"blah blahh" -talking

'blah blahh' -thinking


It was a Monday. Monday's, along with many other things, were not on the list of things that Gaara favored. The red head glared up at the three story building in which he would have to spend the rest of his high school days in from the hours seven to three. It's not so much the building itself that he intended to glare at, but the pests inhabiting the school. Gaara in the company of people never resulted in good things.

"Contrary to popular belief, glaring at it won't make it go away," Gaara's brother, Kankuro, voiced with much amusement (which ultimately resulted in the deepening of Gaara's glare, but Kankuro chose to ignore this).

Kankuro was an incredibly handsome boy of sixteen. He stood at around six feet tall with messy chocolate brown hair and dark, almost black eyes. He could easily become the school's heart throb if it weren't for his face paint (as he likes to call it. As a man, he refuses to believe that the dark rings around his eyes were a result of the application of eye liner and that the paleness of his skin was due to the use of foundation). His choice of clothing didn't help much either. Kankuro was always found wearing the same odd looking black hoodie day in and day out. He always wore the hood over his head, and because of it's odd shape, it always appeared as if Kankuro had a pair of cat ears.

"Come on little man, let's get our first day over with," Kankuro said, ruffling Gaara's already messy hair before entering the building. (Messy hair is hereditary.)

Out of everyone that Gaara had met over his fourteen years of existence, he found that he could only tolerate being around two very special people. Kankuro was the first. The older boy fails when it comes to being an affectionate older brother, but he was a good person and he knew how to react around a moody Gaara. That fact alone makes Gaara favor his brother above anyone else. The older boy knew when Gaara needed space and the red head was (secretly) grateful that Kankuro allowed him to keep his distance. The second person was his older sister, Temari.

Temari, being three years older than Gaara, was the eldest sibling of the three. She had short shoulder length blond hair that she often kept in four pony tails. She, like Gaara, had light green eyes and at full height, she stood to be a little shorter then her other brother, Kankuro.Although Gaara held an immense dislike for her at the moment, he couldn't help but respect her. As the eldest sibling of the Sabaku family, she found it to be her responsibility to make sure that the three siblings lived a somewhat average lifestyle. To put it in nicer words, their childhood was a hectic one, one that left the three children parent-less (which was one of the few things that all three children were grateful for), and one that Temari desperately wished her younger brothers would forget. She was the new leader of the Sabaku household, and to make sure that her siblings would not go hungry or unclothed, Temari had dropped out of high school early last year at the age of sixteen so that she could work to provide for her family. She is seventeen now, and working at a local bar in Konoha as full time waitress. The pay she receives is barely enough for the three siblings to keep up with the high rent that a nice town like Konoha demands, so in order to live a somewhat nicer lifestyle, Kankuro had decided to work part time all hours that he wasn't in school, and Gaara, not wanting to feel like a scrub, decided to go job hunting once he was settled into this new environment.

The two brothers parted after getting their schedules from the main office and Gaara was currently looking for classroom C-4. Gaara could tell that he was late for his first day of class by the empty halls, but of course, that fact alone would not make him speed up his pace. He calmly walked through the halls at a slowly, enjoying the silence which was occasionally accompanied by the sound of his light footsteps.

C-2... ... C-3... ... C-4.


Gaara slid the door open and walked in, only to find that he had interrupted the teacher in the middle of his lesson, not that he really cared; he just found it amusing how the whole classroom was now quiet, alert, and staring at the foreign figure standing by the door.

"You must be Sabaku Gaara," the man in front of the classroom said with a smile. "I'm Umino Iruka, I'll be your homeroom and English teacher from now on," Gaara simply stared at the man and Umino-sensei's smile faltered a bit out of nervousness, but he made sure that smile stayed on his face. "Why don't you introduce yourself to the class?"

The red hair boy faced the class and glared at every student present. His sights first landed on a pink haired girl towards the front of a classroom. 'Slut'. He notices that she shivered while under his gaze. Gaara was almost tempted to smile; people were starting to fear him already. The pink haired girl was sitting next to an attractive raven haired boy who looked somewhat familiar, but he ignored that thought. 'Prep'. The boy, who had ebony eyes as Gaara noticed, countered Gaara's glare with a look of his own. Seated to the right of the boy was a blond haired girl who was sending the boy to her left lustful looks. 'Whore'. Gaara noted that her shirt, (if it was a shirt. Gaara was debating over whether or not it was a bra) barely covered her chest.

Gaara continued with his glares until he reached the very back of the classroom. He was now eying an empty seat which he assumed was his. It was placed between two wild looking boys. The boy on the right had bright yellow spiky hair, blue eyes, and six scars, three on each cheek, going across his face. He was currently scribbling frantically on a small sheet of paper. The boy on the left had a similar hairstyle as the one of the right, however, instead of a brilliant yellow tint, his hair was colored brown and it was slightly messier then the other boy. The brown haired boy had two triangular tattoo's going down both of his cheeks and he had eyes that Gaara immediately took a liking to. They looked almost animal like, wolf's eyes, to be more specific. Gaara noticed that the wolf boy was constantly glancing at the blond haired boy, as if waiting for something.

"Gaara-kun.. why don't we seat you next to Naruto," Umino-sensei said once he realized Gaara was not much for talking. "Naruto! Raise your hand,"

The blond boy in the back shot up from his seat at the sound of his name and immediately shook his head and waved his hands around as if trying to defend himself. "Iruka-sensei!! You have it all wrong! I swear!! Me and Kiba weren't passing notes to each other!! I was taking notes about your lecture!! " The classroom fell into a fit of giggles and Umino-sensei sighed, deciding to ignore Naruto's antics for now.

"Gaara-kun, take the seat next to that babbling idiot in the back," Students chuckled at this comment and Gaara nodded before sending his trade mark look to who he assumed was Naruto, and Naruto greeted him with a stupid smile before diverting his gaze back to the teacher.

"Mou, Iruka-sensei, it's not nice to pick on students!" he whined while pouting.

"If you acted like a student, I wouldn't feel the need to constantly pick on you, Naruto-kun. Now sit back down so I could go back to my lesson."

The rest of Gaara's morning went by pretty normally. His History teacher had not bothered Gaara with asking for an introduction, and nor had his Geometry teacher. He was at lunch now, trying to find his way to the rooftop in hopes of getting some alone time, but a blur of brightly colored annoyance was in his way.

"Gaara!! Remember me?! I sit next to you in Iruka-sensei's class!" A seemingly stupid boy said with an equally stupid smile. It was that idiot, Naruto, if Gaara's memory was correct. Gaara just looked at him in a stoic manner, hoping the blond boy would lose his interest in befriending the red head, but with no such luck. Naruto had latched himself onto Gaara's arm before the smaller boy could make his get away. "Come with me!! I'll introduce you to some people!"

And that was how Gaara found himself in the school's crowded cafeteria, seated at a table with a bunch of unknown faces that Naruto called friends. "Everyone, this is Gaara. Gaara, this is everyone!" Everyone consisted of six faces, two of them being Naruto and Kiba, so it was not difficult for Gaara to learn that the fat boy's name was Akamichi Chouji, the boy sleeping to Chouji's right was Nara Shikamaru, the mysterious figure in sunglasses towards the back was Aburame Shino, and the only girl present was Hyuuga Hinata.

"We're all freshmen, cept Shikamaru, who's our age, but he's a junior 'cause he skipped two grades," Naruto explained.

Girly fan girl screams were heard at the entrance of the cafeteria and the expression on Naruto's happy-go-lucky face drastically changed as he rolled his eyes and gave a noticeably unhappy frown. "And here come the royal Mister and Missus."

Gaara's eyes followed where the screams were coming from and was amused to find the majority of the school's female population circled around what Gaara assumed to be the schools hottest couple. He found himself more amused when he got a better look at the pair.

They walked into the cafeteria side by side, both of them ignoring the attention they were getting. The one to the right was the shorter of the two and he, unlike the other one, looked like he was annoyed with the world. Gaara recognized him as the boy in his first period class. He had short raven hair that contrasted pleasantly with his almost-effeminate pale complexion (Gaara can't help but wonder if any cosmetics were used to get his skin to look the way it does). The boy's ebony eyes scanned the cafeteria almost as if searching for a specific something, or perhaps even someone. Gaara was most interested when the boy's eyes land on Naruto and his interest grew as he witnessed the boy's facial expression change from annoyed to almost happy, then flashed back to annoyed, but to a greater extent.

The figure next to the black haired boy was a few inches taller then his companion. He had long chestnut hair which he kept tied back in a loose pony tail. He had pale complexion with slightly tinted cheeks and thin pink lips. His white eyes and empty expression gave Gaara the impression of untainted innocence and he walked with elegance, as if almost demanding respect from those around him. It wasn't until those white eyes were on him did Gaara notice that he was staring. It was the other boy to look away first though, Gaara never lost at staring contests.

"They're both men."

"Thank you Captain Obvious, for your wise observation," Naruto said sarcastically with a small bow. "The short one's Sasuke and next to him is Neji. They're called the Royal Mister and Missus, even though they aren't actually dating. Sasuke's the Mister and Neji is the Missus if you couldn't tell by looking; though I don't understand why. Sasuke is a little girl on the inside, he would so be the girl of a gay relationship. He think he's the most popular guy in school and that he's better then me in everything. He's only in denial of course. Heh, what an idiot bastard." Gaara could tell that the scowl on his company's face was not one of hatred, but was unsure if Naruto knew this himself, so he decided against voicing his opinion. It's not like it mattered much anyway.


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