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Twilight Friday

Chapter One: Little Sister

"Move it, Mike!"

"I'm coming—fuck!"

There was a smash, followed by the sound of shattered glass hitting the concrete floor. Kara Hiwatari winced but never stopped moving; swiping several bits and bobs off the table and into her bag. The never-ending sound of police sirens outside, growing louder and louder as they closed in, spurred her to move even faster.

Her companion, Mike Clayton, was right on her heels, and the pair made their way between the multitude of cars parked in the warehouse. Cursing her luck, the seventeen year old ducked through a small hole in the wall, kicking away the metal sheet on the other side. Mike staggered after her, landing on all fours as he over balanced. His hand tore against the rough ground, causing droplets of blood to stain the grey concrete.

"Shit!" Mike hissed, causing Kara to whirl around.

"Wha—Mike, you idiot, get up!" she snapped, anxiety and fear getting to her. She hauled the brunette to his feet, dragging him after her as they took down the alleyway.

"Kara," Mike muttered hoarsely once they had put a fair amount of distance between them and the warehouse. They were lucky Kara had such good knowledge of the back streets of Miami. "Kara, we're in deep shit, aren't we?"

"You don't say. We just lost twenty fucking cars!" she gritted out, annoyed. "I…we're going to have to go tell Dad."

"What!" Mike's dull brown eyes widened, "Are you fucking insane? He'll kill us!"

"He won't kill us, I'm his only bloody daughter for God's sake." Kara sighed, taking Mike's torn hand and wrapping a handkerchief around it.

"Are you delusional, Kara?" Mike snapped, "Your Grandfather is an animal! He's crazy! And you know the lengths your Dad goes to get your Grandfather's biddings done. If he ordered us killed, d'you think the wanker would hesitate?"

Kara lowered her auburn eyes, gazing at the ground. Her short blue hair fell over her eyes, shadowing the unshed tears in her eyes. She was only seventeen, living with two men that hated her and her mother and older brothers being all the way in London, leaving her to fend for herself.

Not to mention that disaster that had occurred five years ago with her mates. It was the reason she was living her instead of with her mother and brothers in London.

"That's besides the point!" she eventually replied, "I live with them, d'you think they won't notice the job isn't done? Not to mention they have insiders on the police force, I'll think they'll notice when twenty cars, coincidently on the list, happened to have just been impounded!"

"So what do we do? Run?"

"Take two steps and you'll have a bullet in your back." came an ice cold voice that chilled the two friends to their very bones. They both recognised it instantly, and slowly turned to around to face the tall, aristocratic man wrapped in leather and expensive cloth, face hidden in the depths of his hood, with the barrel of a handgun pointing straight at them.

"Dear oh me, Kara. I was under the impression you could actually do this job."

Kara's face had paled to the point her skin seemed completely white. Her auburn eyes were wide with terror.

"No, wait—don't do anything." The words came tumbling past her lips in a hurried, unorganised mess, "I can—I will fix it—I can steal them again…please, just don't—"

"Shoot your best friend?" he suggested lazily, the barrel fixating on Mike only. He winced, swallowing hard. His life was flashing before his eyes. "Tut, tut, Kara. You know that I could. You've angered your Grandfather very much…hence he forgot to warn you about the raid."

For the first time since the cold man had arrived, anger flashed in Kara's auburn eyes, causing them to darken and redden. "Bullshit. You know can I steal them again. What's the big deal, Dad?" she growled.

"In a week? You've already caught the attention of the cops, you think they won't notice if more cars went missing? Grow a brain, Kara."

The anger never left the seventeen year old, and she stared at her father in anger and hatred with just a hint of terror. Mr Hiwatari smirked, and a faint click filled the air as the safety catch of the gun was flipped.

"Dad—wait!" Kara immediately yelled, but it was too late.

A loud crack sliced through the air as a bullet, travelling far faster than a human could react, shot out of the barrel and collided with muscle, skin and bone. A strangled cry followed suite, and then a thump as a lifeless body hit the ground.

Kara stared at her best of friend with something akin to shock. She couldn't move, her body felt paralysed. She had seen a dead body before, even one of a close friend, but as she stared at the blood and gore and her best friend's head blown to pieces, and the handkerchief still wrapped around his hand, now stained scarlet, she felt the sudden urge to throw up.

Which was exactly what she did.

"Oh dear," Mr Hiwatari frowned, "What a mess. The cops are going to have so much fun figuring this one out." he turned to his only daughter who was still throwing up behind a dustbin. "Now…what to do what you, hmm?"

Kara whirled around, and found herself once again looking down the barrel of his gun.

"Dad…" she muttered hoarsely.

Click. The safety catch was once again disabled.

"DAD! NO!"


Kai Hiwatari was viewed as a simple man. He knew his likes, his dislikes. He avoided anything that would cause an indefinite amount of trouble, and enjoyed every pleasure he could find.

Of course, what most people didn't know was his past, his teenage life that wasn't spent at tea parties and socialising with other rich boys his age, but frolicking around on the back streets of London, gaining street cred and doing jobs. Jobs that consisted of stealing some the flashiest, expensive cars, or even some of the old classics that were hard to find.

Not that anyone knew this. After an incident five years ago, involving his friends and little sister, he had left behind that life and attended University, before starting work at a top-notch bank.

A.k.a, respectable Kai Hiwatari, who always on time, always polite and always did a full days work before leaving.

So when he received a phone call that early afternoon at his bank, while he was on his lunch break, he figured it was just someone panicking about their money. Unfortunately for him, it wasn't.

"Zeus, we've got a major problem." Came a cold, hard voice from the other end. It took Kai's brain almost a full second to process all the factors: his street name, Zeus, which hadn't been uttered in years, and the voice: Brooklyn Kingston, the man who worked for his Grandfather but doubled as his spy, keeping a constant eye on his little sister.

Kai stood up, to the surprise of his co-workers, and walked into the empty staff room. "Brooklyn. What's happening?" he demanded.

"Kara's in big shit, man. She took on a boost, a really big boost, and she fucked it up. Mike's dead. You seriously need to get over here."

Kai took in this information far faster than he had taken in Brooklyn's voice. His fellow bankers and their costumers were extremely surprised to hear Kai's voice holler from the staff room:


Finally simple, mysterious Kai Hiwatari was doing something interesting. Within seconds he was storming from the staff room, pulling on his leather jacket and yelling into his phone. He left the bank, leaving startled and confused bankers in his wake.

"What the fuck did she do this time? She swore to me she gave up!" he snapped, pulling out his car keys and unlocking the silver Mercedes-Benz SLK 350. He got in, switching it on and pulling out of the parking space one handed. He knew it was now illegal to talk on the phone and drive, but he had done a lot worse before and honestly didn't care.

"She did, Zeus. She gave up for three years. Then your old man roped her into some shit and she had to play along. He even roped in Mike. I didn't tell you since she got through all right, and everything she's done, she did it as safely as possible. But she fucked up bad in this one."

Kai took a deep breath, trying to control his anger, and his fear for his little sister's life.

"What was the boost?" he finally asked.

"Thirty cars. Classics and the flashy pieces of shit. Well, actually, they're not pieces of shit, some of them are half way decent, but you know…"

"Brooklyn!" Kai snapped, sensing the redhead was starting to get off topic.

"Ah, sorry, sorry. Anyway, so Voltaire tells her, thirty cars, by Friday 31st July. That's exactly a week from now. He gives her a list, a whole month, she says fine, goes off and gets twenty cars before being busted by the cops. Her and Mike got out before they could be found, but your old man found them real quick—and shot Mike's head to pieces…"

"Shit." Kai hissed. He knew Mike was Kara's best friend in Miami, although he had never personally met the guy.

"Here's the thing, Zeus. Your old man—he's fucking serious about this. Your Gramps too. He shot Kara—"


"Whoa, calm down! You didn't let me finish. He shot Kara, but only in the shoulder. She's all right really, just shaken."

"What was the boost for?"

"Word is that the Inoyezes have challenged Voltaire to a competition. Thirty cars to be stolen by a family member and a few of them raced. You know how things are between the Inoyezes and the Hiwataris, man. This could get real nasty if someone doesn't get those cars."

Kai sighed, auburn eyes focused on the road. "Right. Fine. Keep an eye on her, all right? Don't let anyone hurt her anymore. And call my bastard of a twin and tell him I'll meet him at Heathrow in an hour."

"Gotcha." Brooklyn replied, before hanging up.

Kai sighed, staring at the clear skies, occasionally glancing at the road. He had always known, somewhere deep down, that he would end up back on the streets doing another job. And somehow, it seemed absolutely perfect that it was his little sister's fault.

After all, it's always her fault.

Finally, he picked up his phone again and dialled a number. Pressing the phone to his ear, he allowed a smirk to play on his lips as a voice answered him.

"No, no, NO! Kai, dude, give me one sec— you put the Martini next to the fucking Vodka, that's why there's a space there! What are you, retarded?" Tala Volkov's voice floated through the connection. "Man, sorry about that. Running clubs is harder when there are retards around. What's up?"

"Kara fucked up on a heist." He said simply.

"Fuck! No way! I thought she gave up—man, that's screwed. Is it bad?"

"Really bad, Rogue."

"Uh oh. No way. It's not that bad. I'm not getting dragged into that shit again—"

"Dad's gonna kill her if I don't do something."

There was silence, and Kai knew that he was glaring at something, cursing his own rotten luck and Kara's ability to get herself into life threatening situations.

"Fine, Zeus."

Kai grinned in relief. If Tala, his own best friend, wouldn't help, he was pretty much screwed. If Tala didn't help, neither would the others. They had their own lives now, lives that didn't involve law breaking. The younger ones were probably still in University. Why would they want to return to a world where they were constantly shot at and trying to run circles around the police, who were continuously after their asses?

"Meet you at Heathrow in an hour?"

"You got it. Fuck, man, now I need to find someone who isn't dense enough to burn the place down while I'm away. Jesus…"

"Call Ivy!" Kai yelled over Tala's mumblings.

"Whatever!" he replied, and hung up.


A redheaded girl sat at the back of the class, drumming her fingers against her open notebook in sheer boredom. She already knew what the Professor was talking about, having looked it up in her textbook last week. Hazel eyes stared at the clock just behind the Professor, giving the impression she was listening to his lecture on the Great Fire of London.

She just wanted to get out of class, because her stomach seemed to be complaining to her in an odd way. She didn't feel sick, but she was definitely unsettled.

"Miss Volkov?"

She sat up straight, properly looking at the Professor.

"Yes, sir?"

"Could you explain the factors involved during the fire, please?"

She stood up calmly, undeterred by the scraping of chairs as everyone turned around to look at her. She droned off an answer along with an explanation, satisfying the Professor and impressing the other students, who hadn't even glanced at the textbook before this particular lesson.

"And that, kids, is why Ivy Volkov is the only one getting straight As in this course." The Professor sighed, looking at the class.

Ivy shrugged, entirely uncaring of the praise, and slumped back into her seat. Hazel eyes once again refocused on the clock, happy to register there was only five minutes left of the lesson.

Those five minutes crawled past at a snail's pace, but finally the bell rang. Ivy was amongst the first to escape the classroom, stretching lazily as she walked across the campus to her dorm block.

Suddenly her pocket was vibrating against her leg, and she reached in to grasp her phone. Who was calling her so soon after class? Normally her friends waited another ten or fifteen minutes so that she could get back to her dorm before calling her.

She looked at the ID and was surprised to see her older brother's name.

"Yo, dipshit," She said, "What did I say about calling me before six?"

"Its five thirty!" came Tala's indignant reply, "And don't call me dipshit, asswipe!"

Ivy rolled her eyes, sometimes she honestly wondered who was older mentally, her twenty three year old brother, or herself, who happened to be only two years younger than him.

"What d'you want?"

"Rave's in trouble."

Ivy's hazel eyes widened, instantly recognising the nickname that had been given to the girl who was like a sister to her.

"Kara? How big?"

"Real big. I'm at Heathrow with Chase, Matt and Kai at the moment—getting the Hiwatari's private jet at short notice is such a pain in the ass. This is big, sis. Stay put until we call you, we have to get to Miami and secure Kara's safety first. Then we have a huge boost to pull off. You in?"

"Of course!"

"Sis, I'm serious. You've got Uni going at the moment—"

"Don't be a bastard, Tala. Classes finish tomorrow anyway, and then everyone has two weeks off to study for the finals."

There was sigh, and then a worried tone, "Ivy, I'm serious, this is dangerous…"

"It's Illusion." She snapped, "It's Illusion, remember, Rogue? Rave's like a sister to me; I'm not leaving her in this shit. I'll meet you at Miami Airport in twelve hours."

And with that, she hung up, leaving her big brother to stare worriedly at his phone and wonder how this would turn out.


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