Most Loved Enemy

Chapter 2 1/2/08

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Chapter Two: The Little Green Word

Kairi hummed quietly as she finished her vocabulary paper and sat doodling in her sketch pad. She smirked at her scribbling of a chibi Sora struggling under a massive boulder with a chibi Kairi sitting proudly on top. She pondered for a moment, curious if the brunet somehow miraculously made it to his class. A small giggle escaped her as the English teacher collected the vocabulary.

Her best friend, Selphie, grinned at her, "What'cha laughin' at Kairi?"

Kairi glanced over to the girl who sat beside her. She wore the same blue and white uniform, but had vibrant green eyes and flipped caramel hair. A big toothy grin covered her face.

"This," Kairi showed her the doodle.

Selphie laughed, "Is that Hikari?"

Kairi nodded, a smile formed on her lips. She eyed the bell, somewhat nervous about her next class. She could already begin to imagine the horrible pranks that would most likely befall her when her next class began…

Selphie smiled at her, green eyes twinkling mischievously. She patted the red head on the back as the bell rang.

"Good Luck, Kai-Kai!" Selphie grinned at her friend who was most likely the next victim of Sora's odd pranks. She trotted over to the door following a blonde haired boy that she had a crush on. One last wave and she vanished behind the other students trying to scramble out of the too-small doorway.

Kairi sighed as she gathered her books and headed out after the doorway cleared. She cautiously glanced around as she waltzed to her next class.


Sora was glaring holes into the back of her head, she couldn't blame him for this either. Apparently he'd made it to his class just in time, but tripped and fell crashing into his English teacher's desk near the front of the room. The accident had cost him an hour after school sitting in that classroom for detention.

As the history teacher drawled on, however, Sora's glares felt less intense as she drifted into another daydream of Riku.

Something sharp poked her back. She yelped.

"Miss Aizawa, do you need to leave the room?" the teacher growled, not only had he noticed her staring off into space, he'd noticed the she didn't even have her text book open to the right page. And now, she'd just interrupted his class.

Kairi sensed Sora's victory smirk from behind.

"No sir, sorry sir," she replied.

The teacher frowned, "Don't let it happen again."

Kairi nodded flipping the pages of the book until she was on the same page as everyone else…


"What's your problem?!" Kairi fumed at him angrily on their way to their next class.

Sora grinned; he'd got her attention again, "Nothing."

"Yeah right…" she muttered.

Someone tapped her on the shoulder. She turned, "Who?"

Riku was smiling down at her, "Hey Kairi!"

Once again the brunet had to fight for her attention. He growled in annoyance as the platinum boy had joined their little walking group. What was worse? His class was right next door to theirs. He silently fumed.

"So, Kairi… Are you doing anything after school today?" the popular boy asked in a suave voice used to woo the female population. Sora felt sick. Kairi felt her face turn twenty different shades of red.

"Um, n-no, No, I'm not doing anything later," she stammered.

"Hey buddy, listen here---ouch!!" Sora yelped as Kairi stomped on his foot. He muttered curses as they reached their respective classes.

Riku waved walking into the band room, "Later Kairi."

Kairi waved back, crimson face still glowing as Sora limped up behind her. She glanced back at him when Riku was gone and glared at the boy.

"I can take care myself, thank you very much. Even if I needed help, I won't be asking you" she frowned. He hobbled in before her like a puppy with his tail between his legs.


Sora's thoughts were somewhere else as the choir sang a song for the fall concert.

'Why him? It's always Riku that she talks about! She completely ignores me when he's around!'

He blinked. He wasn't jealous, was he?

'No way! I'm not jealous!!'

"Hikari? Are you okay?"

Sora's eyes flew open to see Kairi staring at him oddly. Her anger had subsided while they sang. Their classmates filed out the door; lunch time.

His face flushed bright red, one little, green word kept haunting him: jealous.

"Gah! Get away from me!"

He dashed out through the door leaving a bewildered Kairi behind…


"And he freaked out the second he opened his eyes and ran!" Kairi exclaimed as she and Selphie walked home after school. The rest of her day had been uneventful; it seemed Sora started avoiding her ever since they'd talked to Riku. Was he scared of the platinum haired boy or something?

"See? I knew it!" Selphie giggled twirling her bag as they walked.

"Knew what?" Kairi glared at her, knowing that she was up to something.

"Oh, you know…" Selphie began, ignoring Kairi's warning glare. She knew the red head enough to know that glares towards her meant nothing at all.

"Know what?" she'd stopped glaring and was now curious.

"He's jealous!" Selphie grinned.

"Yeah right, you wish Selphie!" Kairi laughed. Clearly it was a joke…wasn't it?

"Who's jealous?"

Kairi and Selphie froze, 'Please don't let it be Sora!'

They both turned gazing upon the pretty boy in front of them. It was none other than Kairi's heartthrob, Riku.

"No-No one's jealous! I was just kidding around!" Selphie smiled.

She waltzed past Kairi and whispered, "I still think you and Sora make a better couple."

She waved to them, giving the unofficial couple some time alone. Selphie knew her best friend would call her once she got home later that evening.

"S-so, what are you doing here Riku?" she stammered as she watched her brunette friend skip away.

Riku smiled, "You weren't waiting for someone else, were you?"

Kairi felt like slapping her forehead, 'duh! He did ask me earlier about being free after school…'

"I'm sorry, I completely forgot about that," she admitted apologetically.

The silver haired bishie appeared surprised at this. He regained his composure, however, and smiled again at her. His white teeth gleamed perfection.

"It's alright Kai," he replied.

She blushed at the nickname. Glancing down at her shoes, she smiled.

"So," Riku picked up their conversation again, "Could we maybe hang out tomorrow then? I know you'd want to get back to your friend."

Kairi kept her stare down at her shoes, "Sure. That's okay with me. Let me ask my Dad tonight and I'll tell you tomorrow at school."

Riku smiled and cupped her chin with his hand. He leaned close to her.

"I'll be waiting then."

With that said, he lightly kissed her on the cheek and began walking back down the road he'd come from.

"See you tomorrow Kairi!" he called over his shoulder and waved. His other hand stayed in his pocket.

Kairi waved back and then turned heel and tightened her grip on her books. She felt her cheek where Riku had kissed her. Riku! The hottest guy in school kissed her!!! She ran to catch up with Selphie to tell her the news.


Sora sat in his homeroom class tapping his pencil against his chin. He'd been trying to figure out why Kairi had been so happy the entire morning. The only thing that came to mind was that Riku had done something. However, that one single thought had such an effect on him that he really couldn't comprehend it. He kept denying that he was jealous of Riku and then confused himself in trying to find another reason why he might not like Kairi and Riku together. In short, he came up with diddly-squat.

He gazed at the red head talking away with her friend Selphie on the opposite side of the room and sighed when he figured they were talking about Riku.

'Am I really jealous?' he thought to himself as he rested his head on his desk. To anyone who didn't know him well, he'd seem tired, but to his friend Tidus, it seemed like he was depressed about something…

"Hey man, what's with you?" the blonde boy asked leaning on the desk next to him.

"Nothing…" he mumbled, "Just tired."

"Oh really?" Tidus said with an undertone of sarcasm. He sat on the desk in front of him and placed his feet in the seat. He then leaned forward, elbows on knees, and propped his head up. Navy met Azure as Sora finally glanced up at him through his chocolate bangs.

"Gosh, did your girlfriend dump you, or something? You look terrible…" the blonde boy gasped.

Sora rolled his eyes, "I don't have a girlfriend, remember."

"But, what about the red head? I thought you liked her…" Tidus said. He was definitely loud enough for their class to hear.

"I don't like her! Are you kidding?!" Sora's eye twitched as he blushed.

Tidus gave him a sideways glance, "I dunno, but I do know that you had a crush on her."

The brunet slammed his hands on his desk, "I did not!" He was half-standing which made him eye-level with his best friend sitting on the desk.

Tidus backed off.

"Okay! Geez, you sure are testy today… maybe you're jealous of him," he mumbled.

Sora slumped back into his seat. Tidus was right; he was jealous.


Selphie smiled as she turned her attention back to Kairi who was excitedly chattering away about her encounter with Riku yesterday.

"Red-head, hmmm…" the brunette murmured. As she recalled, there were only a few girls at Destiny with red hair…

"…Selphie? Were you spacing out this entire time?" Kairi asked with a curious twinkle in her eyes.

Selphie stared at her with a smile, "Are you sure you don't think Hikari is jealous?"

The red head sighed, "You're not giving up on that, are you?"

"Nope," she smiled.

"What about you? You were staring at Tidus just now, weren't you?"

Selphie grinned, "You got me there…"


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