The setting is a different track from the first episode (kind of like Gwen 10) and I also made Gwen and Ben older by 3 years (they are both 13 years old). Well, enjoy.

Chapter 1: New School

Above the planet Earth, a small surveillance spacecraft floated in space around it. The Aliens within watched the human species on the monitors. "Captain, do you believe that this underdeveloped species is ready for the Galactic Enforcers training school?"

"This species has been left in the dark about the universe for way too long; I believe that a few are finally ready for the right to protect it. Let us start with two and if they do well, we will think about choosing more," the Captain replied. "Now, release two pods to the planet's surface and then let us see who will become the new students to the school."

Then from the ship, two small blue pods were shot into the Earth's atmosphere, encased in flame along the way.

The thirteen year old Ben was sitting in class on the last day of school. While making a paper airplane he watched the clock which was five minutes from three; every second feeling like an hour as the hand ticked away.

He finished with his plane and threw it across the classroom, hitting the teacher in the back. She then turned to see an innocent whistling Ben twiddling his thumbs.

But just then, the clock struck three o'clock. The bell rung and the halls were filled with cheering kids and airborne paper balls.

Ben then rushed outside with excitement of spending the summer with his grandfather in mind. But then he saw two bullies picking on a kid around his age. "Hey!" Ben called out, causing the focus of the two bullies on him. "Two against one isn't fair!"

But his efforts were in vain, as the boy hung off the branch of the tree by their underwear. "Nice going," the boy replied sarcastically.

Ben exhaled then replied in a depressed tone, hating how powerless he felt. "I was only trying to help."

Just then, an RV pulled up right next to the tree. The door opened up to reveal Ben's Grandfather Max with his usual happy-go-lucky smile on his face. "Hey there, Ben," his jolly voice called out, "are you ready to go?"

Ben frowned, wondering how his own grandfather could miss the predicament he was in. "Ah, a little help first," he complained.

Then after his Grandfather got him off the tree, Ben ran inside excitedly. "Oh I can't wait for this summer to start, Grandpa," he cheered, "just you and me and..."

But then, his excitement completely disappeared as he saw his Cousin Gwen sitting at the table, reading one of her text books even though it was summer vacation.

Ben's expression then became furious and pointed right at her. "What is she doing here?!"

"Hey, this wasn't my idea, dweeb!" she replied in a similar ticked off tone. "Someone told my parents it would be good for me to get out and explore this summer," she added, glaring daggers at her grandfather.

Ben grabbed his head, already knowing this was going to be the worst summer vacation yet. "Ah man, my summer is ruined."

"Now calmed down you two," their grandfather replied, still in his jolly tone, "how about we get this trip started first before you two start hating it."

The RV arrived at the campsite just as the sun was starting to set. Their grandfather opened the door, taking in a deep breath of fresh air and exhaled. "You just can't beat the great outdoors."

But the other two didn't seem to agree with their grandfather as they both would not look at each other or glare and wish the other would just go away.

"Well, now I will go prepare dinner," rubbing his rumbling stomach, "I'm cooking up some night crawlers."

The two teens changed their glares to a look of disgust. "You can't be serious, Grandpa," Gwen commented.

"What are you talking about," Max questioned his grandchildren, "Night Crawlers are filled with protein and a blast of flavor as well," he added in a tone of delight, walking back into the RV.

Ben walked over to his cousin, seeing this as a bigger problem than her presence. "Alright, I have a chocolate bar and a bag of cereal," he whispered, "What did you bring?"

"A few rise crispy treats," she answered worriedly.

"Do you think we can make them last all summer?" Ben asked, sadly already knowing the answer to his own question.

Later as the stars started to show in the sky, Gwen was working on her computer while from behind her and a small distance away Ben was playing his Gameboy; the two already back on their normal terms.

Their grandfather appeared out of the RV, holding a bag of marshmallows. "Do you two want to make some roasted marshmallows over an open fire?" he asked, but neither one of them replied. "Come on, are you two going to sulk all summer or have some fun?"

"I'm going with, sulking," Gwen answered.

"Ditto," Ben replied, rapidly pounding the buttons on his game.

Their grandfather groaned when out of the blue, they saw a shooting star right above them, removing their glued eyes away from the screen and up at the sky. "Wow, that's beautiful," Gwen said.

"There is something strange about it," the grandfather said.

But just then, the meteor made a ninety-degree turn and smacked right between Gwen and Ben, forming a large crater in the ground."

The three were in shock. "Whoa, what was that?" Ben asked, crawling towards the hole, curiosity trumping the shock and fear in his body.

"Like I would know," Gwen snapped back, moving towards the hole as well.

"Watch out you two," their grandfather warned, "we have no idea what that could be."

Then as the smoked cleared, it revealed a small pod which then opened to reveal an unusual looking watch. "What is a watch doing in this thing?"

The two teenagers reached for the watch and without warning, it latched onto both of their wrists. "Oh great," was the first words out of her mouth, "if this summer couldn't get any worse; now I have to be attached to you."

"Oh yeah," Ben added in an equally annoyed tone, "like being conjoined to a know-it-all is any better,"

As they tried with all their might to pull themselves apart, their Grandfather intervened. "Calm down you two, we can think of a way to get that off you two without having to resort to pulling your arms off."

But as all seemed hopeless, the watch split into two and reformed, making two separate watches. "Well, that works. I think," Gwen commented, looking at her new fashion statement.

But Ben still tried to remove the Omnitrix from his arm. "Why won't it come off?"

Then, the watch popped up. "What is this?" Ben asked.

"Ben, be careful," their grandfather warned.

"Ah grandpa; that's Ben your talking to," Gwen insulted.

Ben mocked his cousin then slammed his palm onto the Omnitrix, transforming him into a walking inferno. His first reaction to this new form was screaming in terror while running back and forth. "AHHHHH, I'm on fire! I'm on fire!"

"Ben! Calm down!" his grandfather called out.

Ben stopped, realizing he wasn't in any pain at all. "Hey, I'm on fire, but it doesn't hurt."

Then Gwen activated her Omnitrix and spun the dial. "It looks like this watch let's you chose to become one of ten different monsters."

"Their not monsters, their aliens," their grandfather stated, yet both of the teens looked at him suspiciously. "Well, look at him," Max pointed, "what else could he be?" he added nervously.

"Well, how do I turn back into myself? I can't try out for the baseball team next year if I charcoal the ball every time I try to catch a pop-fly," Ben worried.

As some time went by while trying to think of something, Gwen and their grandfather sat on one side while Ben sat on the other. She kept on pulling out a marshmallow from the bag and threw it at him' where he grabbed it, it cooked and he put it in his mouth. "Well, anything?" Ben asked.

"Sorry, but this watch didn't come with a manual," Gwen replied, "but look on the bright side, your finally useful for something," her ego just couldn't pass up the chance.

Ben stuck his fiery tongue at his pain in the neck of a cousin. "We will find a way to get you back to normal," his grandfather replied. "So don't give up."

Ben exhaled as just then, the mark of the watch on his chest started to beep while flashing red and white; where soon after that, in a flash of red light, he returned to normal.

"It seems like it has a time limit," their grandfather commented.

"Well in that case, I'm going to give mine a try," Gwen said, spinning the dial then slammed it, changing into a strange half lizard half mechanical like alien, "hmm, not bad."

"Ah, I want to try that one," Ben whined, but when he tried to activate it, it wouldn't respond. "Hey, what gives?"

"It looks like you need to give it time to recharge," their grandfather suggested.

In a flash, Gwen appeared behind Ben. "That's what you get for not looking before you leap."

Ben tried to hit her, but when he swung she appeared on the other side, causing him to fall over from his own weight shift. She laughed. "Sorry, Ben; but you are way too slow."

He sat up and grumbled at her. "Just wait till my watch recharges."

The morning sun rose, revealing the morning dew resting on the grass. Max walked out of the RV; he yawned and stretched his arms, but then opened his eyes to see that his grandchildren were already wide awake. "Don't tell me you two were out here all night."

"How could we sleep?" Ben asked. "I changed into this dog-like creature, then a giant creature with four arms, another with a diamond body, a ghost-like guy, and then a giant insect"

"I transformed into a robot like creature and melded with my computer to boost my laptops processing speed by three times, then I turned into a underwater creature and got some fish for breakfast and after that I became a small creature and was able to make it so the RV got more miles per gallon of gas," Gwen added.

"Don't forget you got chased by a raccoon in that form," Ben commented, laughing his head off while pointed at his frowning cousin; until he was hit in the face by a small rock.

"Shut up, Ben!"

Yet their attention was soon diverted by a large gust of wind. They looked up to see a small space shuttle land next to the RV. From the ship, three aliens emerged in yellow and white uniforms: one of them tall, skinny and gray, a buff green one, and a short yellow one with six arms. "We are here to find the one who was chosen by the Omnitrix," Tatasciore announced.

"Omni what?" Ben asked, scratching his head to the question.

"Ah dufus, I think he means the watch," Gwen replied.

"Oh yeah, I knew that," he obviously lied.

"What do you want from them?" their grandfather asked, standing in front of his grandchildren.

"Them?" the three asked in unison, but then notice that both Ben and Gwen had the Omnitrix on them.

"But we already picked up the one who got the first one and we only sent two, how did one of them get another?" Deebrad asked.

"If the Omnitrix separated into two, it must believe that they are both worthy of being Galactic Enforcers," Eiding replied.

"You still haven't answered me, why are you after the Omnitrix?" the Grandfather asked, not stepping down.

"Do not worry, Earthling. We come in peace with an offer to the ones who have been chosen by the Omnitrix," Tatasciore replied.

"Yes, you are the first of this species from this planet to have been chosen to join the Galactic Enforcers Academy. There you will be given the proper training to use the Omnitrix at its fullest potential then use it to protect the species of the galaxy," Eiding stated.

"Too sweet," Ben cheered, "a school of super heroes?"

"In some ways, yes," Tatasciore replied. "If you do not wish to join, we will remove the Omnitrix and you will never be bothered again. What is your choice?"

Ben was completely for it while Gwen wasn't too sure, but was then shocked when her grandfather said. "Sure, that sounds like fun?"

"All right, grandpa!" Ben stated excitedly then making a gesture with his arm.

"Grandpa, are you sure?" Gwen asked, uncertain to the offer that sounded too good to be true.

Their grandfather turned around and kneeled down, facing his grandchildren with a smile on his face. "Come on, this is a once in a life time chance for you two; to be able to see more than any person has ever seen on this planet. If I was your age and had this chance I would have taken it myself."

"But, what about our summer trip?" Ben asked, a look of depression now took over his excitement.

"We can do that anytime after you two come back. Now, have a good time and call me when you can."

He gave them a reassuring smile as they both hugged their grandfather. "Please, come with us," Deebrad said. "You two have a long journey to the academy. So we will need to be put you two into a cryogenic sleep."

The two broke their final hug with their grandpa. "Can I do one more thing on Earth before we go?" Ben asked.

The three aliens whispered to each other and Tatasciore replied. "We do not see a problem with that."

"Thanks," Ben said, activating his Omnitrix he changed into the fast lizard and disappeared. But ten seconds later, he returned. "Alright, I'm all set."

"Ben, what did you do?" Gwen asked.

He grinned. "Just took care of a few loose ends."

A good distance away, the two bullies from before hug from a tree branch by their underwear. The two not ever sure of what just happened as the first one asked. "Dude, how did this happen?"

The second one shook his head. "I have no idea, it all happened so fast."

"Help, someone, help," they both said to the passing motorist without any luck what-so-ever.

Then as the two teens were boarding the spacecraft, they waved one last goodbye to their grandfather. After they went onto the ship, a gust of wind blasted at the ground and the ship flew up into the sky till it disappeared before Max's eyes.

The two were led into large cylinders that were against the wall. "You will be put into a cryogenic sleep for the remainder of the trip; it is a long distance away," Tatasciore informed.

"Something tells me that we are going to be late for the first day of school back on our planet," Gwen commented.

Then as the doors closed, a cold mist surrounded the two.

But a moment later, the doors opened back up. "We have arrived," Tatasciore stated.

The two were a bit confused; not even feeling like a second went by since they entered the cylinder. "I thought you said it was going to be a long trip, we barely closed our eyes," Ben complained.

"Actually, you two have been asleep for about one of your Earth weeks," Eiding stated.

The two were shocked from this information. "Wow, time surely flies by when you're having fun," Gwen said in a worried tone.

"Please, look out the windows to see your new 'home away from home,'" Deebrad suggested.

The two walked over to the window and stood in complete awe at the sight, the humongous satellite which was nothing like anything they had ever seen before. Tatasciore walked up behind them. "Welcome, to the Galactic Enforcers Academy!"

To Be Continued

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