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It was a dark and stormy night. Ryou was lounging on the sofa. Bakura was sitting next to his light running his fingers through Ryou's hair. Malik and Marik were sitting on another sofa making out. Yami was sitting in a chair reading. Seto was in a chair typing on his laptop. Yugi was standing by the holographic projection model that Seto had built and dueling Joey. So far Yugi had 3500 life points while Joey only had 200. "I sacrifice my two magnet warriors to summon the Dark Magician," Yugi said.

"Aw nuts. I lost again," Joey grumbled. Everyone laughed.

"Puppy, you always lose to Yugi. Even I can't beat him," Seto said.

"Yeah, well I can dream can't I?" Suddenly a tapping sound startled everyone. Yugi followed the sound to the window and was shocked to see an owl outside. Owls normally didn't fly in weather like this but what was really odd was that there were letters attached to its leg. Yugi opened the window and let the bird in. The owl landed on the model and held out a leg to Yugi. Yugi took the letters and the owl took off again into the storm.

"What is it aibou?" Yami asked looking at Yugi curiously.

"It's a bunch of letters. There's one for Malik, Marik, Ryou, Bakura, you, and me." Yugi dealed out the letters to their respective owners. Malik, Marik, and Bakura used daggers to slit the letters open. Yugi, Ryou, and Yami used their nails. Yugi got his out first.

Dear Mr. Mutou,

We are pleased to inform you that you have been accepted at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Enclosed are your ticket to London, your street address for a short stay, your supply list, and your train ticket. You leave on July Twentieth. We look forward to seeing you at Hogwarts.

Minerva McGonagall

Deputy Headmistress.

Yugi looked up. "What do you guys think? Should we go?"

"Sure. It looks like fun," said Ryou glancing up from his letter.

"I'm in," Malik said. "If we can learn this stuff then I won't mind going for a full year to Great Britain."
"What's the letter say Yugi?" Joey asked. Yugi handed him the letter. "That's a bunch of baloney. I bet someone at school wants to make a fool of you. I don't think you should go." Since Joey began dating Seto he'd taken Seto's views on magic seriously even though he knew it existed.

"Well, I'm going. And nothing is going to stop me," Yugi said.

"Nothing will stop you huh Yugi? What about if I say no," said Suguroku. Everyone turned. No one had noticed him coming in.

"Well, that would stop me. Please can I go? Please?" Yugi pulled the infamous puppy dog eyes and Suguroku felt his willpower melt under the gaze.

"Alright, you can go. Just make sure to send letters back. It's a good thing you took English in school. Have fun Yugi. When do you leave?"
Yugi looked at the letter. "Tomorrow. We'd better pack. Come on Yami, let's get ready to go to London."

"Coming aibou," Yami said getting up. Ryou and Bakura got up as well.

"We'll be taking our leave now. We need to pack too," Bakura said.

Malik and Marik stood up too. "We're leaving too. If we're leaving tomorrow then I've got to tell Isis and Rishid and get their approval," Malik said.

"And I have to call my father," Ryou added. "To see if I can go."

"Alright. See you guys tomorrow. Where should we meet and when?" Yugi said.

"At the airport at noon. That would be a half hour before our flight leaves so that will be perfect."

"Okay. At the airport at noon. Gotcha." Ryou and Bakura left followed by Malik and Marik. Yugi and Yami went upstairs to their shared room to pack. The next day the six of them met in front of the gate at the airport. Yugi and Yami were the first ones there followed by Ryou and Bakura. Malik and Marik were a little late but that was normal. Half an hour later they boarded the plane and sat in their seats. Oddly enough Yami was next to Yugi, Ryou was next to Bakura and Malik was next to Marik. All were in first class too. Yugi and Ryou spent the trip reading. Malik and Marik spent the trip making out and talking. Bakura and Yami argued over who was better. Finally they got to London and traded their yen in for pounds, shillings, and pence. Then they caught a taxi to Surrey, where they'd be staying. It was dark out already in London so when they got to the house all six of them went to bed.

Harry Potter sat at his desk doing homework when he heard a car pull up next door. He supposed someone had finally bought the next house so he got up to see what they looked like. He saw six figures walk into the house each carrying what looked like a suitcase. He watched the door for a moment more until the door to the bedroom across from his opened and two people walked in. They turned on the light and Harry stared. Both were tan males and one had hair that defied the laws of gravity and deadly lavender eyes. The other looked more normal but he had lilac eyes. The two of them set their suitcases down and shut off the light. Then they got into bed. Harry, luckily, was not a homophobe like his adoptive family. Ron wasn't either but he wasn't sure about Hermione. He shrugged and went back to his desk to finish Snape's essay. Then he went to bed around eleven. The next morning he woke up to his uncle's pounding on the door. "Get up boy. We have new neighbors and we're going over to greet them," Vernon called. Harry sighed and got up. He got dressed in a blue shirt and a pair of jeans. Then he pulled on some socks and his tennis shoes and opened the door. "Are you ready boy?"

"Yes Uncle Vernon," Harry said.

"Good." He walked away, Harry following him. They got to the living room where Petunia and Dudley were waiting. Both were dressed in their best to try to impress the neighbors, as was Vernon. "Is everyone ready to go?"

"Yes dear," Petunia said.

"Sure Dad," Dudley said.

"Whatever," Harry muttered. It wasn't a big deal to go meet these people to him. The Dursleys would hate them immediately anyway if any indication by the one boy's hair. The four of them left the house and walked next door. As they walked up the driveway they could hear yelling and crashes.

"RA DAMN IT TOMB ROBBER GIVE ME MY ROD," yelled one voice.

"MAKE ME," yelled another.

"TOMB ROBBER GIVE HIM THE ROD," yelled a third voice.

"TOMB ROBBER I WILL SEND YOU TO THE SHADOW REALM. NOW GIVE ME MY FUCKING ROD," the first voice said. Vernon nervously knocked on the door.

"I'll get it," called a fourth voice. The door opened to reveal a boy with white hair that flowed past his shoulders and large doe like brown eyes. "Hello. May I help you?"

"Um, well, we're your neighbors and we wanted to welcome you to the neighborhood," said Vernon nervously. "My name is Vernon Dursley. This is my wife Petunia and my son Dudley."

"Pleasant to meet you. I'm Ryou Bakura. Would you like to come in? I'm afraid we're still getting settled in right now but it's perfectly alright if you came in."

"Err, no thank you." Vernon all but ran down the driveway with Dudley and Petunia following. Harry smiled at Ryou.

"I'm Harry Potter. It's nice to meet you. Sorry about them. They're, well, difficult," he said.

"It's very pleasant to meet you Harry. Would you like to come in?"

"Sure." Ryou held the door open for him and he walked in. Suddenly a blur of red, white, black, and gold raced by. "Oh no. He still hasn't given it back. Hang on a second. TOUZOUKUOU BAKURA, GIVE MARIK THE ROD OR DIE!" The blur came back slower and Harry was shocked to see that he looked almost exactly like Ryou except that his hair was more spiked and his eyes were red. He was holding a golden rod like object. Harry assumed that that object was the Rod they were talking about.

"No," the Ryou look alike said. "I'm not giving it back until he apologizes for grabbing you."

Ryou rolled his eyes. "Bakura, I'm fine. Now go give him the Rod or chores for a week."

Bakura's eyes went wide and he dropped to his knees. "Please my little koi, please not that. I'll be good I promise."

"Then go give Marik the Rod." Bakura shot up and raced off.

"IT HAD BETTER BE MY ROD," said the first voice that Harry had heard.

"IT IS."

"Finally, peace and quiet. With Marik and Bakura you don't get much of that," Ryou sighed sitting on the couch. Harry joined him smiling. "What's so funny Harry?"

"It had better be my rod. That sounded so wrong," Harry said.

Ryou smiled too. "Marik tries to make things as perverted as he can. He's always been like that." The two of them visited for a while until five more boys came down and sat in various places. "Hi guys. This is our neighbor Harry Potter. Harry this is Yami, Yugi, Malik, and Marik. You already know Bakura."

"So which one of you owns the Rod?"

The boy with spiked sandy blonde hair raised his hand and smirked. "That would be me."

"Okay so you're Marik. I still haven't got all the names acquainted with the faces yet."

"I'm Yugi," said the shorter boy with tri colored hair and amethyst eyes. He gestured to the tri with crimson eyes next to him. "This is Yami. The Egyptian with lilac eyes is Malik. Bakura I guess you already met and Marik introduced himself. And I assume you already know Ryou."

"Yeah, I know Ryou." Harry looked at his watch. "I've got to go. My aunt will kill me if I'm not back by dinner time." He stood up.

"See you later Harry," Ryou said as Harry walked out the door.

"Where have you been boy?" Vernon asked as Harry walked into the house.

"Out, not that it matters to you," Harry said.

"I was next door meeting our neighbors. They're very nice boys although a bit strange. Ryou seems the most normal out of all of them."

"Boys? How many in that one house?"

"Six. Malik, Marik, Yugi, Yami, Ryou, and Bakura. It was Bakura and Marik yelling when we arrived. The house doesn't look bad either. Ryou may have said it was a mess but it was rather clean. Aunt Petunia would like it."

Vernon scoffed. "Petunia wouldn't like anything that you would like. You seem to like those boys. With that in mind we'll keep our distance.

Ryou sighed. His yami was in another fight with Marik. All because Marik had grabbed him again.


"HE HAS A FINE ASS. I LIKE THAT," Marik yelled back. Ryou got up and went to the kitchen where Malik was making dinner.

"Malik, are you going to do something to Marik?" Ryou asked.

"Hell yes. Once Bakura's through with him I'm going to give him something to remember. A week without," Malik said.

"Don't you think that's a bit harsh?"

"Not for grabbing my best friend. I'm sick of him doing that."

"Well I don't think a week without will stop him."

"The mere threat of a week without will stop Marik from anything."

"I hope so. Is dinner done yet?"

"Yep. Call everyone down."

"Okay." Ryou walked upstairs to tell everyone that dinner was done. Yami, Yugi, Marik, and Bakura raced downstairs. Ryou followed at a walking pace. He took his place at the table next to Bakura and Yami. Marik was next to Bakura and Yugi was next to Yugi. Malik came in with dinner and set it on the table, then sat in between Marik and Yugi. That way no one was in a danger zone. They ate and after dessert was over Malik turned to Marik.

"Marik, I need to talk to you."

Marik gulped. "What about kitten?"


Marik shrunk down in his seat as Malik yelled at him. "Sorry."

"Yes kitten. I won't do it again, I promise."

"You'd better not." Malik growled and got up. Ryou helped clear the table and then everyone went to bed.

In the middle of the night Harry woke up to a thump from downstairs. He got up, got dressed and pulled out his wand. He pressed his ear to the door and jumped when the lock clicked. He stepped back and raised his wand as the door swung open. "Put that down. We're here to take you to headquarters," said a familiar voice.

"Professor Lupin?" Harry questioned.

"Yes it's me. And Moody, Tonks, and Arthur. Come on, we're leaving."

"How do I know it's you?" Harry was suspicious of these people. How was he supposed to know they weren't Death Eaters?

"In your third year I was your professor and I taught you to produce a Patronus."

"Okay, it's you. Let me pack my stuff. Hedwig should be back soon."

"She's already at headquarters. She's in your room last I knew."

"Oh. Alright then." Harry raced around packing all of his books and stuff. Soon he was ready to go. They walked outside and to Harry's surprise, went next door. "What are we doing?"

"We're picking up some new wizards. They're starting in sixth year like you."

"Cool. I've already met them." They walked up the drive and Lupin knocked on the door. Malik answered only in boxers after about a minute.

"We don't want any," he said bleary eyed.

"We're here to pick you up," Moody said. "Get decent and hurry up."

Malik's eyes widened. "RYOU, YUGI, YAMI, MARIK, BAKURA, THEY'RE HERE. LET'S GO!" He ran back into the house. Soon Yugi showed up in black leather, as did Yami. Bakura and Ryou arrived next. Bakura was wearing black leather and Ryou was wearing a white sweater and blue jeans. Marik came down in a black shirt and tan pants. Malik arrived last in a lavender shirt and black pants. All of them wore boots except for Ryou. He wore tennis shoes. Malik, Marik, and Bakura all wore combat boots, while Yami and Yugi had more stylish boots on. They walked outside and were led to the end of the drive. "So, how are we getting to our destination?"

"We're flying most likely," Harry said holding his Firebolt closely. The Order members handed the newcomers a set of Comet Two-Sixties and gave them a lesson in flying. Soon all of them had the hang of it.

"There's the first signal. Mount your brooms," Lupin said. Harry looked to the west where red sparks were fading. He mounted his Firebolt and waited. A fountain of green sparks flew up. "There's the second signal. Take off." They took off and flew west.


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