It had been 7 months, now, and Roux felt jittery. He sighed deeply in an attempt to calm his nerves.

"Everything's alright, lad..." he mumbled to himself. "Babe'll be here soon enough. He's plenty safe..." He put his hand on his stomach, thinking about the life residing under his skin. If his body suddenly had those tell-tale spasms, at least his son would -most likely- be healthy and safe...right?

Roux sighed again and pulled his hair out of its ponytail. Upon inspection, the band he'd tied his hair back with looked like it was about to snap. Roux tossed it in the trashbin. How many hairbands had he gone through during this pregnancy? 10? 15? 20? Possibly more. Too many no matter how he looked at it. His thick hair was putting stress on band after band, and to say the least, it was irritating.

"I wonder if it's safe for me to go out..." he asked of no-one in particular. He wanted to visit his sister...and everyone else in his family, for that matter. He longed for their support.

He licked his lips. What was that delightful smell? Whatever it was, it made him hungry. With some difficulty, he pulled ihmself out of the armchair and shuffled into the kitchen.

"How are you today, Roux?" Vianne asked cheerfully when she saw him walk in. "would you care for some chocolate-covered olives?" Roux smiled. So that was the smell. His favorite craving, too.

"It's like you've known me forever." he laughed, picking up one of the olives. Vianne smiled and took one for herself. Roux looked at her strangely.

"Would you really want to eat that?" he asked. She grinned and popped it into her mouth, gagging at the extreme salty-and-sweet combination. Roux laughed and started to eat his own. He felt comforted by the knowledge that everything would be alright.