Most Loved Enemy

By: Sora's GuardianAngel


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A frustrated cry rang out in the air as a furious red head stormed to her house. Only one person could make her this ticked off in her life!

A boy by the name of Sora.

Her teeth clenched as she reached the front steps of her porch. Pulling a key out of her pocket, she jabbed it into the keyhole and turned until a soft click was heard. She swung open the door and then slammed it shut. The pictures on the walls by the door rattled as she swore that it fell off its hinges. The teen, however, disregarded the bruised white door and continued her way to the small two story house's kitchen where she dropped her backpack by her chair at the kitchen table. She slammed her binder—which she could not carry in her small messenger's bag—onto the round oak table before her fiery violet eyes seemed to die of the angry flames and she calmed.

But that was short-lived as she heard as laugh from outside her kitchen window.

One eye twitched from the recognition of the azure eyed boy. Yes, you readers are right. It was the very boy whom she loathed with a passion; her rival, Sora. She had to put up with this brunet twenty-four seven, him being her next door neighbor and all…

You see, it had begun a year ago when Kairi moved to Destiny Islands for her freshmen year of high school at Destiny Academy. Although Sora was the first person she met, and kinda had a crush on, he soon became her rival in art and drama. At first, they both seemed to get along, but as soon as he began to pull pranks on her--that was the last straw!

She growled quickly glancing out the clear glass to see if her arch-enemy was once again plotting against her. The spiky haired boy was wrestling his golden retriever in the soft grass of his back yard (they don't have a fence between their yards.). She calmed a bit seeing the large dog tackle the brunet to the ground and pin him there. Silently rooting for the dog, she turned her attention back to the white plastic binder that had been bashed into the table only a few moments ago. She sighed as she pulled out a sheet of paper and began her homework assigned by her math teacher as the boy's laughter continued on in the background…


"So how was school today Kairi?" her father asked as he sat at the kitchen table while the auburn haired beauty cooked their dinner. He was a tall man with the same fiery hair as his daughter's with kind brown eyes. Adorned in a business-like outfit one could tell he normally took long shifts at work, but it was worth the effort for supporting his lovely daughter.

Kairi turned her attention from chopping onions. She shrugged, "It was good."

'Except the fact that Sora tripped you during your walk to drama class and the fact he sabotaged your science experiment and caused both of you to receive "F's" because you almost blew up the science building!' her conscience growled.

She pictured the onion in front of her as Sora's spiky head and proceeded to chop it relentlessly. Her dad chuckled at her antics, "Is it that boy next door again?"

She continued maiming the poor onion, "Always."

The man in his late thirties grinned, "I remember I was like that towards your mother for awhile…"

Kairi groaned, "Not that story again Dad."

Mr. Aizawa continued ignoring his daughter, "I was afraid to show my true feelings toward her and so I played tricks on her to get her to notice me."

Kairi rolled her eyes as she scraped the onions from the cutting board onto the frying pan. She then pulled out a full green pepper and hacked away at it, still picturing the grinning brunet. "Sora doesn't play tricks on me; he makes my life a living hell! And he's my rival at just about everything," she replied hotly.

"Watch you mouth," her father warned.

Kairi sighed, "And he doesn't like me Dad." She scraped the peppers off just as she did the onions then went to the refrigerator to retrieve the final ingredient for their meal.

His brown eyes twinkled as they followed her, "Do you like him Kairi?"

She nearly tripped at the stated question, "Dad! How could I even think of liking a guy who torments me all the time!" She tore open the plastic packaging for the hotdogs with another growl before chopping them hastily and tossing them into the hot frying pan.

Kairi's father smiled at her back, 'something tells me you'll think otherwise later on in life.' He stood up from the cushioned chair to help set the table, "So, we're having Italian Hotdogs tonight?"

The teenager nodded with a smile as she stirred the contents in the frying pan occasionally.


"G'night Dad!" Kairi called from upstairs. She heard her father laugh, "Come give your old man a hug and kiss before you go to sleep!" Kairi jumped down the stairs in her penguin boxers and black T-shirt. She found him on the computer typing away and tackled him in a hug.

He kissed his daughter's forehead, "Night Peanut." She smiled at her father's nickname for her and hugged him again before skipping back upstairs. Passing a small picture on the wall, she bowed and whispered, "G'night Mom."

She flopped down onto her soft blue bed spread and sighed. Violet eyes betrayed her as they glanced out the window to Sora's house, her father's words haunting her. She frowned seeing the light in his room flick off, "There's no way I like him," she mumbled before drifting off into a peaceful slumber.


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