I gunned the engine of my bike, pulling back just enough so I could balance on one wheel while I whipped down the street. A couple of the neighbors started yelling at what a racket I was making so early in the morning. Laughing, I tapped the gas pedal again, and the engine screamed-along with every single living thing in that vicinity. It was all such sweet blissfulness.

Hurtling down the street, now deserted at such a late, or should I say early, hour in the morning, I was having the time of my life. Yet, if I wasn't careful, the cops were going to most definitely be after me. Damn them…can't a girl have fun?

Eventually, I slowed down to park my bike near the bay. I could barely see the sun peeking over the midnight waters. A couple fat gulls had settled on the rotting wood that jutted out from beneath the water. There wasn't another soul for miles perhaps.

I swung my leg over the seat of my bike and wheeled it down to the water's edge. The water today was actually fairly clean. Recently, the government had been trying to clean it up. Note the key word: trying. Yet, the water, I had to admit, was indeed looking better. The usual film of green and red crap was starting to drift away.

I sat down on the beach and tucked my legs to my chest, staring at the never-ending water. My mom and I had come to this same beach only a day before. She had told me that we were going away for awhile. How long, she didn't know.

When I was little, we used to walk down to the beach together every day-despite the nasty pollution. She'd always point out to the water, to a shore that I couldn't see. "You see that?" she'd ask me.

I, of course, couldn't see what she was talking about and would shake my little head, confused as to what she was trying to get at. She'd smile, not angry, but understanding. "Someday," she told me, "we're going to go there."

"Why mommy?" I asked her.

"Somebody lives there."

"Who?" I asked in my childish tongue. She wouldn't answer me, which irritated me for sometime, but I figured that I would find out eventually.

So, she finally tells me after Lord knows how many years that we're going to that place across the water. She even said we might be living there. My God! As if I don't have a life. Give me a freaking break.

I stood up and brushed the sand off the seat of my jeans. Although I really didn't need to sleep, I had to at least rest somewhat before heading off to the unknown tundra. I clambered back on my bike and started the engine, while still on a fairly sandy part. The diamonds of sand flew everywhere until the spinning wheel was able to grasp onto the ground and push the bike forward.

The adrenaline in both me and the bike pumping, I flew over ditches, while not holding onto the safety of the handle bar, and basically, just kicked some major ass. Life was sweet.