I've promised alot of you that I would post this story along time ago. Sorry about the long wait, but I didn't want to post until I was sure where I wanted to go with this...Enjoy!



"Dad, you finally got that package you've been waiting for." Hawkeye called loudly as he tossed a small box on the kitchen counter.

"Ha-ha, finally!" Daniel Pierce shouted excitedly. Hawkeye rolled his eyes and began flipping aimlessly through the mail. Daniel pulled an odd-looking cooking gadget from the cardboard box and immediately began to pull various ingredients from the icebox.

Hawkeye smiled as he saw a letter from BJ. He was about to open it when he noticed another letter from Sherman Potter. Hawkeye frowned, he hadn't heard from Sherman since he left Korea, which was almost a year ago. He hoped nothing was wrong.

"Hey dad, take a look at this," Hawkeye held up a small card and Daniel glanced over, juggling a carton of eggs, a bowl, and a pitcher of milk.

"What is it?" Daniel asked, not bothering to come and see.

"An invitation," he announced, smiling broadly as he read the card again. "For a reunion, for the week of the fourth."

Daniel smiled. "That's nice, are you going?" Hawkeye made no answer as he dived for BJ's letter, wondering if it contained any news of the reunion. BJ had managed to stay in touch after Korea. It had only been a year, but BJ and his family traveled out to Maine for thanksgiving, and again for New Years. Hawkeye had traveled to California for a short week in May. The two men were determined not to end their friendship.

"Does he mention it?" Daniel asked, knowing what his son was scanning the letter for. Hawkeye only nodded as he continued reading.

"Ben," he called loudly. Hawkeye's head jerked up and he smiled.

"You're invited." He said, smiling happily. Daniel's eyebrows rose as he waited for his son to explain.

"Peg was telling BJ what a great time everyone had at the party you had in New York." Daniel smiled in remembrance as Hawk continued. "Well, BJ called Colonel…uh, Sherman, and he agreed that it would be fun to have everyone who was there come along also."

Daniel smiled and nodded. "I'd like that," he muttered. "But what would we do with the clinic?" Hawkeye was now the small town's main Doctor. Daniel was retired but he filled in for his son on occasion.

"I think Nadine can keep her paranoia in check for one week." Hawkeye replied, chuckling in annoyance. Daniel grinned as he turned back to his "experiment".

"Well it sound like it's all set."


"Sherman, how are you?" Hawkeye made his way to the older man and they hugged warmly.

"I've been as happy as a clam." He responded cheerfully. "How have you been doing?"

Hawkeye smiled broadly at the man's way with words. "I'm doing great; I took over my dad's practice, so he's retired now. He can stay at home and drive me crazy with all his cooking experiments"

Sherman chuckled and looked at the man standing behind Hawkeye. He was amazed at the likeness between the two men. If it weren't for a few more grey hairs and aged skin, the two men would be identical. Except for the eyes, Sherman noted. Daniel's eyes were a soft grey, nothing like his son's bright blue ones.

"Speaking of the devil; this is my Father, Daniel Pierce. Dad, this is Sherman Potter."

The two men shook hands and the group began to move inside. "Who else is here?" Hawkeye asked.

"John McIntyre and Frank," Sherman answered, trying to keep a straight face. Hawkeye, however, burst out laughing at the thought of the two men together.

"I'm surprised that the house is still standing." Hawkeye commented sarcastically, still chuckling as they entered the house.

A little girl's screech greeted them as they walked in the door. Hawkeye ducked as a pillow careened past his head. Hawkeye turned around and saw Frank ducked behind the door laughing, five little girls throwing pillows towards his face. Trapper emerged from the kitchen, a pretty brunette on his arm.

"Becky, Katie, enough now." She said firmly. Two of the little girls stopped playing immediately and walked towards their parents.

"Hawkeye," Trapped smiled broadly and approached his friend. Hawkeye stuck out his hand and they shook slowly. Trapper shook his head and smiled.

"It's good to see you Hawk," he muttered quietly. Hawkeye laughed and embraced his friend.

"Good to see you too Trap."

"Hello Pierce," Hawkeye turned towards Frank and smiled slightly. Frank certainly looked different with three little girls hanging on him instead of Margaret.

"How have you been Ferret Face?" Frank glared at him, ignoring the question.

"These are my daughters, Sarah, Elaine, and Emily." Frank nodded towards each girl as he said her name. They all smiled shyly and Hawkeye bent down in front of them.

"Hey girls," Hawkeye greeted, feeling sorry for them, having Frank as their father. "How old are you?"

"I'm nine," Sarah piped up. "Elaine is six and Emily is only four." Hawkeye smiled.

"Four," he said in surprise. "Why you certainly are grown up." Emily shyly pulled her thumb out of her mouth and smiled.

There was a quick rap on the door and Mildred bustled in the room to open the door.

"Well hello Margaret," Sherman greeted. Hawkeye snickered slightly and winked at Trapper.

"Hiya Hot Lips." He greeted, walking towards her and giving her a short hug. Margaret smiled at him but said nothing. She said hello to Trapper only out of sheer politeness. Then her smile quickly faded as she noticed Frank at the back of the room.

"Margaret," he began, his voice squeaking absurdly.

"Hello Frank," Margaret sighed. Mildred began to make her way back to the kitchen and Margaret practically ran after her.