General Note: Menelanna is elvish for Heaven's Gift hence the title of this story.

Chapter 1

Where am I? What happened to me?

These were the first thoughts the Bhaal spawn Menelanna had. The young elven ranger had been the hero of Baldur's Gate. All had seemed well after the final battle with her twisted half-brother Savorvok. That was until that faithful night…

It was her watch. As she stared into the night sky thinking back on all that had happened to her in these past few months. It seemed almost like yesterday that she would sit in garden in Candlekeep with her foster father Gorion as he pointed out constellations to her. Her father who was murdered by the armored man who was her brother.

"Father…" she murmured "I miss you."

Those were her last thoughts before she heard a twig snap. Not a sound that would alert any human, but was sharp and clear to her elven ears. She sprang to her feet and call out an alarm to her companions…then all went black…

Menelanna groaned and tried to rise, but her weakened body would not allow her to get up. As she cracked open her eyes she saw the dank place she was in. She found herself in a small cage, and around her were many others. The inhabitants of those cages looked to be in far worse shape than she was. In the distance she heard a scream …Imoen?...then the darkness took her again.

How long she laid there unconscious she did not know. She heard foot steps approaching and she slowly opened her eyes.

"Ah! So the Child of Bhaal has awakened. It is time for more…experiments" a voice said.

A voice which was cold and inhuman. Next thing she knew her body burning with pain as the masked mage began casting his spells. She could not ignore the pain, she could not defend herself…all she could do was cry out in pain.

The elf was barely aware when a golem came to report that the dungeon was under attack. She hardly took notice as her cold hearted capture teleported away. Her mind began to slip again.

"Dear Corellon…have mercy on me and let my spirit be free…" she barely whispered.

"Wake up you! Wake up!" a voice suddenly pierce her thoughts.

"Imoen?…How?…Where…" groaned Menelanna

"Mene! No time we have to get out of this place!" Imoen said franticly.

"Alright…I ach all over though…but lets get out of this horrible place. Explain how you escaped and what is going on later. For now let's try to find the others and find safety."

Imoen helped her foster sister to her feet. Menelanna's limbs felt like they were on fire, but she did her best to mask her pain. She could not show any weakness, not now.

I have to act strong…for her sake…where the elf's thoughts.

As they moved through the dark dungeons the two young women managed to find weapons and armor, nothing like they had before their capture but it was better than nothing. Menelanna thanked the Seldarine many times when they were able to reunite themselves with Jaheira and Minsc, and of course Boo. But to her horror she learned of Dynaheir's and Khalid's deaths.

They also found an unlikely ally, a thief by the name of Yoshimo. Menelanna did not have a good feeling about this human, but knew not to look a gift horse in the mouth so to say. Menelanna was also able to find out something about their capture…his name was Irenicus. But there were still many questions. Why did he want her? Where were they and more importantly how do they escape? Would this man come after them again? If he did what would happen? These questions move in and out of Menelanna's mind as they fought their why out of the dungeon.

Finally they saw light ahead and knew that they had found their exit. As they rushed out into the open air the tunnel collapsed sealing the dungeon off. They were in the middle of a market area, rubble littered the ground and peasants were running around in fear. In the middle of the chaos stood their tormentor, Irenicus. Hooded men were attacking him, but seemingly without effort the mage disintegrated them. He then turned his cold eyes upon the rag tag party.

"So god child you have escaped"

"You won't torture us any longer!" screamed Imoen as she set off a magic missal at him.

"Imoen no! Let get out of here!" Menelanna tried to yell but she was cut off as wizards suddenly appeared.

After the wizards gave an annoying speech about the use of "unsanctioned magical energy" they declared that they would take both Imoen and Irenicus in. Imoen tried to resist but the mage oddly calmly went with them so long as they took her as well.

"No! You won't take her!" declared Menelanna as she drew her blade and tried to lunge at one of the wizards as he disappeared into his magical portal.

"Imoen! NO!"

"Woe is us! That our pink hair girl has been taken away. Butt kicking in needed in good measure. Right Boo?"

Jaheira said nothing, but wore a mask of anger that promised she would do all in her power to rescue Imoen and avenge her husband.

"I will save you my friend. This has happened because of me and my tainted blood. I will rescue you if it is the last thing I do." the elf said in a determined voice as she began to walk out of the promenade to begin her search for her lost companion.