Time seemed to slow as he tossed the ball into the air in a fluent motion and slammed his racket against it with unbelievable force.

He groaned.

Not quite what he'd had in mind.

"Pass a grape would you dear?" Lizzie said in an airy posh accent. Her feet were propped against the sofa and Peter was massaging them. In front of them on the TV screen Hugh Grant was working behind the counter in a book shop. He'd just laid eyes on Julia Roberts and as Lizzie liked to say 'The rest was history because they were obviously smitten.'

Peter sighed. He'd been so close… and then he'd choked. Match point and he'd had a double fault. From there on he could do no good. The God's favoured Lizzie and instead of a night watching action flicks and eating chips and chocolate with flat out sex afterwards he was reduced to watching Notting Hill and treating Lizzie to a foot massage.

Not two of his favourite activities.

But a bet is a bet after all.

It had been two months. Two blissful months. One month had come and gone when Peter who was very much dreading the time when he'd have to say goodbye to Lizzie and put her on a plane to New York had suggested that she stay an extra month to give herself a rest and let her revitalise. Lizzie who was very much dreading the time when she'd have to get on a plane to New York and wave Peter goodbye had agreed immediately.

But two months were up and she could lose no more time. She had to return to her gruelling routine and achieve the ultimate goal she'd set for herself in the first place.

To win.

But she'd come quite accustomed to living with Peter. It was never a bore. She enjoyed the feeling when she woke up in his arms… she loved playing tennis with he and his family… she loved shopping in London… Getting milkshakes by the pier… The house… the people… but most of all she enjoyed Peter. In fact there was no one's company that she enjoyed more.

And at the same time she'd never been so scared in her life.

She couldn't remember a time at which she'd felt as if she knew who she wanted to be with forever. Not once. Yet she could suddenly see herself walking down the aisle… Raising children… In fact sub consciously she'd begun to plan her children's names…

So as she woke up in Peter's arms for the last time for a long time she felt her emotions contradicting themselves… thinking one thing one minute, and then the opposite the next.

Her mind was in a complete muddle.

She untangled herself from his arms and made her way to the kitchen. Trying to keep warm she made herself a cup of coffee hoping that the feelings would pass.

"Hello." A voice said behind her and two arms crept around her waist.

Well so much for that idea.

"Hello." She replied allowing Peter to place a kiss on her cheek. "You slept well."

"You're supposed to ASK how I slept." Peter replied with a grin.

"How would you know the answer? You were asleep." She replied just as cheeky.

For two months they'd playfully bantered about such things. Pete's brother had observed and said it was nauseating; Lizzie's London friend's observed and said it was worthy soul mate material… Neither pondered on the deeper meaning and they both enjoyed it. It was THEIR thing.

"Today's the day." Peter said sighing.

"Well there's the phone." Lizzie said optimistically.

"And the internet."

"Mainly web cam."

"My, my Lizzie Bradbury you are so very naughty."

How did they manage to turn every serious conversation into a joke?

"So is there a cup of coffee for me? I'm so used to you waiting on me that I'll need to have it just one last time before you leave…"

Lizzie smirked pulling her coffee towards her.

"In your dreams buddy."

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