Summary: Demyx discovers Kairi in the dungeon and begins to develop feelings for her.

Pairings: Demyx/Kairi

Warnings: Lots of swearing and violence

I thought this up when I read "Melodious Ocean". It's pretty sweet, if you ask me.



I walked around the castle, looking for a nice place to play my sitar in. Somehow, all the members of Organization XIII have a headache—I think Saïx told me that it was because of her screaming.

EVERY MEMBER. Man, does she scream that loud? Our castles like a labyrinth, its pure white and you don't know where the hell you're going… not to mention that it was as big as a thousand mansions combined length-wise! I wonder how they could hear her from their individual quarters.

I wonder how I'm even walking around previously mentioned gigantic castle without getting tired…

Ahhh, back to the point. All our members have a headache and won't allow me to play my music near them or else their headaches will get worst and then I'll have them on my ass… eww, not in that way.

I wandered off to one of our halls that actually included another color than white, blue or black. This was a dungeon hall, a pretty big one will many prison cells. Geez, why do we even have this hellhole? It's like we ever keep hostages anyways, we (as in most of the other members) usually kill enemies right on the spot rather than bring them back and keep them here.

My thoughts were then interrupted with the sound of sobbing. Larxene was dead, so there's no way that sobbing was from her.

Then it hit me.

Someone brought a girl in the Castle That Never Was! I bet her screaming was rape!

I don't think we were that interested in girls though.

I turned on my heel on my way to discover who brought the girl but stopped in my tracks when I heard something else.

Dog whimpers.

A dog too? Gosh, I hope nobody's molesting the poor pup… hold on a sec. The sobbing and the whimpering sound awfully loud.

That could only mean that they're here! In the dungeon! Well, I take back what I said about the hostages.

I ran as quickly as I could across the hall, hoping to find the source of said noises. I halted when I saw some dark red and yellow orange at the corner of my eyes. The girl was wearing a lot of pink.

She didn't really notice me, despite my loud footsteps. Makes me wonder if she's deaf…

Sadly, though, the dog wasn't deaf, so once he began barking, the red-headed girl immediately looked up and wore a glare on her swollen eyes.

The blue eyed girl quickly rushed towards the bars and screamed at me "Who are you!" Temper, temper. "I'm Demyx, you are?" I attempted to start a friendly conversation—something I could never get out of anyone (Be they the Organization members of any of the heroes)

"You're with him aren't you, Demyx? I'm not helping you feed Sora's anger!" she yelled. I jumped back in fright, "Oh, you mean Saïx and the other guys? Uh… yeah I'm with them but…" "Tell them I'm not going to cooperate with their plan!" she rudely interrupted.

I just gave her a shy grin "Hey, take it easy, Red. I'm one of the nicer guys among us. Besides, they wouldn't listen to me—they say my voice gives them headaches… well, in this case, worsens it." I nervously reasoned with her, "Don't call me Red."

"What do you expect? I tried to ask you. You only screamed at me, so I have no choice to call you Red. Unless you'd rather tell me your name."

'Red' raised an eyebrow "That red-haired man knew my name, so did that elf-like man. Then why don't you?" she asked, "Ahhh, well they don't really like to let me in their plans. You see, I'm the weakest among the Organization so I'm not really respected."

The girl slumped down "Oh. That must really suck, right?" I shook my head enthusiastically "Nope! I got my music, I don't feel sad!" I gave her a wide grin, Red just chuckled.

"Alright, my name is Kairi. I'm… one of Sora's friends." Red—I mean Kairi trailed off at the end, which made me slightly worried. "You're worried about Sora, aren't you?" The blue-eyed teenager just nodded slowly.

I bit my lip, strangely enough I felt guilty. I had to cheer her up. An idea popped into my head and I brought out my sitar "I know! How about some music, Kai?" I asked Kairi, who instantly turned her attention to me and frowned at the nickname.

Without a response, I began to play my sitar. As usual, water forms danced around. The red-head looked absorbed in my music as she watched the clones of water move, making her dizzy.

After my short performance, the water died down and she now wore a genuine smile "Demyx, that was great!" My eyes widened "You really think so? Finally someone appreciates my music!" I screamed aloud.

"Do you think you can come by every now and then? Unlike you, I don't have much company… ah, of course he's a lot of company but I need someone to talk to… you know." I nodded in response "Really? Thanks Demyx! I'm glad you aren't like your partners."

I lightly smiled "I guess I'll be seeing you around then Kairi." I enveloped myself in a portal.

"By the way, I like your name!" My voiced echoed even once I was gone.

Kairi blushed slightly but grinned to herself and walked back to her little spot near the wall, "Heh, Demyx' a pretty cool name too."



I walked towards Kairi's prison cell. I always took time to visit her every now and then to make sure she was still there—and unharmed.

I personally enjoyed it whenever I visited her, because she's on the verge of tears most of the time. So those trips were always something to look forward to—her pain and depression.

But not this time.

I arrived at her cell; she was looking awfully… cheerful. Kairi looked like she was trying to act sad, but I saw through her disguise. "And what exactly are you smiling at?" I coldly asked her, she faked a frown at me "It's none of your business!"

I just rolled my eyes, "I know there is something that you are happy about, Kairi. If you have not noticed, it's my job to make you miserable at all costs during your stay here at the Castle That Never Was."

"You're so heartless! Can't you just leave me?" asked the red-haired captive, I softly chuckled. "No. I must make sure that you don't escape." With that response, she turned her back on me and transferred her attention on that mutt.

I grunted silently and began to walk back from where I came. Apparently, I was stepping on something slippery and nearly slipped. Luckily, I stopped myself from making a fool of myself. That caught my attention though.

Curious, I crouched and slipped a finger through the liquid and examined it thoroughly, "Water?"

Realization then hit me, "Demyx…" I mumbled to myself and continued my trip out.

Heh. Looks like Number IX had just recently been here, my curiosity is increasing… what could he have possibly wanted?

If there is yet another puddle of water in my next visit, it is evidential that our little Demyx is concerned for Kairi. This is going to be good.



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