Title: zacharoni and cheese

Spoilers: um…a little second season premier spoiler-y. if you haven't seen it, this might be a little bit confusing.

Warnings: nope.

Disclaimer: I own the converses, the dog tag necklace, the cowgirl hat, randi, and lynx. That's it. I only wish I owned Zach

I dedicate this to my B.F.F. ashlee and her horrible macaroni and cheese cooking skills. ( and yes she has managed to mess up easy Mac!)

A/n: I got the idea for this from the season premier of bones, And the whole macaroni and cheese/ Zacharoni thing. Randi is based on the above mentioned B.F.F. and lynx is based on me. Enjoy:-)

It seemed like an ordinary day. Bones was looking at a body, Booth had the day off and had taken parker to a water park, Angela and Hodgins had gone out for lunch together, and Dr. Saroyan and Zach were preparing to eat their usual lunch of macaroni and cheese and donuts. What nobody knew was that things were about to get a little crazier.

The peace and quiet of the lab was broken by the entrance of two young women. They were singing "out tonight" and dancing around. The taller of the two was carrying a bowl. she had brown eyes and brown hair pulled into a ponytail. She was wearing a white t-shirt with a hot pink t-shirt layered over it, jeans, hot pink and white tie-dyed crocs, and a gold heart shaped locket.

The smaller girl had very short honey blonde hair and big blue eyes. She wore a black spaghetti strapped Criss Angel t-shirt, velvety black pants, ratty black converses with black and white checked laces, a silver dog tag necklace, and a black cowgirl hat.

Brennan was so entranced in her work that she did not notice the young women until they were right next to the platform.

" can I help you ?" she asked.

The taller girl held up the bowl, " hi! I'm Miranda and that's Lynsi", she said.

" a.k.a. Randi and Lynx" Lynsi added.

"Temperance Brennan" she replied.

" we're here to eat lunch with addybear" Randi explained. " addybear?" Brennan smiled.

"yea" lynx said, " its our nickname for Zach. You didn't hear it from us but he sleeps with a teddy bear".

" my lips are sealed", Brennan said.

"so where is Zach?" randi asked, " we don't wanna keep him waiting. He threatened to sic Bolo, one of his robots, on us if we were late again."

Brennan laughed, " down that hall, third door on the right" she said.

" please, spare us all!" Lynx said.

" hey I'm not that bad a cook!" randi said.

" ever heard of easy mac?" Lynx asked Brennan.

"no" Brennan said.

" it's like regular macaroni and cheese, except you make it in the microwave", Lynx explained.

"ahhhh so it's one of those types of food created to the feed the human desire for instant gratification?" Brennan asked.

" ummm… sure. Anyways would u believe she actually managed to mess easy mac up?" Lynx said, pointing to Randi.

"how?" Brennan ask, confused.

" no clue" said Lynx, "and I don't think I wanna know!"

" well" said Randi, " we better go. Zach's probably getting impatient".

" yeah" said Lynx," nice to meet you!"

" nice to meet you too" Brennan said.

The girls headed for the room Brennan had directed them to earlier. inside, Zach was waiting with dr.saroyan.

"hey hey!" lynx said, high fiving Zach and sitting down next to him.

Randi put the bowl in the middle of the table, next to the donuts, and kissed him on the cheek. "so shall we eat?" Dr.Saroyan asked.

"who made the macaroni and cheese?" Zach questioned.

Lynx simply pointed to Randi.

Zach's eyes got really big but he didn't say anything, and everybody dug in. one by one, they laid down their spoons, and looked at each other. "kfc!"