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Lord Elrond Meets Elena

By: HanyouandFriends


Elena falls into Lord Elrond's study, and the whole mary-sue prophecy deal ensues. I think you can fill in the blanks on your own.

"Arwen, would you show Lady Elena to her rooms, please?" Lord Elrond asked.

Arwen nodded and motioned for Elena to follow her. Elena motioned for her to wait, and turned back to Elrond. "Lord Elrond?" she asked.


"If you hear banging sounds coming from my rooms, don't worry, it's just me punching my walls or something," said Elena

"Why would you punch your walls?" he asked confusedly.

"Because somebody pissed me off," she replied.

"Still, why would you punch your walls?" he repeated.

"Because it's better than punching whatever idiot pissed me off," she stated calmly. She held up her hands so he could see how badly the knuckles were busted. "Yeah, I have some anger issues. I tried anger management classes, but those didn't quite work out..."


"Elena, what would you do if somebody got in your face like this?" asked the counselor, stepping closer until he was nose to nose with her.

"I'd do this!" she said, punching him straight in the nose. He fell to the ground, and Elena walked out the door of the counseling building to cheers and applause from her fellow sufferers, who had wished every day they had been stuck in this hell to have the guts to do what she just did.

Needless, to say, she never went back, and the entire city was talking the next day about what a psycho she was.

End of Flashback

"Alright then," said Elrond nervously. "Arwen?"

Arwen stepped up and took Elena's arm to lead her to her rooms. Elena was still laughing to herself like a madwoman. Her violent memories tended to do that to her.


As Arwen led Elena to her room, Elrond looked into his Palantir at the Eye Of Sauron. "Sauron, I think our mary-sues got mixed up in the delivery."

"So that is why my mary-sue won't stop crying! She has been at it for an hour and a half!" Sauron replied.

"And that is why my mary-sue is a madwoman!" yelled Elrond.

Sauron cackled at that."Wasn't exactly what you were expecting, huh?"

"We need to figure out a way to switch them, I can't take much more of this!" Elrond cried.

" We will both have to suffer for a week," sighed Sauron."That is how slow the mail is these days."

"We might be able to cut it down to four days if we send them now," said Elrond.

With that, both rushed off to find their mary-sues.


A/N: As I said, this is just a really random fanfiction I wrote when I was up late. If it sucks, blame it on my insomnia and the two Red Bulls I had while playing pool with some friends. I know, I'm pathetic.

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