A/N: I wrote this some months ago and never thought to upload it for some reason. I was fascinated by the final fight scene and the death of Mei, it was incredibly powerful. And thus, a poem was born! Reviews are welcome, but I do not claim to be a skilled poet. This just happened to come out, et viola.

The Wind


Now blood-stained.

The white snow falls.

His screams pierce the air.

Winter's cold surrounds them

As he cradles her lifeless form

To know such pain.

She calls to him from beyond.

Her eyes daggers in the dark.

He utters a soft song.

Everything changed

When she sang that song.

Now she's gone.

He knows now

He was never the wind.

She was the wind.

He was the leaf

That she carried along

Blowing strong.

Now she's gone.

The wind has stopped.

The leaf will travel no more.

As his heart will beat no more.

To have known her so little

And yet known all of her.

He calls for his wind,

To be free with him.

The blood-stained ground

Is all that remains.

Yet revenge still lingers

In a nameless way.

Forever will he work

To avenge this day

The one who loved her will pay.

Daggers and flowers

Petals and blood

Anger and love

Unite into one

As his heart died

The wind faded away.