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Chapter 1: I have no friends...

Time slipped slowly by as the clock on the wall of a plain yellow classroom, slowly ticked it's way towards three o clock.

"The more you watch it, the longer it's going to take." a voice said beside a black haired boy. The boy turned and saw the teacher standing beside him, her arms crossed and her foot tapping impatiently.

She held out a hand and pointed at the blank, boring piece of lined paper sitting on the scratched and well worn wooden desk.

The boy pouted and then bent his head over the desk and picked up his pen, writing a few words before the teacher walked away and he commenced staring back at the clock.

Monkey D Luffy wasn't a patient boy, in fact, he was anything but. Some people wondered if he had ADHD but, he didn't. It was just his personality. He was naturally hyper and he loved to play games and have a good time.

Luffy had better things to do with his time rather than sit at a desk and learn some boring old English. Glancing around again at the clock, Luffy frowned and went back to his paper. He was supposed to be writing a paper about his best friend.

Well, he didn't exactly have one of those. In fact, Luffy had no friends. He had seen others hanging around, laughing and playing around with each other, but, every time he had tried to join in, they had looked at him like he was an alien, and then moved swiftly away.

Luffy was always left alone. The teacher, sitting behind her desk, cleared her throat and gave Luffy a pointed look. Luffy's mouth twisted and he looked down at the paper again. Five words glared back at him, written in bright blue ink.

I don't have any friends. And Luffy sighed. Then the school seemed to go quiet, seemingly in tense anticipation before a loud 'brriiiinnnggg' filled the empty halls.

Luffy jumped up from his seat and grinned before grabbing the paper, grabbing his pen, running past the desk and slapping the almost blank piece of paper down on the table before zooming out the door.

He fought his way through tons of chatting and yelling kids and ran out down the stairs and into the breezeway that ran underneath the school. Running over to the wall outside the school office, he grabbed his bag from his locker, slammed it shut, locked it and then ran out the main gate. The lockers were located beside the office door, out in the open.

This was a little… troublesome on rainy days. He was supposed to take the bus home, but, who needed the bus when you could walk, or better yet, run down town and get something to eat! So, Luffy did just that, or, he would have had he had any money.

Luffy was poor. Very poor in fact and he lived by himself in a run down house in the distasteful side of town. To get a job, Luffy had to fill out a form, but, every interview he had ever been given, was a bust.

The owners of the businesses, or the managers or whoever it was that interviewed him at the time, never called him back like they said they would, but, that never dampened Luffy's spirits. He was always hopeful that one day, he would get the job he had always wanted.

What that job was, he wasn't sure at this point in time, but, as long as it payed well, or he had fun, he didn't really care. The house had been abandoned a long time ago, and no one owned it, so, Luffy had taken up residence.

His brother, Ace, had set him up pretty well to start of with, and every now and again Ace would come back and pay for another year of Luffy's schooling. But, his brother never stayed any longer than a few weeks, as he was always travelling to a new place.

He was walking along the sidewalk, humming a song when a man ran around the corner in front of him. Luffy's eyes widened and then the man slammed straight into him, sending both of them tumbling. Luffy hit his head on the pavement, and was only vaguely aware of a pair of dark green eyes looking down at him and then a mumbled,

"Sorry." before the weight on his chest was gone. Luffy lay still a few seconds and then turned onto his stomach and watched the back of the man as he continued to run.

"Meanie." he muttered before getting up again and then sighing. Looking down at his uniform, he groaned at the sight of the dirt stains. "I have to wash it… again!" and he made a vague attempt at brushing himself off before continuing.

He looked up at all the shops and stores, his eyes growing bigger with each one he passed. Finally, he paused beside a rather nice looking restaurant. He could see inside quite easily through the glass window which was decorated along the bottom with painted waves.

Luffy pressed his nose as hard as he could against the glass. He could see a tall man in there, serving a young couple with the utmost grace. Luffy sighed. He would never be able to go into a place like that.

Luffy was about to walk off when the man inside looked up and his visible eye narrowed. Luffy backed away a step. He was well known throughout the town as a scabber and a stealer. He gave a nervous wave before running in the opposite direction, across the road and down another street.

"Close." he muttered before continuing.

"I am working on it!" a voice cried and then a door snapped open beside Luffy and a boy walked out, his face scrunched up in rage and his long nose twitching ever so slightly. Luffy blinked at him and the boy blinked back.

"What are you looking at?" the curly haired boy asked. Luffy shrugged and then rubbed the back of his head.

"Uh…I don't know." he replied and he gave a nervous laugh. The curly haired boy's mouth twitched in a smile before he gave a short nod.

"Good one." and then he walked off. Luffy's brows furrowed.

"…good one what?" he asked. He received no answer and could not think what would have been the 'good one' so, he just shrugged and once again continued, unaware of the curly haired boy watching him from around a corner.

Luffy was meeting some strange people down the street today. Casually, he kicked an empty can in front of him as he began to walk down the well known route towards home.

He hadn't gotten any food and that had bummed him out a fair bit, but, there was always something in the cupboard at home, so he would eat then. Luffy looked up at the alley he was walking down and his eyes drooped. Nothing in here except his echo, and even that was a dull thing. Luffy sighed and continued.

"Hey kid." a voice asked. Luffy's head snapped up and he looked around but he couldn't see anything. "Over here." and Luffy looked behind him to see a tall man standing there, his face hidden in shadow. Luffy blinked and took a step backwards.

"Who are you?" Luffy asked. The man chuckled.

"Give me your money."

"I don't have any."

"Don't lie kid. I'm not in a good mood today."

"I'm not lying. I don't have any money."

"Fine kid, we'll do it your way." and the man launched forwards, swinging his leg straight out at Luffy's head. The boy backflipped out of the way and blinked at the man before his eyes narrowed.

"C'mon guy, I don't have any money! I'm telling you the truth!" Luffy cried, but the man didn't listen as he took another swipe at Luffy and the well shined black shoes shone in the light before it connected with Luffy's chest, sending the small high schooler back down the alley. Luffy coughed as he stood and put a hand to his chest.

"Back off." Luffy warned. The man came running at him and Luffy braced himself, pulling a fist back and getting ready to fight. As soon as the man reached him, Luffy slammed his fist right into his face, sending him back down the alleyway again. Luffy took a deep breath and stood up straight again as the man lay still on the cold ground.

"I warned you." and then he turned and hurried towards home.


On the roof of a building that looked down into the alleyway, an orange haired woman sat, her head resting on her hand and a sly smile on her face.

"So, you reckon he'd be a good asset?" a curly haired boy asked beside her. The woman shrugged.

"He seems a little stupid, but, he's a good fighter. So, yeah Usopp, I think he'd be great." and she stood, her knee length light blue jacket fluttering behind her as she smiled. Her eyes followed the boy as he walked away and then she leapt easily down into the alleyway.

"So, Sanji, you couldn't handle a little kid." and she chuckled lightly. The man laying in front of her groaned and sat up.

"No. But, that just proves your theory, Nami. He is worthy of the organisation." Sanji replied and smiled up at her. He rubbed a hand over his cheek and winced. Usopp leapt down beside them and put a hand on his hip.

"He hit you pretty hard, huh?" Usopp asked as he idly spun a gun around on his finger.

"Come here Usopp." Sanji said and the boy blinked before walking over. The blonde haired man swung a leg out and slammed it into Usopp's side, sending him into the wall. Sanji chuckled.

"He hits about that hard. A bit harder maybe. So, does he pass the test or do I have to try and rough him up again?" Sanji asked, closing his eyes and idly brushing off a patch of dust on his sleeve. Nami chuckled lightly again and kneeled in front of the well dressed man.

"No, he passes. Now we just have to get him to join." and she patted Sanji gently on the top of his head before standing and walking away. Usopp stood, a hand over his side as he followed. Sanji sighed and got up as well. Nami knew how to play him just like a violin.


Luffy pushed the key into the lock of his house. Well, it could hardly be called a house, more like four plain walls and a floor. Moving into the room, Luffy looked around and put his hands on his hips.

"Home again." he said before dropping his bag on the floor and taking his shoes off. That fight with the guy in the alley had been unexpected and a little unnerving. He had never come across someone in that alleyway before. Luffy gave his chest a poke and then winced before pulling off his school shirt and inspecting the growing bruise.

"Stupid guy. I told him I didn't have any money." he muttered as he walked over to the cupboard in the corner where all his first aid, food and clothes were. Not that he had many clothes.

Grabbing out a light blue shirt, he slipped it on and placed his school shirt in a basin beside it. He turned on the only tap in the house and half filled the basin. As he washed his shirt, he thought once again about the man in the alleyway.

"Wonder why he picked me." Luffy muttered before pulling the shirt up and looking at it. The dirt had been totally washed off, but, Luffy was still annoyed that that guy had knocked him down.

At least he had apologised but, he could have helped him up or something. Stupid guy. Luffy opened his side window and pegged the shirt to the clothesline. Luffy smiled and tilted his head.

"Now for some food." he announced and turned around to look in the cupboard. He had a can of meat and… that was it.

"Ahh! No more food?" he cried as he grabbed the can from the shelf and shook it. Luffy sighed and let his head fall forward to rest against the edge of the shelf. He turned so he could look out the window and stared at the lightly waving shirt.

The grey building on the other side of the window was his only view.

"I can't eat just this tonight." and he frowned, "Shouldn't complain. I've got a house and a bed. I can last on this much food." and he peeled the lid back on the can, picked up a clean fork and began eating.

He sauntered over to the single chair leaning against a wall and sat down, the wood creaking. Luffy sighed.

"Now my chair's gonna break. Meh, I'll sit on the floor." and he got off the chair to sit down on the hard wooden surface. It didn't take the boy long to eat the rest of the food and afterwards, he still felt very hungry. His stomach gave a loud rumble and Luffy pressed a hand over it.

"No use complaining stomach, I haven't got any more." he said before standing and brushing the backs of his school pants off. He looked around the room again and frowned before noticing the cold wind that was blowing through his open window.

Luffy tilted his head and walked over to the window and gazed out. He turned so he was leaning backwards out the window and he was looking up at the sky, the shirt flapping near his head. Night was beginning to descend on the little town and stars were twinkling in the sky. Luffy smiled and tilted his head slightly to lean it on his shoulder.

Tomorrow was the weekend and he had two days off, and he was going to go on an adventure through the forest nearby. He grinned as he thought of all the adventures he would have. It was going to be great!

Luffy pulled his head back in, thinking he would have to do some of his homework in order to get through school on Monday. Last time he had neglected to do his homework, well, even Luffy had been a little scared.

Grabbing his bag, he unzipped it and dipped a hand inside. He pulled out a maths book, poked his tongue out at it and dropped it by his side. Next, he pulled out a book he was supposed to read for English and dropped it on the floor as well.

Grabbing out his art book, he considered it for a second and then opened it to a middle page where he was supposed to be drawing a dog. Although, it rather looked like a cat with an extra leg. Luffy turned it so it was upside down and then smiled.

"Not so bad. Don't know why my art teacher thought it was a house." he commented before placing the book down open on the floor. Luffy sighed and bent over it.

"Guess this is my work tonight." he muttered.


The next morning found Luffy sitting on the floor of his little house, glaring at the rain that was pounding against his window as he idly twirled a straw hat between his fingers. He glanced down at it and then back at the window.

"Stupid rain." he muttered and then crossed his arms and looked at his finished project. It actually looked like a dog now. Or at least, Luffy thought it did, and in Luffy's opinion, if he thought it was good, then it was. A loud thunderclap boomed overhead and Luffy looked up at the roof.

"Buzz off." he commented grumpily. He wanted it to go away so he could go on his planned adventure into the forest. His stomach rumbled and Luffy's mouth twisted. Maybe he should go into town and see if he could scab some food.

Standing up, Luffy's stomach rumbled again. He placed his hat on his head and moved towards his corner cupboard.

"Hnnn, soooo hungryyy." he whined as he grabbed his tattered black denim jacket from the cupboard and put it on. Thunder rumbled again as Luffy moved out his door and turned to lock it.

He stuck the key in his pocket and turned. The alleyway looked a little ominous, but, Luffy went down it anyway. He stayed close to the wall to try and avoid as much rain as possible, but, he still got soaked.

Luffy ran as the rain got harder and he dived into a nearby shop. He took off his hat and shook his hair and then looked around to see where he was. Lacy things. Frilly things, and a grumpy woman glaring at him from over the counter.

Uh oh.

Luffy blinked and then stiffened.

"Eep!" he cried and ran out of the lingerie shop and back into the rain, squishing his soaked hat back on his head as he did so. "Not the best place to pick." he muttered and then looked up as lightning flashed across the sky above him, quickly followed by a particularly loud clap of thunder.

Luffy squeaked and ran down the street, this time ducking into a toy store. He checked what the shop was this time before going in.

"Hello Son. What can I do you for?" a smiling man behind the counter asked. Luffy turned and smiled.

"Nothing thanks. I was just getting out of the rain." he replied. The man chuckled.

"Aren't we all." he replied and Luffy paused.

"Aren't we all what?"


"You said aren't we all. Aren't we all what?"

"Getting out of the rain." the man replied and Luffy blinked and then grinned.

"Ohhh, I get it now." he cried and looked around. The man sighed.

Not too bright. He thought. A particularly cool toy caught Luffy's attention and he hurried over to only find it was behind glass. He pressed his face against it and the man behind the counter raised an eyebrow.

"Uh, son, could you not press your face against the glass? I just cleaned it." the man said. Luffy turned and then took a step back, laughing nervously.

"Sorry." and he looked back at the blinking toy. It was a little robot with lights that blinked and reacted to human movement. "So, what else does this toy do?"

"It can talk, reply to questions, has an extensive dictionary, can walk and dance, follows you around like a puppy, and will even bring things to you, provided they aren't over ten kilos." The man replied as he ducked out from behind the counter to walk over and stand beside Luffy.

"Like this hat?" he asked, pointing to the object in his hand. The man smiled.

"I'm pretty sure it would be able to carry that for you." he replied.

"Wooooow." Luffy exclaimed in wonder. The man nodded.

"It is pretty cool." and there was another crack of thunder, "Wow. Some storm. Don't know where it came from." and the power went out. "Oh bugger it." and Luffy felt the man leave his side. He stared at the toy for a minute and then he felt someone come back to his side again.

"Be at the Baratie restaurant at three o clock this afternoon." a gruff voice said beside him and Luffy stiffened.

"What?" he asked, turning around but he couldn't see anything.

"Baratie. Three o clock." and then the lights came back on. The checkout man blinked at Luffy who was looking around wildly, hoping to catch whoever it was who had just spoken to him.

"Son… you okay? You look a little pale." the man asked. Luffy's wide eyes snapped back to look at him.

"Uh… I'm fine. What's the time?" he asked, his voice panicky.

"About, twelve. Why?"

"No reason. Have to be somewhere. Thanks for the shelter. See ya." and he ran out the door, hat back on his head again. The man raised an eyebrow, a slightly freaked out expression on his face.

"Strange kid that." and he went back to playing the Gameboy that was sitting on his desk.


Luffy hurried down the street, the rain pelting against his back. He was in serious danger of being hit by lightning, but, he was a little spooked by what had happened in the toy shop. He saw a bus shelter and bolted for it.

Two people were sitting in there, shivering about as much as Luffy was. The black haired boy sat down on the seat and wrapped his arms around himself. It was freezing.

"S-s-s-so c-c-cold." he muttered, teeth chattering.

Looking around at all the shops that were still open, he noticed a particularly warm looking one. Standing, Luffy hurried back out into the rain and across the street. He pressed his palm to the door handle and pulled it open.

Stepping through, Luffy sighed at the warmth that hit him. It was nice! He shut the door quickly behind him as he looked around. Furniture store. Comfy chairs sat around the room, and heaters were on full blast in every corner. Luffy hurried over to one and bent over it, pulling his hat off and holding it in front of the heat so it dried better.

"Hello sir, how may I help you?" a voice asked. Luffy turned and smiled at the tall man standing behind him.

"Umm, I'm just getting warm and drying Hat." Luffy replied. The man smiled, gave a short nod and then walked away to talk to a customer who had just walked in. It was an orange haired girl and she glanced at Luffy, who smiled back and then went back to his heater. He was just getting warm when the girl sidled up to him.

"Hello." she said. Luffy turned and smiled.

"Hi." he replied.

"Nice in here, isn't it?" she asked and Luffy nodded.

"Yeah. It's so cold outside."

"I know. Don't you have an umbrella?"

"Uh… no. Just my hat."

"Oh. Well, what do you think of the furniture in here?" and she waved a hand vaguely around the room, leaving the subject of the umbrella to rest. Luffy blinked and looked around.

"Uh…it's nice I guess." he replied unsurely. The woman nodded.

"What's your favourite bed?" she asked. Luffy raised an eyebrow.


"Just wondering."

"Hmm… that one with the big mattress and the cool design." he replied, pointing at a dark wood bed in the corner.

"Pricey." she muttered, "Better be worth it."


"Never mind." she replied and then looked at her watch. "Oh, one o' clock, I had better go. Nice talking to you." and she hurried away.

"She's weird." Luffy muttered before going back to his heater. Had he really been out in the rain and in this shop for an hour? Wow, time really flew. Luffy spent the rest of his time in the store, pretending to look at beds and chairs and even tentatively sitting on a rather comfy looking chair, which turned out not to be very comfy at all.

He paused at the bed he had pointed out to the woman and the checkout man hurried over, a sold sign in his hand. He placed the sign on the bed and then hurried back to his counter where he commenced glaring at Luffy. The boy gave a nervous wave and then walked over.

"Uh, what's the time?"

"Ten to three." he replied. Luffy stiffened.

"Thanks!" and he flew towards the door and out into the rain… again. Holding his hat to his head, he looked up at the shop signs as he flew down the street he was sure he had walked down yesterday. The restaurant he had been told about was the one he had peeked in and that man had looked back at him.

That man. Actually, the one who had attacked him in that alleyway kind of looked like him. All skinny and long legged. Luffy bolted down the street and saw the 'Baratie' sign flash past. He skidded, slipped and fell straight on his side in the mud.

"Awwww." Luffy moaned as he stood, his clothing soaked right through. His hat had luckily stayed on his head. He looked up at the door to the restaurant and saw the man who had knocked him over yesterday, his leather jacket and black jeans dry as he stood there, eyes hidden behind a pair of dark glasses and a frown on his face.

"Well… don't just lay there. Get the hell inside!"


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